How Often Should You Resurface Your Pool? – 2024 Guide


The first association with the pool is fun and relaxation. It is a favorite part of all members of the household. How could it not be? Owning a pool has a number of advantages, and each advantage relates to spending quality free time while enjoying your home. However, after a while, it starts to collect dirt and the material loses its original shine. The whole look of it changes over time, but don’t allow yourself to completely abandon it by leaving it in that state.

When you notice the first wear and tear symptoms, it’s time to renew surface. You will do it very simply, it is enough to regularly conduct resurface. Most people don’t really know how often they should do this. If you belong to this group of people, don’t worry because we have the answer you are looking for. To find out all about this, keep reading and find out in the rest of the text.

When should you start the process?


As we mentioned earlier, you will see signs of deterioration and you will know it is time for repairs. This means that traces will appear on it that indicate surface damage at best. Then you will have to take certain steps. However, there are a few more reasons you need to consider as clear warnings. For example, cold weather. Of course, this applies to all outdoor ones located in the yard.

If it is a pool like this, it is quite logical that you will not swim in it at fairly low temperatures. So, it will not be in function until the weather is warmer. It is an ideal opportunity to refresh it. The project will take you only two weeks of work, which means that winter is a great period. So you will have a perfectly prepared it for the summer. You should also consider this process if you notice color loss. This happens due to stains from minerals, chemicals, etc.

The identical thing is with visible damage to the material. If you don’t fix this it can only expand and do even more damage. However, there are still a lot of external influences that can affect your pool, so pay attention.

Factors to consider before you start with the resurface


In the previous part of the text, we made it clear to you how good the surface resource is for your pool. We have also listed the factors that tell you that you should take action as soon as possible. However, there are also items to consider if you opt for a pool resurface. Pay attention to the following few items: topcoat material, steps to be taken during this process, general surface types.

So, regardless of the fact that this process is one of the basic items that are included in the maintenance of the pool, keep in mind that each one is different. Today we can find a large number of different materials, designs, shapes, surfaces, etc. This means that each of them requires a different approach. You need to know this before you start any work.

How often should we repeat this procedure?


First of all, your surface must always be smooth and clean. If this is constantly on your mind, you will easily notice when its condition changes. However, if you want to know the specific time frame then it will depend on several factors. As we mentioned earlier, each one is specific because it is made of a different material, among other things.

Thus, the nature of the material is the first factor to consider. For example, your pool installation involves cement and plaster. Be prepared to repeat the surface refresh every few years, up to a maximum of 7. On the other hand, if you opt for materials that are known for a longer lifespan, you will not have to repeat this process for up to 15 years, which is a really long period.

Other factors


Of course, there are other factors such as external influences. So some of them can speed up this period and get refreshed earlier. So be careful with chemicals, try to clean it regularly and keep algae and other things out of the pool. Also, sometimes pay attention to its surface to notice the damage. It would not be bad to do a detailed search for a while to be 100% sure.

Do-it-yourself project or expert help?


Although this project does not require overly demanding steps, it carries with it a great deal of responsibility. We are not sure how smart it is to play with water in this case. Why do we say that? We are telling you this precisely because you can hardly stop the huge amount of water when it starts to pour out. The consequences are very unpleasant, because a flooded yard or its damage is not a pleasant sight. The thing is, if you make a mistake in a project like this, you risk this happening to you.

A mistake like this will cost you a lot. This refers to the water from the pool that will leak if the pool leaks because you did not do a good job. However, even if you do everything right, you will not be able to do it yourself. It takes at least two people who will need up to 24 hours of work to do everything. This applies to those with smaller pools, and when it comes to larger ones it means twice as many people and jobs. So, perhaps experts are still the best choice in this case. Visit and find out what professionals can do for you.


So, this process is very important when we speak about working life of it. This way, your pool will last for decades. Although the average lifespan is about three decades, you can significantly extend it with responsible behavior. The surface resource is a project that is rarely done and represents a maximum of two weeks of work.

It’s like a small effort compared to what you can achieve. We hope you have found the answer to your question and that you have read useful information that can help you maintain the pool.