5 Advantages of using Remote-Controlled Forestry Equipment – 2024 Guide

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Robotics has been taking control of human jobs. Using remote-controlled devices lets you do more work with fewer efforts and labor. Thus, it also reduces the cost. Therefore, every sector has been working on the installation of robots. The forestry and agricultural sector is no exception. Handling fieldwork is becoming easier with the use of robots.

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Embedded electronics in forestry

Electronics are embedded in the fields to get the help of machinery to automate different functions. These electronics include:

  • Video feeds
  • Measuring tools
  • Sensors

Through the efficient use of these electronics, you can manage most of your fieldwork. These technologies help you gather information and to analyze this geospatial information. Thus, you can optimize the performance of different machines based on the information.

The intelligent Boom Control system

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This system is a software aiding machine control system that helps you to control the head movements. Furthermore, it is not only the head movement but also the other boom components that you can control through it. You can forward and backward the machines and can also harvest trees through this system.

There are several benefits of using remote control equipment in forestry. Some of these benefits include;

1. Cost-effective integration

Labor is required to do their specific jobs in forests. Taking care of the trees, watering them and ensuring their shape and growth, all need labor and labor costs money. Furthermore, fertilizing the fields and getting rid of weeds and unwanted plants also need more people. Thus, you will have to assign different jobs to different people. Moreover, you will have to pay them for their job and all of this increases the cost. Around 30 percent of the running cost is spent on labor.

Contrary to this, using remote-controlled equipment will do the job for all of these people. Thus, the overall cost of the wood logs will decrease. Although you might be thinking about the maintenance cost of the machines, but don’t worry. The overall cost of maintenance of equipment is much lower than that of the total cost of labor. So you can get cost-effective integration through the use of robotics.

2. Working efficiency

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Manual work greatly affects the quality of wooden logs. Furthermore, it also needs more labor and cost and also involves risks. On the other hand, with the use of remote control devices, you can have a better log quality. Electronic devices automate different functions and they also include stem processing to make logs.

You will have to operate the machine and adjust the head to predetermine its position. Thus, you can manage the log grade according to the demands. Furthermore, you can carry out more work in less time. The work that would need 10 workers to complete can be done with just one manhandling the machine. Thus, it also reduces the cost while giving you a better outcome without getting tired.

3. Safety of the worker

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The application of pesticides, weedicides and herbicides are applied to the agricultural lands and also in the forests. This helps in the prevention of the growth of unwanted herbs and weeds. Thus, the trees can get all the nutrition from the soil. This helps in the proper growth of trees and thus, you get a nice log. The drawback is that when workers spray these chemicals, some of them get into the person too. These chemicals penetrate through the skin or inhalation and negatively impact human health.

Research studies have indicated that the workers working with insecticides and such chemicals have a high risk of getting diseases. Therefore, through the use of robots and machines, the risk associated with the safety of field workers get reduced significantly. The person won’t be in direct contact with the chemical and thus, the disease risk will also be reduced.

Apart from the chemical issues, the health and safety of the workers is also an issue of concern. According to the reports, harvest operators are supposed to make around four thousand control inputs during the thinning process. Moreover, these 400 inputs are made every hour. Firstly, this is a tough job and requires more labor. Secondly, the workers are humans who get tired of such work. Thus, they develop ergonomic problems.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the manager to deal with these problems. The best solution is to use remote control machines that will need only one worker to manage them. This will provide better efficiency with less labor getting hurt.

4. Easy to handle tough jobs

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Operating harvesting machines become super easy with the use of remote control operations. Thus, instead of making humans operate the machines, you can control them by sitting a bit far. This also increases harvesting efficiency. Running the machines in a forest is a bit difficult and therefore, drivers often face accidents.

So when the driver is sitting in the machine cabin, it is difficult to rescue him in case of an accident. Therefore using remote control devices not only improves working efficiency but also regards the safety of people.

5. Helps in research works

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Apart from the advantages offered to the field workers and forest owners, the use of technology also helps out researchers. So whether it is the collection of data, its processing or analysis, forest operating robotics will help you out. The remote control electronic devices also have software programs. These programs collect the data and make suggestions for you. Thus, the collection, processing and analysis of the data are done by the machine itself.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about it. Furthermore, there won’t be any need for you to go to the forest daily. You can simply note down the data from the computer-operated program. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that the use of technology has created comfort of work for researchers.