How to Prepare Yourself for Microsoft MD-101 Exam

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As you know, desktop computers have improved a lot in the last 20 years. Because of that, if you want to follow the latest trends, you should find the best possible way to improve your knowledge. One of the ways to improve your knowledge is by passing Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential. However, in this article, we will focus on analyzing one of the most important exams, and that is – MD-101 exam.

If you haven’t heard about this exam, then you have come to the right place. We will explain what exactly the Microsoft MD-101 exam is and how people can prepare for it properly. Let’s get started!

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What Is MD-101?

If you want to learn to manage desktop computers, then this exam is something you should pass. It is designed for all the people that want to become professional IT administrators one day. You will need to prove everything about the configuration, deployment, security as well as monitoring apps. Every person that plans to pass this exam must know to manage everything from apps and updates, to access, policy, and identity. In other words, all the participants will have to work with the so-called Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator.

To make things clear, there are two requirements that you have to meet to pass this exam. Before everything, you primarily need to pass Microsoft MD-100. Indeed, both tests come with certain fees, but the investment of that type is going to pay off a lot. After getting the necessary certificate, you will easily manage to find a better job, great a promotion, or potentially start a private business. Because of that, don’t hesitate to invest.

The second condition is to contain the necessary skills that will allow you to complete this test properly. The skills that you need to possess are already mentioned, but we would like to put them in one place. You will have to confirm that you are familiar with all the updates of OS, management, and protection of devices as well as management of policies. In the end, not knowing the management of applications and data will not allow you to pass it.

Okay, after highlighting all the necessary things you have to know and explaining what the MD-101 exam is, we need to provide you with some other tips. The tips below will help you prepare for this exam as best as possible. We recommend you apply them all and ensure that everything goes according to plan. Let’s go!

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Before Everything – Know All the Topics that Are Covered in Exam

We said all the skill areas that you need to possess in the previous part. However, the list seems relatively short only in theory. In reality, this is a wide range of skills you will have to prove. That is the reason why knowing all the topics that are going to be covered in the exam will make things easier for you.

Not all Microsoft exams of this type are the time. More precisely, many of them come with come unique sub-objectives and objectives. When you know what the exam focuses on the most, you will know which skill areas deserve your attention the most. Because of that, you will properly organize your time to study and ensure that the essential pieces of information are properly analyzed before the exam.

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Now, Create a Plan of Studying

After you know what your main priorities are, it will be much easier to prepare for the exam and ensure a good study plan. This means that you need to know in advance the amount of time you will spend every day to improve your knowledge. Some people like to study in the morning, while others would enjoy doing that more in the noon or even at night. Whichever plan you make, ensure that you are feeling comfortable all the time.

However, this also doesn’t mean you sometimes won’t have to sacrifice things you usually enjoy. For instance, you won’t have time to go to the cafe in the noon because you feel most productive during that period. If you start studying every day tired, there is no chance you will remain effective.

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Try to Use Only The Most Advanced Technology

People often make a common mistake. They usually focus on the improvement of their theoretical knowledge. However, in this case, things are a bit different. You will have to gain the necessary experience that you can use in real life. More precisely, that means you will need to have some real-life knowledge that will help you pass the exam and reach your goals later.

Practicing this way with the most advanced technology will help you gain the necessary real-life knowledge. In that case, even the most confusing and challenging parts of the test are going to be easy because you will be creative enough to solve them.

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Don’t Forget about the Breaks (but don’t overdo it)

We understand your desire to become one of a kind Microsoft expert. However, there is no need to work 24 hours a day. When you are making a study plan, you need to ensure it contains enough time for breaks. As we said, you will definitely have to sacrifice some of the things you like. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about them completely.

Mini-breaks that you make are essential for effective studying. Whenever you start feeling like you losing concentration, it is essential to take a short break and do something that will allow you to recharge your batteries. For instance, you can take a shower, go for a walk, or simply spend some time on social media chatting with friends.

Of course, this also doesn’t mean you should overdo it. Taking too long breaks will demotivate you to work. It will only make you lazy and that’s a feeling you would definitely like to avoid.


Bonus: Where to Find a Reliable Microsoft MD-101 Exam Dumps

If you want to become a true professional one day, then you need to be sure that your MD-101 exam is reliable. The good news is that you can find websites suck as Marks4sure where you can find exactly what you are looking for. In that way, you will ensure that your certificate has some value.