7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 110%

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Your blog posts are only as useful as the exposure they get. You may have really interesting, useful content but only a few people can benefit from your information if your blog is stuck in some dark corner of the Internet.

Want to get more eyes on your content? Read on to know how you can increase traffic to your blog with these 7 tips.

1. Promote social media

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Social media is the number one recourse if you want your blog to get more eyes. From Facebook to Instagram and even on new players like TikTok, can help increase your blog traffic and up the number of followers. Do you even know that 2024 is the year of video content? Photos and text, regular posts on Facebook is already a cliche. Platforms like Blogger and WordPress come with easy sharing options to make sharing new blog posts as easy as clicking on one button. You can share to Facebook, Google, Pinterest, among others. You can also drop links to your blog on videos that you post on Youtube or TikTok.

2. Write better titles

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Catchy titles can make the difference between someone scrolling past your post and stopping by to read more. The art of writing cool headlines is not difficult. You just need to approach the headline with creativity, trying to write something that no one else has written, well, or writing something that is still a fresh idea for the headline. There is a lot of great content out there that gets overlooked because the titles are boring, bland and don’t really reflect the quality of the content. Wonder why titles with “Guide To…, Steps for…, or X Ways to…” command better exposure than other posts? It’s because the title is catchy and hints at a value or benefit that the reader can get if she decides to stop and read some more.

3. Include photos

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Photos can help break up the monotony of long blocks of text. In 2024, it is already difficult to surprise someone with a cool photo, for this you need to try to do something very cool and hype. For this, you need to follow trends and create quality content. Because in the era of bloggers it is very difficult to appeal to someone and attract an audience. Also, keep in mind that your photos must be of high quality, well-edited. For this, do not skimp on a paid service for processing photos. Your blog posts look more interesting and they can also appeal to your target demographic who read blogs mostly for the visuals. So use photos, and make sure they’re relevant and look professional.

4. Add subtitles to videos (with the help of Audext)

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Subtitles in your videos increase the quality of your videos, they make your videos easier to watch and understand, and they keep viewers engaged. They also make your videos accessible to viewers with hearing impairments. Use software like Audext to create accurate subtitles for your videos. The software uses AI and machine learning to provide accurate and fast audio to text transcription. With Audext you don’t need to pay someone or even spend hours transcribing your videos yourself. This provides a host of benefits, from faster production time and confidentiality, especially if you are wary about sharing unfinished videos with people you don’t know. You can find out more here. You can always review the quality of the transcription and edit because the software is also an editing suite. Add a message, modify formatting on the fly, or convert your transcription to. SRT before you hit that upload button.

5. Incorporate keywords

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Keywords help people find your blog but not any old keyword will do. Use keywords that are specific to drive your target audience your way. Look for special services that will help you identify your keywords. You can use generic keywords or those that describe your blog category or niche but sprinkle a few long-tail keywords in there as well. The latter is more specific phrases that apply to your post. Long-tail keywords are less generic and less vague so they may get less traffic. However, they have a high conversion value and can help you attract the attention of your target readers.

6. Add social sharing buttons

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Social sharing buttons anywhere around your blog post can encourage your readers to share your post on their social network feeds. If you take into account all the previous paragraphs of this article, it is likely that people will want to share your content. This can boost the popularity of your posts and draw more traffic to your blog.

7. Invest in the promotion

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If you don’t have a budget for advertising, it’s better not to start a blog. Because without a budget, everything will go for a very long time. While you can share your blog on various social platforms, you can take things a notch higher by paying for promotion. Promotion can give you more exposure to your target audience, more screen time, and make your blog look more credible. Now every blogger, every service keeps on advertising, because without advertising nobody will ever notice and hear you. No matter how sad it may sound, but it’s true. You can invest in partnering up with other bloggers to promote your website. The strategy is simple; look for sites that are relevant to your niche, and ask them for collaboration. You should create content that will be interesting for other websites. In that way, your website will appear on other high authority websites. This strategy will improve the overall quality of your site.

The Internet is inundated with catchy, quality content every second of the day. Even if you have the best content that can help thousands of readers, all that will be put to waste if no one knows that your blog exists. So get serious about promoting your blog. Produce quality content, use keywords and graphics wisely, and add helpful features like subtitles that you can effortlessly put in using software like Audext. With these tips, you can raise your chances of getting more eyes on your content so your blog can get the audience it deserves.