7 Pros and Cons of Renting Furnished Apartments

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If you are looking for an apartment, a decision must be made between a furnished apartment and an unfurnished rental apartment. Furnishings are increasingly becoming a popular choice for people who are just getting started in life or people who are interested in a short term lease. These types make getting around easier, less tedious, and less expensive. On the other hand, the apartments take away the opportunity for tenants to adapt the space to their personal tastes. The benefits of renting the furnished include:


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1. Greater mobility

They can help you stay mobile in the short term. If you haven’t decided where you want to call home, moving into an apartment with all its furniture and appliances can be tedious, time consuming, and expensive. Therefore, living in a furnished room can help matters get the right perspective before moving to your new destination.

2. Facilitates moving

Relocating your home can be a very stressful matter. There are often many things to do and items to pack and transport. Therefore, moving to a furnished rental facility can make moving less stressful. You don’t have to think about packing a whole truck with your valuables and the cost of transporting your goods. You don’t have to worry about breaking or losing some of its value during packing or unloading. Moving to one allows you to focus better on moving yourself and your family. Therefore, your move does not have to take months of your valuable time, but only one day.

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3. Find what you need

A furnished apartment offers everything you need for life. So you don’t have to worry about running around town to buy furniture and appliances. However, Action Property Management recommends that you check with the property owner or manager what services are available before you move in . This will help you choose an apartment that offers what you need and avoid paying for items you don’t need.

4. Decorations

An unfurnished rental apartment may not offer the benefits of flower arrangements, sculptures, paintings, and other decorations. These items are often considered nonessential and are not cheap. However, living in an apartment that does not have an aesthetic appeal may force you to leave the property sooner than you had anticipated. Furnished apartments for rent will have the decorations in place and if anything is missing it will be cheaper. However, so that your style is appropriate, we recommend that you consult the different apartments. Additionally, some apartment owners encourage tenants to recommend additional decorations, furniture, and / or appliances.


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5. You maybe won’t be allowed to change things

You cannot fully decide the type of decoration you want for your home, since the furniture in the rental home is what you have to assume. Sometimes, there are owners who accept furniture changes but in any case, it is something that cannot be taken for granted and that should be negotiated in advance.

6. Potentially worn things

Not everyone is comfortable using, for example, a bed in which you do not know how many people have slept. In that case, the tenant should assume the cost of those parts of the furniture that he wants to renovate, yes, with the permission of the owner.

7. If you damage something, you won’t get deposit back

The furniture must be taken care of so that there are no damages that later become a reason for the owner not to return the deposit.

How to find furnished apartment in Berlin?

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Imagine the feeling of happiness when you have found your flat in the center of Berlin and, just by going down the street, you can enjoy one of the European capitals that offers the most freedom and creativity. And it is that, since the time of the Weimar Republic, Berlin has witnessed the most important intellectual, political and academic currents in Europe.

But as in all the cities with so much charm, the available rental apartments tend to be short on the market. But you do not have to worry, because if you are looking for furnished apartment in Berlin, there are agencies, like Farawayhome, and Berlin is one of cities for whom they are specialized. So you will find the type of home that best suits you, whether it is for three months or two years.

Where to rent furnished apartments in Berlin?

You can find many, you just have to choose neighborhood that best suits you. Kreuzberg is full of pubs, plenty of street food and art galleries such as the Berlinische. Without a doubt, Kreuzberg is one of the best places in Berlin to live and enjoy. Or maybe Neukölln which is the favorite place for many foreign residents.

If you want to search for a flat here, you have to know that you will live with international, academic and progressive artists who are active worldwide. Friedrichshain can also be a good choice. This young neighborhood was part of East Berlin in the past, and now plays host to part of the middle class and many foreign residents. There are many moor good neighborhoods around Berlin, so you have numerous options.

How much do furnished apartments cost in Berlin?

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Price is varying greatly, as you could imagine. You can find nice studio for under 1000 euros per month, and for more than 5000 for best luxury apartments. Also serviced ones are always more expensive because you have almost hotel-like service.

What do fully furnished apartments include?

A furnished home would be one that, in addition to the equipped kitchen (this may include a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, etc.), includes the essential furniture for the habitability of a home: bed, sofa, tables, chairs, wardrobe. But what about being semi-furnished? Would a house with two chairs, a sideboard and a dresser already be a semi-furnished flat or would we really be talking about an empty one?

For many, the fact of having a complete bathroom and kitchen would already classify it as such, without the need to include anything else. But due to the controversy of this definition, more and more real estate portals have stopped using this confusing term to stay with two types of equipment: “furnished” and “only equipped kitchen”.

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Your choice will be in accordance with your needs, but most people still choose the furnished, because of the many benefits.