7 Reasons You Should Replace Old Windows With Aluminium Ones

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A pretty daunting discovery is to find out that not every window is made with the same quality in mind. But a large part has to do with the fact that different types of windows are made with different materials.

Such is the case for aluminum ones. Aluminum refers to the frame of the unit itself. Regardless of what type it is, whether it’s a double or triple grazing, the frames are made from some of the highest quality aluminum out there.

But why should you replace your old windows with aluminum ones? Is there anything particularly beneficial in doing so? In this article, we are going to hopefully answer all of your questions regarding aluminum window frames and why you should replace them.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

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1. Durability Issues

It’s safe to say that replacing windows is a pretty important thing. But the importance stems from the fact that they provide your home with tons of benefits. From providing safety to making sure no hot air escapes, windows are some of the most important parts of our home.

However, as we said, some are of higher quality than others. And such is the case for aluminum ones. It is said that they will stick around for more than three decades before something natural happens to them.

In addition to their longevity, they are the most durable option when it comes to it. Sure, they might cost more but they’re one of the best investments to make.

2. If They’re Old

The name of the article implies that your units are old and gradually decaying. If so, then there hasn’t been a better reason to replace them with new, aluminum ones.

There are various signs in place that can help you determine whether your windows need replacing or not. For instance, if you notice any signs of rot around the warping, then that’s one clear and obvious sign.

Chances are your windows are made with wooden frames. If that’s the case, then it can be pretty tricky to maintain their quality after several years. While there are ways to ensure longevity, a better and more financially sound option is to replace them with aluminum ones.

Since the material is virtually prone to rot, they will live longer than their wooden counterpart.

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3. If Your Energy Bill Is Constantly High

High energy bills are a clear sign you need to replace your windows with new, aluminum ones. Why is that? Well, a faulty window will constantly leak hot or cold air, depending on whether you’re heating the room or cooling.

This is a pretty serious issue as the constant air leak will force your heating/cooling system to produce more hot/cold air to maintain the standard.

The more it produces heat/cold, the more your energy bill will go on the rise. So, if you’re looking to put an end to this issue, then consider replacing your old windows with newer, aluminum ones.

For more information on why aluminum is best for your home, consider visiting this website.

4. If You Have A Hard Time Opening/Closing

Some units are simply manufactured to be a real nightmare when it comes to opening or closing. These windows, to put it bluntly, are bad for your home and will do no good.

Ideally, you’d want your windows to freely open and close. No one wants to wrestle Hulk Hogan just so they could open their windows.

But if this is really the case, then there are some serious things to consider. For example, imagine a fire broke out or any other type of emergency where you would need to escape through your windows.

How could you do it if your units have a hard time budging? These problems can really put your life at risk, so make the sensible move and replace them with aluminum ones.

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5. If You Need To Be Soundproof

It’s safe to say that the best units never let sound escape. Sure, some sound has to escape but there isn’t a better way to be soundproof than to replace your old windows.

Depending on the quality of the new units, sound escaping won’t be an issue anymore. Windows with aluminum frames are designed to be soundproof, so what better way to replace your old ones than with aluminum ones?

6. If They’re Leaky

Leaky units are a nightmare to deal with. Not only do they let light escape into your home, but they even let water too!

If this is the case, then you’re either dealing with faulty units or have gradually deteriorated. The only way this becomes a thing is if somehow moisture gets between the panels.

Unfortunately, this isn’t anything uncommon and windows suffer a lot from it. This is why it’s recommended that you pay more for higher quality, then pay less and have to deal with them later on.

And as it stands, aluminum units are made with the highest possible quality.

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7. If They Suffer From Corrosion

One thing we’d like to point out is that corrosion and aluminum are two things that will never happen. This is something that a lot of experts point out, and a lots of others say otherwise.

But one thing for certain is that aluminum units will last for decades. These are made using the highest quality materials and exceptional finishing that protects the units from some of the most extreme environments.

Hails and huge storms aren’t anything unusual in the United States, and they can wreak havoc to your property. Your windows are the first to suffer when this happens. Not only can they get damaged, but the excess water can cause corrosion.

In the case of using aluminum frames, this isn’t possible because of the exceptional finishing. Water might be problematic for various metals, but that’s not the case if you protect the metal in the first place.

So, these were our 7 reasons why you should replace your old windows. Make the sensible move as anything but having quality will compromise your finances and safety.