6 Problems in Online Shopping in Pakistan 2024

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In Pakistan, online shopping trends came into existence a few years back. If we look back in the years of the early 2010s, there was no trend of online shopping. Years after year, it becomes very common and people are more willing to buy online products rather than buying them through the market.

But there are certain sorts of problems and hurdles as well. These hurdles and problems are being faced by many customers nationwide. Let’s discuss the problem one by one:

1. Product Quality

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One of the main problems customer faces during online shopping is product quality. Mostly the quality of the product is not up to mark. It is either of low quality or different quality. This creates trust issues in customers and it disappoints them.

Quality of the product matters a lot and it is considered to be the most common and most occurring problem while you go for online shopping. Quality checks should be implemented on online shopping websites. Quality checks should be done at regular intervals of time.

2. Delivery time

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Most of the online shopping websites did not meet their deadline for delivering the product and this also has been a problem for customers who order products through online websites. The products are not delivered on time.

This happens because the management of the online websites and the third party shipping company do not focus on the delivery time that has been mentioned on the website. Some products might take days if the shipment is from one city to another city. But the exact time should be mentioned on the website that is providing the customer with the products.

3. Fewer payment methods

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While people do online shopping, their concern is to check the payment methods. Most of the online websites do not provide customers with more payment methods. Customers do not get options for payment of the product.

The most common and convenient method of the payment of the product is COD which means cash on delivery. But there should be more payment methods like payments through VISA card, Master card, etc. This will make the online shopping website more trustworthy.

4. Photos aren’t of the actual product

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This is a very common issue in the online shopping industry of Pakistan and there are so many scams regarding this issue. The most common complaint of the customers is about the picture of the product that is being shown on the website is different as compared to the actual product that is being delivered.

Online websites should focus on uploading the pictures of the actual product and the product that is being delivered to the customers should be genuine or at least it should be the same as shown on the online shopping website.

5. Hidden costs

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All the costs should be mentioned online. Most of the websites do not mention the hidden cost or delivery cost. It adds up to the overall cost of the product. Online shopping websites should include all the costs under the total cost or price of the product.

Apart from delivery cost, there are some other sorts of the cost that add up to the overall price of the product. This can be considered to be one of the issues of ordering products online through shopping websites, according to professionals from shoppingum.com.

6. Poor Return and after-sale services

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This is very common while doing online shopping. Yes, online websites do not focus on their return policy. Just for example, when you order something online, its size is different or the color of the product might be also different, so online you have the option to claim your cash or replace the order.

Customer care should be the very first priority of the online shopping website. The better online websites deal with their customers, the better will be the outcome of overall sales of the websites.


Most of the online websites are performing well and their policies are also very incredible. Some of the online shopping websites provide you with genuine products and those websites are trustworthy.

Online websites should focus more on avoiding any sort of hidden charges and all the cost should be mentioned on the website. Moreover, they should also focus more on the return policy to engage their customers.