10 Modern Quartz Countertop Ideas on a Budget

If you want an economical way to revamp your kitchen with modern countertops, you can’t go wrong with quartz. A heat-resistant material that’s also impervious to all common kitchen stains, quartz is a perfect choice for any busy kitchen.

Naturally equipped to handle anything your home life can throw at it, this stone is also a great budget option, with no need for extras like sealing or waxing. On top of all this, quartz is available in a myriad of beautiful colors and natural stone – inspired patterns that give the appearance of more expensive options. We think this makes quartz the ultimate budget countertop idea. So, with no further ado, check out our top 10 modern quartz countertops ideas:

1. White Waterfall Quartz Modern Countertops

Don’t you just love the way quartz sparkles and shimmers like a frozen lake? Why not bring the beauty of nature home with a waterfall quartz countertop?

A waterfall quartz countertop has a surface that sweeps down to the floor on just one or both sides, rather than the traditional flat countertop surface, creating an L or a C shape. This feature allows you to show off your gorgeous quartz from more angles.

Source: msisurfaces.com

2. Black Quartz Countertops

Make a big statement in your kitchen by choosing black quartz. With veins of white throughout, black quartz is one of the most visually striking options. You can choose hardware to match the veins in your quartz countertop, such as cabinet handles and faucets, to complete the look and bring out those subtle light hues.

You can paint your countertop edges a bright color to add drama to your kitchen. Even a pale color can’t detract from the statement that black quartz will make.

3. Retro-Inspired Quartz Countertops

If you already have retro accessories on display in your kitchen, like old farmhouse faucets, a big old set of weighing scales, or a vintage whistling kettle, why not choose a retro quartz countertop to match? Go for light-colored quartz, drape your favorite old-timey cloth over the oven door, and you’ve got a modern-retro kitchen.

Source: thisoldhouse.com

4. Bullnose Edge Countertops

Why not soften the hardness of quartz with bullnose edging – rounded edges like the bull’s nose? This eye-catching idea draws the eye into your kitchen and is a great way to show off a focal point like a favorite fruit bowl or ornament. Bullnose edging looks great on quartz islands and countertops alike. For added dramatic effect, paint your edges to make your island stand out.

5. Neutral Modern Kitchen Quartz Countertops

Keep things airy with pale, neutral quartz countertops. Using light-colored quartz countertops throughout your kitchen will help your beloved plate collection or fine glassware stand out on your shelves or in your cabinets. Have your appliances match your worktops, or choose darker ones for the contrast. Neutral quartz is a great way to add a spacious feeling to a small kitchen.

Source: familyhandyman.com

6. Rugged Concrete-like Countertops

The concrete look is a big kitchen trend these days. However, it’s hardly the most practical or affordable countertop trend. Even after going through the laborious process of properly sealing your concrete worktop, concrete can still stain pretty easily if you’re not careful.

Now enter quartz. There are durable and affordable quartz countertops that look just like real concrete but with superior properties for the kitchen. There are so many design ideas to choose from using Caesarstone quartz.

7. Marble-like Countertops

Homeowners know that marble is an elegant, stunning countertop choice with a timeless look that does not go out of style. However, these counters are not only expensive, but they are also much softer than quartz countertops, and therefore more prone to stains and damage. Luckily quartz countertops come in several styles that mimic the look and feel of classic marble. However, these quartz countertops are much more budget-friendly and a better investment in the long run, as homeowners will not have to worry about dealing with numerous potential damages to the surface as a result of everyday wear and tear.

Source: gianigranite.com

8. Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse look is another massively popular kitchen option. What better way to achieve this look than with quartz countertops? Pair White Attica quartz with old-fashioned cabinet handles or knobs and that farmhouse-style sink to create the perfect modern farmhouse kitchen. Vintage appliances or even something as simple as a vintage microwave will complete the look.

9. Make it colorful

These days, there are so many bright, colorful quartz options on the market. There is indeed a rainbow of brilliant quartz from which to choose. So, why stick to dull grey, beige or black tones? Make your kitchen a fun place to be with bright quartz worktops!

Whether you have bright furniture in your kitchen, like red barstools, a bright turquoise vase, or yellow curtains, make this color your theme and use it throughout the kitchen. You could even build your kitchen’s color scheme around your lighting piece, faucet, fruit bowl, or cabinet handles.

Source: thespruce.com

10. Combine two quartz stones

The only thing that could be better than one quartz item in the kitchen is two, right? We certainly think so. So, why not show off everything that modern quartz countertops have to offer by using twice as much?

You could have a dark quartz preparation area paired with a lighter island for eating at. Or, you could go for cream quartz worktops and show them off with a dark quartz backsplash. If you have tiled flooring in two different colors, you could even choose two different types of quartz to match them.

Whatever you choose, with quartz, we guarantee your kitchen is going to look amazing with your new, modern countertops. One of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz is sure to stand the test of time for the rest of your kitchen’s life.