5 Best Retractable Dog Leash For Large Dogs – a 2024 Buying Guide

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I have an active Belgian Malinois that loves sniffing around and exploring different areas while we’re outside. In the past, it was really daunting and difficult for me to control him, especially when he sees or smells something interesting and starts pulling. But, this all stopped when I discovered the wonders of retractable leashes.

However, since you most likely have an oversized canine breed, the leash you choose to buy must be enduring and secure, and with so many options available both offline and online, you may be feeling a bit confused when it comes to what you could select. To make things simpler for you, here is our list of the top five retractable leashes for big pups, as well as what you should consider when browsing through the options:

Top 5 Choices to Pick From

1. “Classic Nylon Tape by Flexi”

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Price: $33

A tape leash is more durable, which is why you should choose this traditional nylon tape offered by Flexi. This particular option comes in various dimensions, implying that you’ll be able to find something that suits your pup’s weight and height. It has a braking system, meaning that you could always press it and prevent your furry companion from moving too far from you. Now, you must know, that the only drawback to this alternative is that the hole for the hands is smaller, thus, it may not be appropriate for individuals with larger hands.

2. “Nylon Tape by Tug”

Price: $20

Next on this list is an alternative coming from Tug, a 16-foot retractable gadget that is fitting for pups weighing up to 100 pounds. The handhold has a texture, thus, it won’t drop while you’re utilizing it, and the locking button can be easily and effortlessly pressed by thumb, making it simpler to handle your canine. One thing that a lot of users don’t like about it is that the leash could be nibbled on easily, so, if your pup loves tugging on it while taking a walk, it may not be appropriate for you.

3. “Reflective Retractable Leash By Kong”

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Price: $28

Though you may know Kong by their amazing toys, they also manufacture some amazing leashes that you should consider buying for your big pup. It comes in 2 sizes – medium and big – and when compared to other options, the medium size allows you to utilize it for a 65-pound pup. It’s a really good option, however, you should know that the braking and locking system is a bit hard to reach, which suggests that you may not be capable of preventing your pup from moving forward as quickly as you want.

4. “Tangle-Free Lightweight Leash by Peteast”

Price: $30

Peteast assured that you gain the most out of the leash they offer, and with it, you’ll be capable of easily and quickly latching the system, you won’t need to stress about the tape getting entangled. It’s also completely lightweight, indicating that your kids could utilize it as well! The retractable dog leash by Peteast has other features as well – like lifelong tech support – and if you wish to find out more about it, you should click here.

5. “Large Nylon Retractable Leash by Thunderleash”

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Price: $40

Last on our list is an option that is a mixture of pull-deterrence and training elements, which is why the cost is a bit higher for this alternative. Now, this is the shortest option we’ve mentioned so far, however, it could be utilized for greater breeds, particularly for pups that still need to be trained. It’s worth noting that the tape will get tangled relatively easily and quickly, so, if this is a concern for you, you should pick something else.

Several Elements to Think About

Before we conclude this article, there are a few factors that we must mention, especially since you’ll have to consider them while browsing through the options that you have. By doing so, you could make sure that the leash is simple to operate, but more importantly, you’ll guarantee that your puppy remains safe while outside. Hence, before making an investment, you must think about the following factors:

  1. The Length – the primary advantage of this factor is that your pup will be capable of being further away from your position, however, you must consider the length of it, mostly because you must make sure that you see your pup while outside. The lengths will range from 10 to 25 feet, and the measurement you choose will rely on your preferences.
  2. The Weight – another important consideration is the weight capability. As we’ve mentioned throughout our article, different options will sustain different weights and there is no standard size. Because of this, you must check the max weight before choosing something so that you could ensure security.
  3. The Locking System – trust me, you don’t want this system to be complex and daunting to utilize, primarily since there may be situations when you have to react quickly. Thus, if there is one crucial thing that you should remember from this list of considerations, it’s that the locking system must be simple to use.
  4. The Design of The Grip – lastly, you must think about the design of the grip. For instance, some are textured which makes it simpler for you to hold and manage, while others may have a smaller hole, meaning that you may not be able to utilize them if your hands are larger. Also, you must guarantee that it’s comfy to hold it since this will allow you to utilize it without issues.


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As you could see, there is a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing a retractable leash. Nevertheless, if you opt for following the tips we’ve mentioned above, you won’t have issues with determining which leash from our list is the most suitable for your furry friend, and more importantly, you’ll make sure that they’re safe while outside.

Since you’ve now learned which are a few of the best options available for bigger canine species, as well as what you must consider, don’t lose time reading articles similar to this one. Instead, you should determine what you need, and from there, start looking for a leash that’ll suit the needs that you have!