8 Most Popular New Sports Podcasts To Follow In 2024

If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably using multiple sources of information to stay in the loop. You could be using an app, watching a TV show or listening to a podcast. Seeing how TV is becoming less and less popular over the years, and sports apps are mostly for tracking scores or reading already stale news, we thought we’d talk to you about podcasts.

Sports podcasts are simple, fun shows that many sports fans and enthusiasts around the world enjoy on the daily basis. Some exist for quite some time and the others are coming up through the ranks slowly, but surely. Today, we wanted to talk to you about some of those new, up and coming podcasts that you or your buddies might find enjoyable.

1. ProFootballTalk With Mike Florio

Source: Sportscasting


Mike Florio is a household name in all of football. He’s an Emmy awarded journalist and TV host, now running his show at PFT. If you’re a football fan, you should check out Florio’s PFT podcast, as they’re always on top of new developments, news and everything else surrounding the NFL. An average episode lasts for about 50 minutes and you can expect Mike to talk to coaches, league executives, players and fellow journalists about our favourite sport.

2. Cut To It featuring Steve Smith Sr.

Source: iHeartRadio

Baltimore and Carolina legend Steve Smith Sr. has teamed up with his co-host Gerard Littlejohn to deliver some of the most entertaining stories with your favourite athletes. This is a sports podcast, but in a different setting. Instead of always talking about sport, the hosts of this podcast ask rather tough, personal questions, such as, would you rather fight a bear or a hundred ducks and if that’s not something you’re just dying to learn – we don’t know what is. Knowing Steve Smith Sr. and his dedication to his craft, this podcast could very well become one of the most beloved sports podcasts in the world, so 2024 could be their year.

3. The Pat McAfee Show

Source: 1210 The Man

Pat McAfee is an absolute stud, both on and off the court and is already a household name in the sport-show/sport-podcast world. If you somehow still haven’t checked out McAfee’s show – we suggest you do. You can watch it on YouTube or just listen to it on the radio, that’s entirely up to you, but you would be missing out if you weren’t watching it. Pat and the boys are always hyped, they’re always ready for some new, intriguing topics and most of the time you can hear the breaking news mid-show, just because it’s, well, breaking news. And oh, NFL legend A.J. Hawk, Mr Jawline himself, is a regular on the show, as well as some other household NFL names like Aaron Rodgers.

4. Fantasy Pros – Fantasy Football Podcast

Source: Podbean

If you’re a fantasy football enthusiast and you’ve already started preparing for the upcoming season Fantasy Football Podcast from Fantasy Pros is something you should most definitely add to your weekly schedule. The 2 weekly episodes of this show would certainly help you rise through the rank and possibly even take the crown upcoming season. You can hear it all on this show. There will be talk about booms or busts, deep sleepers, draft strategy and so on. The Fantasy Pros expert crew is one of the most renowned in the world, so you should feel free to take their advice and put it to good use.

5. FYF Sports Debates Podcast

FYF (F Your Feelings) Sports Debates Podcast brings to the table what many other podcasts don’t. They bring your in-your-face, no-hold-back info on the latest NBA developments and you can always expect to be entertained by these guys. The show runs weekly, so you won’t be itching for content or waiting too long, as these guys stay on top of their game and have something interesting to say. Just the last week, they’ve entertained the idea of Tim Duncan being the GOAT and let us tell you – they’ve made some valid points.

6. Through The Wire

Source: Podtail

If you think anything beats 4 childhood friends passionately talking about basketball – you’re wrong. Kenny, Mike, Pierre and Darrick bring their hot takes to the mic twice a week and let us tell you – they’ve yet to disappoint. Whether you’re just a casual or a die-hard NBA fan, we’re certain you’ll be able to enjoy this show as the camaraderie between childhood friends is more than enough to keep anyone entertained for an hour, an hour and a half. Many would argue that this one of the best podcasts about the NBA and we’d certainly agree with them. If you haven’t started following it already – we suggest you start now.

7. That Peter Crouch Podcast

Source: BBC

How could a podcast hosted by a man that said he’d be a virgin if he hadn’t played football be a bad thing? That’s just not possible. If you’re a football fan or a soccer fan as the US guys like to call it, you should listen to this show. Crouchy was never the one to shine away from the spotlight, whether he liked it or not and once again he’s proven that if you don’t take yourself too seriously good things will happen to you. That Peter Crouch Podcast is something you should add to your routine in 2024.

8. It’s Always Us

Source: Acast

If you’re in the mood for something short that only comes once a month – this is the podcast for you. It’s Always Us is a great podcast where hosts talk to disgruntled fans that share their opinion on why their team has always had the worst luck of all. As you can see, the topic alone makes this a must-follow and the fact that it’s one episode per month makes it that you have no excuse whatsoever to listen to it. It’s always fun to hear people arguing why their club has had it worse than yours, right?


There you have it. Those were our top 8 picks for sports podcasts to follow in 2024. We’ve tried to keep it diverse and fun, so everyone would find their cup of tea here.