8 Tips for Reaching Max Power Level in Destiny 2 Faster

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Video games are a big part of all of us. Some play them casually, others professionally and the common thing for both player bases are having fun. The fact that you can play games today for whatever reason is awesome. You are all aware of streamers.

Streamers play games for a living and the fact that we can do that is incredible. Thanks to those streamers most other gamers try to transition from casual player base to professional and streamer base. Games are plenty and the choices are made easy since there is a genre for everyone.

What is visible in the past several years is that online games get high attention. Whether the game is PvP, PvE it doesn’t matter the online world of gaming is rather desirable. The game we are trying to help you with today is Destiny 2. This game if you don’t know it yet is a free-to-play, online-only, multiplayer first-person shooter video game.

It is an awesome game that draws in nearly 1,2 million players worldwide. Destiny 2 offers a lot to do in the game from reaching Legendary rank in online play, earning special weapons, reaching the highest campaign level gathering titles that are unique and so on.
To do this efficiently and effectively your power levels play a huge role.

The article today will help you reach max power levels every season easily, so read this through and be informed. Some services make this grind even easier and one of those is destiny2-sherpa.com, so check them out.

1. Powerful and pinnacle rewards

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Depending on the season there will be new powerful and pinnacle rewards available. The way to stay up to date with these regularly check your map, activities and other good stuff. For those that are just starting this game, you may need to reach a certain power level in order to unlock some of these rewards but never the less keep an eye on your map and it will guide you to these rewards. There are many of these available and they get changed a bit from season to season.

2. Always keep the highest power level gear in each slot

All of your armour pieces, all of your weapons make just two of eight total pieces that contribute to the max gear you can equip. What is interesting is that you don’t need to equip all of this. If you are starting just play the game collect world drops, including blue gear and continue to level up.

Just check out the power level of each one and keep the highest one in each slot. If you come across a lot of exotic items and weapons you can only equip one of each so with the rest of what you have try and infuse one into a legendary item, if you are not going to use them.

3. Powerful vs Pinnacle

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As you get closer to your max power cap you will need to look for powerful and pinnacle rewards to increase your average to start seeing higher world drops. If you are under the power cap for that season your world drops will always go up to that cap.

Prime engrams and powerful rewards are going to drop three above your max power level if you are under the season power cap. To cross to the next power level, you need a total of eight points across all eight items. After you get bumped up to another level you will start seeing gear drop at a higher power level and you can get your average up that way.

4. Decrypt Prime Engrams immediately

The reason behind this is that these Prime Engrams do not increase in power level once they drop. Take regular trips back to the Tower once you have one of these and make sure you pop it open immediately because it can help you increase your average power level. Some of these Engrams like your weekly clan XP will increase in power throughout the week if you leave it with Hawthorne.

5. Plan your seasonal pinnacle weapons and other known drops when you need them the most

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Wait until you need particular gear and only then redeem it from a vendor or Quest. This also goes for the usage of the kiosk in the tower. You can utilize this by planning what weapon to get and for which task. This is a smart way you can utilize to get on level items in slots that you know you need. This means getting kinetic energy or a heavy to boost up your energy level when you need it most.

6. Strategically use the season pass

You can even claim gear from last season’s pass if you didn’t claim it. Go to Bungie’s website and simply grab all the gear from the previous season that you didn’t take or didn’t need at that moment. Also, make sure you grab all the gear from this season as well but take it when you need it as you need it because it will increase your power level in crucial moments.

7. Multiple classes

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Now this game can be played with only one class and still reach max power level, but if you play with all three classes that are OK as well. There is a thing you can do to quickly boost your other classes and it is to purchase armour from your Xur on your highest class and transfer it to other classes.

8. Armour drops

If you are in big need of armour on a level the thing you can do to get it is to go to Europa, go to Cadmus Ridge or Eventide Ruins and find a Brig. What you do from there is double dip the Brig chests until you get all the armour you need. It does take a while sometimes because not all drop is armour.

You can sometimes get weapon drops which are still useful if you need on level weapons drop. When you kill the Brig, loot the chest, sparrow out of the area until you see the name of the next area and then double back and open the same chest again.