5 Common Reasons for Renting Storage Space

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I have seen many people being confused with the fact that I am using storage space. When I mention the subject, I always get asked: “Why do you need one?” The answer to that question is never simple because I usually have several reasons why I am doing that. If you are wondering the same thing or contemplating whether you should make the same kind of move, I assure you that there is always a reason to consider doing it. Although, those reasons might not always be that apparent.

Either way, I believe that most people should consider getting or renting a storage space because it can be very useful. Unfortunately, only a small number understand just how useful it is and everyone else questions the decision.

To make the storage space become a more common and acceptable thing, I decided to write this article and talk about the most common reasons people consider renting them. I hope that this article will provide you with enough information to sway your decision.

1. It is great for moving

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If you have not moved to a different home in your life previously, I assure you it is one of the most frustrating and stressful experiences one can go through. Although, if you have gone through such an experience, you probably already know how stressful it can be and you will do everything in your power to make the transition to a new home faster and better.

However, achieving that is not exactly easy. Moving thousands of items, fragile pieces of jewelry, television sets, and all kinds of furniture from one location to another is very complicated. Things could easily break or get lost during transport.

To make things easier for yourself during this transition, renting a storage space could be very helpful. How? Well, there are different moving situations where this kind of service could be helpful.

For example, if you want to host an open house when trying to sell it, it would probably be smart to clean up the place to attract more customers. But, how can potential buyers be interested in your home if it is cluttered with so many different items and pieces of furniture? The answer is easy. They will not be interested in what you have to offer.

But, maybe it is not about cleaning the place up. You just have to get rid of all those stuff in your home. Instead of throwing them out, you could just send them to your storage unit and then bring them back whenever you need them.

Renting a storage unit will be useful during the moving process after you sold your home. If you have sold your old home and you are still waiting for the keys to your new one, you could keep all of your stuff somewhere safely while waiting. Once you get the keys, you can unload the storage and then send everything to your new house or apartment.

2. Redecorating or renovating

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Another very stressful and common situation is read decoration or renovation. This frustrating project can be a problem for everyone in your family because you have to move all of your furniture from one room to another. Once the renovation is done, you need to put all of the furniture back and then work on the other room. But, to work in that other room, you have to remove the furniture from there.

This back and forth process is very annoying and takes an unnecessary amount of time. To avoid that, you could just take all of your stuff, bring them to a storage unit and return them once all of the renovations in your home are done.

3. It is a great alternative if you do not have a basement

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The basement is a very useful feature of any building. This is the place where you can store all kinds of items and furniture. Whenever you need some of those items, you can just go down to the basement.

Unfortunately, many apartment buildings and houses lack this kind of feature. So, if you ever find yourself in need of extra room to store all of your stuff, you can just rent a storage unit for how long you want as suggested by Extraraum.

4. Make your home spacious

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Traditionally, many homes are filled with all kinds of decorations, furniture, or items to fill up space. But, that kind of traditional style is starting to fade and more modern designs are coming into play. These days, if you want a modern home, you need to decorate it as simple as possible. Basically, everything that does not have a clear purpose to be in your home, you should remove.

I have seen a lot of people following this new modern and minimalist style. So, if you are interested in that kind of thing, you could get yourself a storage unit to make your home spacious.

And, if you ever want to bring back the traditional style you used to have, you can always just take back your items from the storage unit. You do not lose anything.

5. Great for business inventory

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You could find a storage unit to be useful for your business too. Finding office space that is large enough these days to store all of your inventory is impossible. That kind of office does not exist or it is probably too expensive to buy or rent.

However, if you have a company that offers storage spaces nearby, why not use that to your advantage? You can keep all of the inventory there and whenever you need it, you can always go and get it. In the unit, all of your inventory will always be safe from any kind of damage or theft. Even if someone does still some of your products, you will always be reimbursed from the company.

I could go on with many more reasons why it is a good idea to rent a storage unit, but I believe that these five reasons I mentioned above are good enough to convince anyone.