Top 5 Most Popular Ombre Hair Extensions in 2024


Women pay a lot of attention to hairstyles. Groomed, healthy hair never goes out of fashion. Also, when they want a change, they usually start with the hairstyle and hair color.

Years ago, new techniques in hair coloring appeared, so the classic coloring and strands were thrown into the background. Trends in hair coloring are constantly changing. Hairdressers have to follow that, so women try what seems to them to be the perfect solution for them. Ombre, sombre, and balayage are just some of the techniques that in a short time have become synonymous with a good hairstyle.

Hair extensions

Ombre and other techniques are usually done on long hair, but it can certainly be done on short hair as well. Although ombre is more aggressive than many other techniques, many women like it. The hair is separated into two parts, the root remains darker, and the ends are much lighter. However, since these hair coloring techniques require bleaching, hair damage occurs. It is for this reason that women are increasingly resorting to another solution – hair extensions.

The use of wigs and hair extensions is growing daily. Women see this as last-minute salvation to complete their look. For those who rather prefer mild color transition, balayage extensions are full hit.


How are extensions placed, what types are there?

Depending on your personal preferences, you choose the type of extensions. If you like a high density of extensions, a few rows in a specific place will help you with that. It is well known that extensions are quite easy to maintain. “Tape in” hair inserts are applied with double-sided glue. Inserts with rubber bands and pistons are safer because they do not contain chemicals. Some opt for sewn-on inserts that fit into your extensions.

When buying, it is important to pay attention to quality, because a small difference in price in this field can cause a drastic difference. The best hair inserts are those made of real hair, and the worst are those made of bad synthetics. Pay close attention to color. It’s relatively easy to guess the color, but guessing the subtone is pretty hard. You don’t want one part of your hair to be reddish and the other cold.

What are the most popular ombre extensions?

Of course, we should not underestimate the monochromatic extensions that are the perfect solution for those who want to gain in hair length and volume. Black hair extensions will fit perfectly on someone who has the same hair color and will look good as a contrast to light hair. The same can be said for blonde hair extensions. Since blonde hair is very difficult to care for because it is often treated with strong chemicals, very often a counter-effect is achieved, and that is dry, damaged hair with yellowish tones that no one wants. However, if you buy quality extensions, you will have perfect, long, blonde hair that will look like you just came out of the most expensive hair salon.

But let’s get back to the ombre technique. When choosing an ombre extension, it is not enough to just point your finger at the color you like, but, above all, you must take into account what suits you and your hair color.

However, we present you some of the most popular.

1. Ombre on black hair

Source: Pinterest

Ombre on black hair looks bombastic. Black hair has always been in fashion and will never be out of it, especially if you know how to wear it with pride. If you want to completely transform your look, you will choose white strands. The black and white combination will change your look. If you need a little extra magic on black hair, this could be the ideal solution for you and your new hairstyle. Black and red hair can also look interesting, so consider this combination. Zala extensions have proven to be good, and are focused on natural colors and tones.

2. Red ombre

Source: Hair Adviser

Luxy hair also has extensions of satisfactory quality, and we believe that everyone can find what suits them. Fiery hair has always been tied to brave women who like to stand out and emphasize how beautiful their hair is. Red ombre is a refreshing transformation that you can do on brown, and if you are brave enough on black hair. If your eyebrows are dark and your eyes are bright, a red ombre will look wonderful on you. Red hair color is dominant and you will always be noticed in the crowd.

3. Blond ombre

Source: Ceneo

If you are a natural blonde, strands a couple of tones lighter will make you look like your hair is even brighter from the sun. A lighter shade of thin strands of golden glow will refresh dark, uniform tones and give the hair volume. Brown hair color is ideal for strands. You can enrich your hair in warm brown tones with light strands. To give your hair volume, choose strands that are almost imperceptible and evenly distributed throughout the hair. Blond strands on brown hair will give you an elegant and beautiful look. Break the monotony, play, and refresh your hairstyle. In addition to blond and brown tones that never go out of fashion, on you will find many other colors.

4. Copper color

Source: HairDo Hairstyle

For shades of brown hair that have a red undertone, this kind of ombre will bring a dose of playfulness to the hairstyle. It will blend perfectly with your natural hair color and you will be noticed, but not intrusive, wherever you appear. Bellami hair extension is also playing with red, pink, and purple tones, so if you are brave enough – try it!

5. Silver ombre


Silver hair color is the most attractive shade this year! When we combine it with the ombre technique the hairstyles look fantastic! Glam seamless has good extensions, and the transition from black to silver with smoked ombre is perfectly done! Black hair color can be matched with white strands or vice versa, which in its distinctive way will add even more mystique to your look. Namely, if you didn’t know, black hair color is a symbol of mysticism and magic.