How To Register In Online Apps With Virtual Phone Numbers


Registering in online applications is a routine task for internet users. Millions of people sign up for various projects daily. But at the same time more and more of them are encountering different problems in this situation. One of the most common is the mandatory verification of the mobile phone number during registration. Nowadays it is not always possible to complete this process. There could be several reasons for this.

Sometimes our personal phone number is simply unavailable due to blocking from the provider side or restriction from the application as it is coming from an unsupported country. Though, usually, it is all about the security of online platforms. Seeing the news about different online platforms getting hacked or data stolen is nothing out of the ordinary today. Today no project can provide users with privacy and security. So people decide not to risk their personal information and not to verify their cell phone numbers.

However, there is no need to give up using online applications altogether because of this. You can solve this issue by using virtual online phone numbers that are technically set up to receive SMS from various internet platforms.

Distinguishing features of a virtual phone number


Earlier virtual phone numbers for bypassing OTP were not as popular as they are today. But as new trends in technology emerge, their features became more and more useful for various tasks, which eventually created a demand for them. Nowadays they are being regularly used by millions of internet users from all over the world. The reasons for this are that virtual numbers:

  • Cheaply priced. The cost of using a virtual phone number is usually only a few cents.
  • Available at any time of the day. In order to get a virtual number, it is only necessary to visit one of the specialized online platforms that work round the clock in automatic mode.
  • Fully private and safe. Obtaining a virtual phone number does not take providing personal information while such a number itself cannot be associated by anyone with its user in any way.

In addition, there are no limitations on how many virtual numbers one person can get and use. It makes it possible to use them for creating literally infinite accounts on any service that requires completing a mobile verification process during registration like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and others. But regardless of all the advantages, there is also one thing that bothers many newcomers.

Legitimacy of using such a service

The laws are getting stricter every year. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are interested in the legality of the use of virtual phone numbers though there is nothing to worry about. Operating such a tool is not prohibited by the law of any country in the world. You can freely use virtual numbers to sign up for various websites and applications without worrying about breaking any existing prohibitions at the same time.

However, there is still one important thing that every person should keep in their mind. Using virtual numbers is legit for legitimate purposes only. It means that using them in order to deceive people or do anything else which is contrary to the law is an offense. So make sure that you are not going to perform any restricted actions before getting virtual phone numbers.

Getting a virtual number


These days there are a lot of virtual telephony providers on the internet. The choice is really big and represented by more than a hundred various platforms that offer services of different quality in a great price range. So it is very important to make the right choice. This is especially true for newcomers who can easily overpay by several times.

SMS-Man is considered one of the best choices in such a situation. This platform for bypassing OTP offers high-quality virtual phone numbers in more than a hundred countries that can be used to sign up for all the popular websites and applications. Using it is quite simple and available even for those who have never worked with any service of this type as it has a pretty simple and user-friendly design. To get a virtual number through it you just have to:

  1. Complete registration and verify your account on this platform.
  2. Add funds to the balance with any suitable method from those that are available. You can find them all on the payment tab.
  3. Proceed to the main page of service. There you should choose a country that will represent the international dialing code of your virtual phone number and the online service from which it should receive SMS. After that just click the purchase button and get your order.

This is it. You just purchased a virtual number. This number is disposable and suitable only for one-time registration in a certain service. If you want to get a long-term virtual phone number then open the rent tab and repeat step three from the instructions above. Now let’s see how to activate it.

Using a virtual phone number for registration


In terms of activation, there is no difference between disposable and long-term virtual numbers. It works absolutely the same way for both types. So no matter what kind of virtual number you are going to activate put it on the registration page of the website or application you want to sign up for and then send a verification code to it. Once sent, switch back to SMS-Man and press the “Get SMS” button. There will appear a set of several numbers. Use it to register a new profile. The task is done.


A virtual phone number is a ready-to-use tool that can be used to effectively solve many different tasks. You can get such a number within a few minutes and then use it to sign up for any internet service right away. Just as importantly, this feature also greatly improves privacy, and it does not cost really much to use. Purchasing a virtual number is several times cheaper than buying a new SIM card in a cell phone shop. So there is no compelling reason not to use it when it comes to getting an additional phone number for registration on one or another platform.