5 tips for Renting a Car for a Large Family

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Those fond of the open road and driving to their destination, regardless of whether it’s business or pleasure related, always have one rental company they trust the most. On the other hand, planning a trip for the entire family can be a nightmare, as everyone wants to avoid spending too much on rental services, so let’s go through some tips on how to get the best possible deal.

1. Don’t make rash decisions

Source: best-car-rentals.com

Regardless of the topic we are talking about, doing that much-needed homework is simply a must, as it is the only day to find the best deal at the best possible price. The same thing is with searching for the best rental company, especially for large families, as what one needs in this situation is much more seats, meaning that much more decision-making is required. Namely, there are two ways to go here, and you can either go with a minivan or an SUV, depending on your needs and preferences or rent two vehicles instead. Now, here is where most people make mistakes, as they pick the first rental company that has some kind of “promo” periods, and even though the offer might seem interesting, when you actually go through specifics, you will end up spending much more. That is why the first rule is to know what size car you need, and secondly, spend some time browsing the net in search of the best deal.

2. Book in advance

This one is quite similar to the first one, as the main thing is knowing what you want and when you will need that vehicle. By knowing these things, everything else gets much easier, and as soon as the date is set, you can start searching for the best price/quality ratio online. Now, we say online as most of the things we all do today are basically via phones and tablets, and there is no need to change that here. Yes, going in person might seem like a better option as one will get all the necessary info and a thorough check of the vehicle and the insurance coverage package, but all these things you can also do online, which makes it much more convenient. And as for why book it in advance, the sooner one does so, the less will they have to pay. The whole thing is pretty similar to booking a flight or going on a holiday, as the more time there is between the booking and the actual trip, the less costly it all gets.

3. Use promo codes and points

Source: best-car-rentals.com

One of the many benefits of living in this digital age is that there are promo codes, special offers, and various points to get a discount on almost everything, and rental services are no exception. What’s great about them is that one can easily obtain them for free, which can end up like a pretty good deal when it all sums up. Yes, you will need some time to collect as many points as possible, but it will be worth it, and you can do it in your spare time. Besides that, check your rental car status, as some rental companies offer various packages, and by having a premium one, renting and finding a perfect vehicle for that special trip should not be a problem.

4. Cut the expenses

Traveling with kids means you will need to have a car seat for them because of their safety, and it is something none of us should neglect and avoid putting in the car. However, renting car seats together with a vehicle can be pretty expensive, and there is an option that the kid will not be happy with it, so it is a much better option to bring your own and simply put it in a car. The same thing is with GPS navigation systems, as they can be pretty useful, especially for people who travel to a foreign city, but they are also more expensive than they should and add up to a total sum. Not owning a GPS is not a problem, and there is no need to rent one as we can use maps on our mobile phones and find the desired location without problems.

5. Choose a reliable company

Source: best-car-rentals.com

Of course, choosing a trustworthy rental company is one of the most important things, but finding it can be pretty challenging and require research. There are a lot of them, and most people simply choose the one that is closest to the airport or bus station they have arrived, but it is necessary to know that rental companies in more popular locations usually have much higher prices, and because of that, it is better to avoid them. It is a much better solution to use the internet browser and check the reviews, compare prices of different companies, and choose the one that has the best offer that meets your requirements. Reading the reviews can show many other things, and we can realize whether a company is trustworthy enough, but it requires a lot of time. If you are in a hurry and do not have time to lose, visiting https://www.carngo.com/car-rental/usa-new-orleans-suv can solve all your problems.


Deciding which car to rent is never easy, and it can be even more difficult when we need one for our big happy family, as we need to find a vehicle big enough for all of them and safe enough not to worry about it. Luckily, thanks to reliable companies, it is not an impossible mission, and all we need to do is a little research and decide which vehicle meets our requirements. Keep in mind that besides the family members who need to have enough space to travel comfortably, we will need enough of it for their baggage, or we will end up on vacation with a lot of stress. We hope our tips make it much easier for you to pick the best company and vehicle and save some money without risking the safety of your family and you.