Advantage & Process of Placing Portable Basketball Hoop in Driveway

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Watching a basketball game on TV is no fun than playing it personally. With more number of people following this crazy game, it is more fun to begin practicing some basketball skills yourself. The only challenge is going outside to play basketball every time you feel like playing. Gladly, with the latest tools and techniques in the market today, it is no more challenging to play basketball at any time of the day and night.

There is a number of basketball hoops available in the market that can turn your driveway into a basketball game area within no time. You are going to get almost the same basketball area to play in your driveway as you see in the basketball stadiums with the help of a basketball hoop. In this article, we shall help you some of the basics of how to place a portable basketball hoop in your driveway so that you don’t have to sacrifice on the timings, climate, and other conditions to play the game. But, before we begin, let us help you with some of the advantages of buying a portable basketball for the driveway.

Advantages of buying/using a basketball hoop

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Flexibility to move the setup

A portable basketball hoop has a major advantage, and that is, it is portable, of course! You do not have to fix it permanently and spoil your area. Good quality portable basketball hoops are available online that come in varied designs and styles. You can simply transfer it from one house to another and plan a fun basketball game weekend with your friends.

No digging a hole in the ground

A portable basketball hoop doesn’t require ground spoilage by digging holes. These can be relocated anywhere and anytime; thus, you do not have to spoil your ground. You do not have any restrictions with a fixed game and fixed ground. This is another major advantage of setting up a portable basketball hoop.

Height adjustment of the hoop and the backboard

A portable basketball hoop is designed in a manner that is easy to adjust the height of the hoop based on the player’s comfort zone. So if you have kids who show a keen interest in playing the game too, you may simply adjust the height of the hoop as per your requirement.

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Variety of designs and types online

Oodles of varieties are available in relation to look and quality in portable basketball hoops. You may choose in the huge range that is available online too. Choose as per the look of your driveway or interiors as the portable basketball hoops have this advantage of carrying those anywhere from one place to another and, thus, from one room to another.

Now that you have learned a few major advantages of portable basketball hoops let us understand how to fix or place these.

Process of placing portable basketball hoop in the driveway

A basic basketball hoop costs very economic and doesn’t put might weight on your wallet. Based on the quality, warranty, design, size, and style you get to choose the portable basketball hoop in the range between $650 and $2500. In-ground hoops are generally pricier than the portable basketball hoops. You can check the detail process of placing a portable basketball hoop in the driveway at the pro basketball troops website. We also mention some basic steps below.

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Setup time for the basketball hoop

In order to set up an in-ground basketball hoop in your driveway, you need two to three weeks to complete the entire setup. However, portable basketball hoops may take up to just 3 to 4 hours to assemble and setup. You do not have to wait for any weather conditions to settle to install a portable basketball hoop.

Area to choose the setup

Consider the corner in your driveway where you wish to install the portable basketball hoop. You must have enough space to fix the hoop and enough space to place the game. In the case of a small space, you may have to adjust the height and width of the basketball hoop. It would be wise to pick the product checking the space, height, and width beforehand. Check all the measurements and the width of the backboard too. Once you have everything in place, it is time to assemble all the pieces together.

Check the Law of your area

Before you proceed to fix the hoop in your driveway, know the laws in your area to play on the street, driveway, or sidewalk. Some neighborhoods may also object, so it would be better if you consider their permission beforehand as well.

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Make the required adjustments

Adjustable or portable basketball hoop comes with this major advantage of adjustments that you can change as per the children and their height in your house. The adjustable feature makes it possible for all the age groups to participate in the game.

The size of the backboard

Backboards are also available in different sizes and types. Some hoops do not make it a mandate to get a backboard. If you do not have much space in your driveway, you may choose a portable basketball hoop that works without a backboard too. Check online, and you will find a good range of varieties there. For younger or beginners, even a small backboard would do.

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Assembling the entire package

When you are all set with your product and brought it home, it is time to assemble the product now. Most shopkeepers may not give you an assembled piece of portable basketball hoop; you may have to get it done on your own, and it is quite simple to assemble. However, if you still need someone to come at your driveway and fix it for you, you may have to pay additional charges for the labor. Ensure that everything is tightened and fixed properly. A loose hoop may fall off anything and also damage your property.

In-ground, hoop takes longer as the ground, which is dug, needs time to harden with the concrete used. Thus, patience is tested for a few weeks until it is all set and ready to play. It is one of the major reasons why more people shift to portable basketball hoops. The reason is quite acceptable as no one would wish to wait for the game that is such exciting, and when you have amazing friends around who wish to come over for the weekend session with you.

Find out more factors such as warranty, budget, brand, quality, and manual before you proceed to buy the portable basketball hoop for your driveway. You may also get in touch with the manufacturer of the brand.