Why Get a Roof Replacement Over a Roof Repair?

Every homeowner knows that there comes a time when you need to check the roof and repair or replace it before it is too late. If you just bought a new house, the previous owners may tell you that the roof is in a mint condition, but until an expert checks it, you can never be too sure. Some people believe that you don’t have to tend to this part of the house until there is visible damage, but the reality is, if you wait for it to start leaking to fix it, you will have to spend a lot more money than if you maintain it regularly. If the time has come for you to tend to your ceiling, you are probably wondering if a replacement is better than to repair it and why that is.

To help you out with your question, and to give you the answers you didn’t know you needed, we created this article. Here you can read all about the advantages, disadvantages and why the former is better than the latter. Read this article if you want to be able to make a better decision that will affect not only your budget but also your family’s safety and security.

What is your long-term plan?

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The first thing you need to think about is your plan for the current house. If you are planning on moving in the next few months to a year, then this is the only situation in which repairment may be a slightly better option. However, know that if you put a brand-new roof, the value of your home will rise, so you will be able to sell it for a lot more money than just random patches on the ceiling.

In case you plan on living in the same place for the next 5, 10, or 20+ years, then you should not think at all. This decision is a no-brainer because if you decide to just patch things up, you will have to revisit the issue in a year or two maximum. It is better to invest now, get things done properly, and have a roof in the perfect condition that will last for more than a decade or two.

Overall apparel

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The next reason why you should consider a replacement instead of repair is the overall apparel of your home. When we invest in changing things fully, it is going to look far better than just making things work for a few months.

For example, if the walls in your home are dirty or damaged, are you going to just put another layer of paint just about the places that are dirty, or are you going to repaint the whole room? The same goes for the thing that protects your whole home. When you invest in better roofing, you will improve the whole image of your house, it is going to look aesthetic and you will be proud of it. No matter how good the exterior or the garden look, if your covering looks bad, dirty, and patched, the whole space will look bad.


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The decision about the replacement or repair should also be based on the damage to the roof. According to advancedroofingprostowson.com, if you have serious damage, then you need to replace the whole area. When you just fix things on the go, you will not save any money, but instead, you will risk putting bad materials or things that won’t work together, and that will end up leaking again.

In case you’ve experienced more serious damage, or if there is a hole on the ceiling, it is best to get the whole thing replaced. When you calculate the costs, you will realize that when you invest a bit more money at the beginning, you are actually saving funds in the long run.

Energy efficiency

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Have you noticed that your home is getting really warm during the summer, and you cannot seem to heat it during the winter? If your utility bills are getting higher every year, and if it seems like you are not doing anything different than the past, the reason why that’s happening is the bad insulation.

You may spend thousands of dollars to insulate the attic and the exterior walls, but if your roof is bad and damaged, nothing will keep the temperature in your home. Invest in a better ceiling and change it completely if you want to notice the difference in the space and the bills.

When you replace the roof, it will not let the hot air in, and vice versa, in the cold months, you won’t have to crank the heating up all the time to get to a reasonable temperature.


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Last but not least, you should think about your budget. One thing you need to remember is to calculate all the costs, not just the initial money you need to spend.
When you just look at things as black and white, you may think that repairment is better than replacement, but you won’t calculate the costs for the energy efficiency, materials, possible leakages, and value of the home.

When you invest just a little bit more to have the whole ceiling changed, you will realize that you are saving money in the long run. So, it is better to find a way and replace the roof now, than to patch it up every six months and pray that it won’t leak during the autumn months and the winter.

These are some of the things why it is better to change everything up than to just make some minor fixes here and there. However, the final decision is yours alone. If you believe that the damage is not excessive, and you think that there is no reason for you to replace everything, then go with it.

Just know that you need to have your house inspected before you make your decision. Consult with a professional service and ask them to check the whole roof and all of the materials. If you don’t trust them or if you think they will just ask for more money, then ask for a second opinion. Remember that you are doing this for you and your family. Stay safe and secure, and know that the roof is as important as the foundations.