10 Reasons to Go on an African Safari in 2024

We’ve compiled ten ideas about why you should make an African Safari your next holiday breakaway.

Start planning your next South African tour with some of the trusted travel agencies today and go on your once in lifetime safari as you have always dreamt about.

1. A Cultural Experience

Source: African Budget Safaris

Africa’s culture is vast and varied. It offers visitors so many different languages, religions, cuisine, social habits, music, and arts that one trip to this glorious country is not nearly enough. From all the bloody battlefields that took place in the history of South Africa to Madagascar’s Pirate past.

2. Amazing Food

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Legendary South African braais with steak, boerewors, lamb and pork, sosaties, pap, and various salads are a must when on a safari. Don’t forget to try the Cape Malay curry and for pudding the famous delicious Malva pudding and Melktert. Be sure not to forget to ask for a Bobotie dish along your travels, a slice of delightful minced meat simmered with all different kinds of spices, herbs, and dried fruit. Topped up with a mixture of milk and egg. Make sure you try all the traditional African foods to experience the vast culture and taste of all our amazing foods and spices.

3. Wildlife

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Experience the wild animals. Visit birding havens, spot rare species, experience the thrill of tracking wildlife on foot and search for nocturnal animals. Don’t forget that it’s home to the BIG FIVE. Be sure to be on the hunt to spot these five animals on your safari. Bring your binoculars and be on the lookout. The safari guides usually report in if they see rare animals, and they know the usual spots as well, so you can be sure that you will at least see 3 of them if you take a tour guide. To learn more about these tours visit africanbudgetsafaris.com.

4. Landscapes

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From the sands and granite rocks of Namibia to the high African plains of Tanzania, the continent will sear themselves in your mind. There are many spectacular landscapes to view, such as the Mandara mountains, the Rwenzori Mountains and Ngorongoro crater, and many more. Africa has beautiful landscapes that will blow your mind.

5. Eco-Tourism

Source: Tebogo Mogashoa

Responsible tourism comes into its own on safari. The rangers are well trained in their field and should even be able to answer any question you have on species or wildlife. They are trained in different scenarios, and with a lot of experience, you shouldn’t also have to worry about your safety when you are with them. Africa shows the best of eco or green tourism spearheaded by responsible safari tour operators.

6. Spectacles of Africa

There’s not enough space here to list all of Africa’s wonders but some more for a few favorites such as:

  • The great migration of East Africa: The great annual migration where millions of wildebeest, Zebras, and other antelope species make their way to Tanzania and Kenya every year facing predators along the way.
  • Victoria Falls: It is an incredible, inspiring grandeur on the Zambesi river that forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.
  • The Drakensberg mountains: They are dragon mountains with massive size peaks with an average height of 2900 meters.
  • Carmine Bee-Eater colonies of 10 000 plus: Those are 20 dazzling species of colorful and energetic birds.
  • The Rift Valley: Geographic trenches that run from Asia to Mozambique in southeast Africa and a fantastic place and a must-visit.
  • Fish River Canyon: In the south of Namibia, where the largest canyon in Africa is and the second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia.
  • Table mountain: Climb it or take the cable car as long as you see the view from the top. This exquisite mountain is the first thing you think about when visiting South Africa.

7. Bush experience

Source: The Safari Source

There are many things to do, such as bush camps with a ranger, also tree houses where you can sleep in the trees of the Kruger National Park in the bush, and hear all the animal sounds at night surrounding you. Under the stars in the African Bush with the sounds of the night all around you is something you won’t forget. It’s just such an antidote to urban grit.

8. Savings

Source: Goway – Goway Travel

Overall a safari isn’t such an expensive thing to do. There are plenty of budget-friendly safaris. Most wildlife safaris include accommodation, meals, sightseeing, and game viewing. You can reduce unexpected costs that often add up. Some safaris offer low budget safaris, and it’s something you have to do in Africa, so instead, save a little bit of money for a safari.

9. Learning

Source: Eternal Arrival

The Wildlife in Africa is a tourist favorite attraction, and obviously, every tourist is eager to learn more about it. It is excellent exposure and a great learning experience for children and adults. There is no better way for children to learn about animals. Many lodges even offer Junior Ranger programs for children to track animals and programs on the local culture of Africa. The rangers and tour guides will try their best to make your trip fun and educational.

10. Sunsets

Source: Nomad Africa Blog

There is no such experience in Africa like watching sunrises and sunsets, be it on a mountain, at the beach, or in a desert. South Africa’s mild weather allows you to see the evenings maximized and in all its glorious beauty.