Tips on How to Prepare for Your Virtual Job Interview

Due to the Coronavirus, the world as we know it has changed in various aspects. The working world in particular has been impacted significantly by the changes brought on by the pandemic and its restrictions. Many members of the working world have had to make major adjustments to their regular routine, by replacing regular in person meetings with online video conferences and Zoom meetings. This also applies to the hiring process, meaning that rather than going into an establishment for a prospective employment opportunity, your job interview may take place in the form of a video call. While this may be less intimidating to some, it is certainly an adjustment as most of us are used to traditional in person interviews.

However, do keep in mind that this is still a job interview and should be taken just as seriously as an in person interview. This means that you should be well prepared mentally and physically to make the right impression on your prospective employer, whether this be through mental preparation, a shopping trip for professional clothing, or a visit to a cosmetic dermatologist to add that extra piece of confidence during your close up video chat. Below are a few tips to help you get through your video job interview.


Treat it the Same Way You Would Treat Any Other Interview

Just because you are interviewing from the comfort of your own home, doesn’t mean that the interview should not be taken as seriously as any other interview. The process may be different, but the purpose is the same. During any job interview your goal is to present yourself in a way that will make you look appealing to your potential employer. Be honest about your skills and talk about the ones that you feel most confident in, dress appropriately, be respectful, and don’t sit there having lunch during your interview, just because you are home. You should be doing everything the same way you would be doing it at an in person meeting. Show your dedication and professionalism, and it will pay off! Check here to know more.


Find a Quiet Room

Most job interviews are carried out in a calm environment in which the employer and the candidate can get a better understanding of each other’s personality and an overall better grasp of how they compose themselves. In a virtual interview, it is important for there to be little to know distraction in the background. In order to avoid distractions, find a quiet place, whether that be your office, bedroom, or living room, where you can take a few minutes to yourself. If you have children or pets, try to keep them in a different room or outside to avoid making it appear like you are living in a chaotic environment. If you don’t have a good place inside your home to interview, then consider going to your local library or a quiet café where you feel comfortable interviewing.


Dress to Impress

It does not matter what position you are applying to and how high it is ranked in your opinion. You should dress professionally at any job interview (even if they can only see the top part of your body). Do your hair, wear professional clothing, and look as put together as possible. The goal here is to treat this virtual interview just the same as you would treat any other interview in person. While your potential new position may only be having you work from home, you may be working in the office in the future. In addition, putting yourself together for a job interview is a sign of respect, responsibility, and interest in the job. Even if it is a job in which you would never be wearing a suit and tie, you are making the impression that you are willing to go above and beyond for this position.


Go the Extra Mile

Since all the employer will be seeing is your face and upper body, try to take your time to look your absolute best. It is not surprising that Botox rates have gone up during the pandemic, as everyone is focusing a lot more on their faces due to the rise in online video conferences and meetings. If cosmetic treatments aren’t for you, try to invest in some quality makeup, and if you have a beard, clean it up professionally. The goal is to look and feel your best to make a confident impression. Physical self confidence is just as important as being knowledgeable in your field, as this confidence will make you appear straightforward, approachable, and put together.


Keep Notes in Front of You

Usually in an in person job interview, both you and your employer would have a copy of your resume in front of you. One major advantage of a virtual job interview is that you can keep all kinds of notes in front of you that you have prepared prior to the interview. These notes can include answers to classic interviewing questions that may be easy to forget when you are under pressure or nervous, your strengths, weaknesses, and important points that you want to bring up. Of course, you should still have a copy of your resume in front of you, but these extra notes are definitely something you want to take advantage of since you will not be sitting right in front of your prospective employer.

The most important thing is to be, and come across as prepared. Having notes in front of you can help tremendously, but do look over them before the interview so you don’t get stuck looking for specific points in the middle of the interview. Act natural, try to exert confidence, and remember that you were selected for the interview because the employer saw potential in you!