Pros and Cons of Double Glazed Windows

Many homeowners keep looking for new ways in order to make their house heaven for them. Said homeowners not only want to make their house cool in summer and warm in winter but they also want to make their house aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient.

Installing double glazed windows is one of the best ways to achieve that. There are a lot of different professionals that you will find near you that are more than glad to help with the installation of double glazed windows such as

What are double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows are a type of windows that are insulated glass units also known as IGU. Generally, insulated glass units have a lot of glass panes in one window system.

However, just like the name suggests, double glazed windows are double glazed which means it has two panes of glass. In this type of window, a still layer of air and a spacer is added in these window systems in order to separate the glass panes. Generally, the spacer is made up of a polymer strip or a metal. Furthermore, a drying agent is also used in order to dry out any moisture in the spacer.

The glass panes are then placed in a window frame which normally is made wider and bigger than with the window itself so that the extra pane can be fitted if any.

Moreover, there are many advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons of using double glazed windows in your house. Although, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of using double glazed windows in your house.

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Pros of using double glazed windows

1. Energy efficiency

Double glazed windows are the best option when it comes to saving energy. It is mentioned previously that there is sealed air in between panes of glass in these double glazed window systems. This sealed air acts as thermal insulation which means that they lock and absorb the cold air coming out of your air conditioner in summers, leaving excess heat outside of your house. Furthermore, the sealed air locks in the heat in your house, in winters, and does not let it leave your house.

As a result of these, you do not have to open your air conditioner or heater for a long period of time since the temperature will mostly likely remain the same. As a result, you save a lot of money as well as energy. Installing double glazed windows can reduce your power bills.

2. Reduced noise pollution

Double glazed windows are best known because of the protection that they offer from all the noise pollution including but not limited to traffic, neighborhood noises and kids playing. Furthermore, a good double glazed window system can reduce noise pollution up to 35 decibels.

While single glazed windows make rattling sounds on a windy day, double glazed windows do no because they have a better and more solid structure compared to single glazed windows. It is quite important to have double glazed windows in your house, if you do not want to be distracted by the rattling sounds and want to concentrate on your work.


3. Increased security

Normally, windows with a single glaze are easy to break and simple to penetrate. However, double glazed windows are much more sturdy than single glazed windows and it is quite hard to break in from double glazed windows.

It is also advisable to tighten up your security more by installing laminated glass or a toughened glass in the window frame as those are very hard to smash.

4. Aesthetic looking

Installing double glazed windows in your house makes it more aesthetically pleasing. No one likes an old single glazed window because it is not quite attractive enough. On the other hand, installing double glazed windows not only enhances your curb appeal but it also increases the value of your house.

Furthermore, the frames for double glazed windows come in many styles from contemporary black to classic white.

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Cons of using double glazed windows

1. Very expensive

One of the major disadvantages of installing double glazed windows in your house is that it is quite expensive, more expensive than installing single glazed windows. The reason behind this is that you are paying for two panes of glass in a double glazed window system.

Furthermore, they are more expensive than a single glazed window because they are engineered in such a way in order to maintain the air gap between each glass pane, which is quite expensive. Therefore, it is quite essential for you to make sure that you compare the initial cost of installing double glazed windows and how much energy you are saving.

If you are saving enough money that it can covered in a few months, then you only install the double glazed windows.

2. Hard to repair

Another con of using double glazed windows is that it is quite hard to repair to them. If the air gap between the glass panes is breached, it can create a major condensation problem as moisture can now enter.

As a result, it will reduce the insulating qualities of the window. In case this happens with you, then it may be quite hard to repair them and the best option is to replace them, which again can be quite costly.

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3. Does not suit all homes

Last but not the least, double-glazed windows do not look good in every kind of house. It may look nice in modern homes but usually, it is a bad idea to replace old windows, in traditional houses, with double glazed window frames.

However, there are many ways to counter this. For instance, install sash windows or windows with traditional frames. It is wise that you consult with a professional glazier. They have all sorts of knowledge and will be able to guide you by telling you whether double-glazed windows will look good in your house or not.

Additionally, professional glaziers possess extensive knowledge regarding various window options and can offer valuable guidance to determine whether double glazed windows would complement your specific house.
They can recommend alternative options such as sash windows or windows with traditional frames, which may be more suitable for traditional homes. If you require double glazing Brisbane, seek the expertise of a professional who can explore alternatives that blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of your house.
Remember, it’s crucial to consult with a professional before making any decisions, as they can assess your house’s architectural style and provide personalized recommendations tailored to your preferences and the overall appearance you desire.