3 Pros and Cons Of Hiring Cheap Courier Services

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Getting what you ordered is imperative these days. We have all grown accustomed to getting everything delivered as soon as possible in immaculate condition. Anything beyond that is simply not acceptable.

Courier services have been the backbone of our progress for years now and they have developed to meet our needs in as little time as possible, with service that is top-notch and by ensuring you will get what you ordered when you ordered. As times go this business model has become rather sought out and we have seen the emergence of new courier services that are trying to parry with those we all know and love.

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USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL are some of the big boys out there and we all know about them and probably dealt with one of them recently. Some have good experiences some bad but this is how it is when it comes to these types of businesses. Now we have new players emerging offering a lot cheaper services with better or improved customer services or delivery times. This doesn’t always have to be the case and in the article below we will try to explain some pros and cons of hiring these cheap courier services.

To be perfectly honest not all of these new players don’t have to be bad, it all comes down to what you get stuck with. To avoid getting a bad apple follow these tips, generally provided by the company you can check out by clicking here, and you will be OK.


1. Price

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OK, this is the most obvious pro for these types of courier services but it is also the main one that brought you here. Price dictates a lot in our lives and we are all driven by some sort of savings. If we have to go all out on a service or product, we always look for a way to save some money elsewhere. Courier services will deliver anything you order or they can bring you papers and documents. Depending on what you order and what you expect different prices will be presented to you. Now since smaller and cheaper courtier services tend to niche out in certain areas and cover just so much of the area that allows them to be price competitive you can expect really low prices for their services. They have a lot less staff and a lot fewer things to worry about meaning they will not need to charge as much as the big companies. They will cover certain areas like a city or state and everything out that will be out of their reach and price range.

2. Speed

These types of courier services as we mentioned cover a lot less space than regular services like FedEx or DHL which are international. They will usually cover a state or a bit more and focus on that. This means that everything you order in that region will be delivered to your doorstep with haste and without much processing and verification. They will be your legs or car and go and pick up whatever you ordered instead of you. The delivery times are low and it is another thing that goes to their benefit, besides the low price. Since we live in hectic times and we value our time tat much more, the speed of delivery is very important to most.

3. Delivery

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With courier services, you can expect a personal approach and door-to-door delivery which is another thing we value the most. When we order something, we want it delivered to our home or place of work. It would be silly if we still used those old ways was back in the day you got something from out of state or town and it got to your postal services and you still had to go and pick it up yourself. These were the old days and old ways which are long gone thanks to advances in communications and travel services. Courier and carrier services all deliver straight to you and there is no worrying that you will need to move elsewhere to receive what you need.


1. Customer service

We hate to admit this but since being a courier business attracts a lot of people thinking that they can make a viable business out of that, we have met our fair share of bad customer service ones. They are not all like this, it should be noted, but we have had our differences with the couriers or with the unfriendly or unhelpful staff ate the courier company. Issues that can emerge are plenty and you have to know that you will have their help and understanding at any time, which is why bad customer service is unacceptable in any business.

2. Service issues

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In this line of the job, there can be a lot of service issues as well. These things need to be resolved as soon as possible, best to avoid them totally, and they need to be painless for everyone. Mistakes can happen to anyone but when you are trying to make a business and a profession out of something you need to root out all the problems. Issues in this category are wrong quotations received, the wrong pick up place or time, wrong addresses being used and so much more others. The way that professional cheap couriers deal with these problems is usually by keeping up with the latest tech like intelligent routes and apps that help them track orders and places of delivery as well as others.

3. Delivery made in unacceptable condition

This is probably the biggest problem of cheap courier services. They invest all their power into being cheap and fast that they usually don’t mind your goods. The last thing that everyone wants is to have the other side contacting you and saying that what you sent came in an unacceptable fashion and state. If you fulfilled all your obligations and sent it packaged correctly and in the right state then all the blame is up to the couriers that paid little to no attention to your goods. This shouldn’t happen at all but this is something to be expected when hiring couriers from the cheap category.