Rome Bucket List: 5 Epic Things to Do and See in Rome


The promise that most of us have made for the new year is that we will travel more and visit many more places than we did in 2024. It is because of this promise that the focus needs to be on visiting as many places as possible this year. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The world is big, there are many places that are interesting to visit, so it is good to make your own list of places to visit.

All you have to do is choose which part of the world you will travel to and travel from. It could be America, Asia, Europe, or Australia. We would recommend you to focus on Europe and European destinations because there is so much to visit and you can really enjoy the offer that exists in countries and cities across Europe. If you are already starting to make plans for which destinations you will visit in Europe, it would be good to put the beautiful Rome on the list of destinations you will visit, which really has a lot to offer for the tourists who will visit it.


Rome is the capital of Italy, a country located in southern Europe. Italy as a country is full of history and locations that can be visited, and especially in Rome, there is much to visit. Rome also offers a wide range of wonderful Italian specialties that can be tasted in one of the wonderful Italian traditional restaurants that are scattered throughout the city. In this city you can enjoy the entertainment, you can see many young people as well as tourists from all over the world, but above all, we must emphasize that you can enjoy what the city has to offer from a historical point of view. Interesting isn’t it? Speaking of Rome and what it has to offer, it’s good to give you some directions on what to visit and how to make the most of your time in Rome. In addition, we bring you a Bucket List with Epic Things to Do and see in Rome during your trip. So let’s see together what suggestions we have for you.

1. The Colosseum is a symbol of Rome that you must visit

The great arena for battles and great performances or historically known as the Colosseum is the symbol of Italy and Rome that must be visited by every tourist who comes. The Colosseum is the place where a number of historical events and happenings took place, and that is why it is of great importance. It consists of several parts for which special visits are organized, and one of the parts that is most interesting for tourists is the underground part of the arena for which the interest is huge and you can check this website if you want to see and hear more about this section. The Colosseum is both mystical and interesting, so we think it is worth a visit.

2. Visit one of the restaurants with wonderful traditional Italian food


In the center of Rome as well as near the big promenades there are a number of small and large restaurants that have a great offer of traditional food. Italian cuisine is a favorite for each of us because it abounds in a mixture of interesting flavors that we enjoy, so it is worth visiting one of the restaurants and face the unique flavors of traditional Italian pizza, lasagna, pasta, and many other flavors. This is a suggestion that you must not exclude from your list.

3. The Trevi Fountain is also a location you must not forget

If anything is a symbol of Rome and is a site with a huge attendance then it is the Trevi Fountain. Everyone who visits Rome comes here and is convinced of the uniqueness and beauty of this location. This location especially captivates with its beauty during the spring and summer when many people come here, take photos and throw a coin in the fountain imagining a wish. Behind this fountain, there are a number of stories and events that are worth knowing, and you will have such an opportunity only if you visit it.

4. Take a panoramic view of the whole city


When you come to Rome you will find a very large number of tour offers that are made throughout the city. The tours include visits to historical sites, but also a panoramic tour of the city along with a guide who shares interesting details and information about the Italian capital throughout the tour. These visits are often made by special tourist buses that run through some of the most unique and beautiful locations in Rome in order to present the city and its beauty in the best possible way. Therefore, we think it would be good to take these tours into account when making your to-do list when visiting Rome.

5. Vatican museums, as well as churches, are destinations in Rome that you should keep in mind

As we all know the Vatican is a state that is the center of Roman Catholicism located in the heart of Rome. The Vatican is located within the city itself and within the territories, there are a number of museums, churches, and squares that are worth visiting. Behind each of the locations, behind each of the museums and churches in the Vatican, there is a story from a historical aspect that will interest and intrigue every tourist, and we believe it will be the same with you. So plan your time and include the Vatican in it as a perfect suggestion when visiting Italy.

Planning is much easier when you have specific suggestions. We know that and that is why we have given you some suggestions that you will surely like. So prepare your appliances, maps and the most important little things that you will need while walking and get ready to get acquainted with the beauties of the capital of Italy – Rome.