What to Consider When Replacing Exterior Doors

New exterior doors are likely to increase the value of your home through improved curb appeal. If you choose it smartly, your home will look luxurious and elegant, and people who pass there can use it as an example for their renovation plan. Also, if you make a bad choice, the front part of your house may look unattractive, making your house look cheap.

From architectural style to smaller details such as decorative glass or knocker, there is a myriad of ways you can change your basic exterior appearance into a grand entrance. Here are some aspects you want to consider when deciding how the entering part of your home will look after the remodeling. Check this link for more information.


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There are incredible designs, materials, textures, and patterns of exterior entrance solutions out there that you can opt for. From traditional wood to steel, there are different materials to fit your taste and budget.

Steel is and remains one of the most preferred materials for exterior doors, gates, and every other type of safe entrances to the house or apartment. It is affordable and is able to withstand harsh climatic conditions. It provides unparalleled durability and strength and doesn’t require a lot of time for maintenance and upkeep. You can include decorative glass inserts for the ultimate beauty of it.

If you need to enhance your home’s aesthetic beyond the norm, you should think about wood and Timber as a good option. You can opt for handcrafted wooden products that look more historic and rustic. However, with wooden doorways, you would need to repaint them every year to prevent them from warping and other weather caused damages. They offer excellent durability and energy efficiency. However, they are usually considerably priced, but there are wood types that most people can afford.

Fiberglass is found in different styles and doesn’t come with decorative glass inserts. Most of these types are designed to mimic real wood. They are also constructed to withstand harsh weather climates and don’t need a lot of maintenance. However, these options are highly-priced, and you will need to cash out a lot of money or save them for months to acquire one.

Beauty Is In The Details

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Before you choose any exterior door, there are some features you should look at:

  • Configurations– you can get entryways in any configuration you want. This enables you to make the most use and decoration of your doors. For instance, you can opt for a single or double entry. In the case of a double entry door, you will create twice the entry space. You can also include one or two sidelights to give an impression of a larger entry or allow more light to get into your foyer. This choice is practical, but it also looks nice and attractive.
  • Swing– General exterior doors are available as outswings (O/S) or Inswings (I/S) models. This simply refers to the direction it opens (outside or inside the house). However, this comes down to how your home built. Some homes are built to accommodate inswings while others are built for the door to open outwards. You need to check all the aspects before you make a purchase. If you can’t do it by yourself, you can always invite the installing experts who will estimate the possibilities and help you find the best option for you.
  • Handing- most people tend to confuse this with the swing. However, though they are interrelated, they are different. Door handing is the direction of the swing, meaning that it shows the way the door needs to be pushed or pulled, in order to be opened or closed.
  • Panel Type- opting for the right panel type and glass can be a great step in transforming your home’s general appearance. Exterior doors exist in all panel style or glass inserts.
  • Glass Options– the type of glass you go for can incorporate both performance and style into your home. You can opt for performance features such as impact-resistant glass if you are concerned with a storm. You can also choose Low-E glass to increase energy efficiency and offer improved UV protection. Some of the style aspects you would want to go for include blinds, decorative glass, or textured glass. All these features add more functionalities and privacy.

It is essential to understand all these features before you choose exterior windows for your home renovation project.

The importance of the nice house entry

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When someone comes to your house, they get the first impression by the entrance, so you may need to pay additional attention when you are choosing the type and design of it. It also should be suitable to the house style, so it won’t look funny or messy. Everyone who gets in or out of your home should pass this entrance, so when you’re planning your renovation budget, you may need to consider putting more money for the walls around the door, ornaments, handles, glass parts, lights, or even the color and texture.

Everyone who comes to your house should recognize where is the entryway. Also, you don’t need to put too many details, because heavier products are more prone to damages. It’s always a good idea to explore your options and make some deep research before you decide to renovate this part of your home.

You should never forget that people pay a lot of attention to the visual details, and that’s why it’s important to choose a nice designed gate that will open your personal world to the visitors you decide to let in.

You can also take one step further and design it on your own, so you can get a nice unique look, that will show how creative you are behind the walls of your house. Another option is to look for a custom design, that’s also a very popular choice between those who decide to change the whole appearance of their home, including the exterior.

We will only recommend you to avoid amateur services because even though they offer more competitive prices and deals, it’s always a smarter choice to hire someone who is the best in their job. Your entrance is the signature of your home’s identity, so you should never underestimate the importance of this detail. The door contains the DNA of the house or apartment, and you need to find the best service around you who will install it and help you personalize the outdoors.

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The final thing you can do is to put some plants and flowers on the sides, choose a nice entry mat, and of course, install proper lighting. It may not be easy and cheap, but it’s really effective to try and make something different.