Top 10 Safety Features For Teen Drivers To Look For – 2024 Guide

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If your teenager has recently learned how to drive, then undoubtedly, you might have safety concerns for them. This is a very natural phenomenon, and every parent goes through this phase.

The chances of a teenager falling prey to accidents is quite high. The legal procedures are quite tricky to deal with and thus, if your teenager is a part of an accident, you can reach out to Finz & Finz, P.C. for a speedy solution. Most of the cars available now come with outstanding safety innovations, which are perfect for teenage drivers. Thus, when buying a car, it is recommended to make sure that the safety features as mentioned in this article, are present.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control Or Acc

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Adaptive cruise control is a very advanced safety feature that is designed to prevent human error while driving. ACC uses a combination of radar sensors which helps in keeping your vehicle at a distance from the vehicle in front of you.

If the driver is driving at the cruise control maximum speed, the ACAC system helps keep distance from the vehicle in front. When the system senses impending accidents, it uses the AEB system in the car to reduce the speed or to completely stop the car.

2. Automatic Emergency Braking Or An Aeb

The most common problem among young drivers is tractor driving. This mostly happens when drivers use their mobile phones while they are driving. The automatic emergency braking system is designed to avoid any mishaps that might happen to tackle this situation.

In the event of an accident, this feature will alert the driver with an alarm. Sometimes instead of an alarm, this feature vibrates seats or steering wheels. If the driver cannot apply the brakes quickly, then the system will automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

3. Dynamic Brake Support Or Cash Imminent Braking

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These days more and more vehicles have automatic brakes to help the drivers in case of a serious collision. The dynamic brake support or crash imminent braking feature helps the driver by automatically applying brakes. This feature comes handy if the system detects the braking pressure of the driver isn’t enough to stop the vehicle on time. Further, if the driver cannot apply the brakes completely on time, then this feature will automatically apply brakes to avoid accidents.

4. Forward Collision Warning

Forward collision warning is one of the most successful driving assistant systems. It can successfully avoid innumerable accidents that might happen due to driver error or distracted driving. This feature uses a combination of lasers, radar and video cameras to alert the driver when something is in front of their vehicle, and they are getting closer to it.

If the driver fails to respond on time, the automatic emergency braking system quickly responds and reduces the speed or stops the car if needed.

5. Adaptive Headlights

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If your teen child has recently learned how to drive, they might be insisting on letting them go on a night drive with friends for camping. We know exactly why you are hesitant to say yes to them. Improperly lit roads or dark corners are generally the common accident spots. However, with Adaptive headlights, you can stop worrying about this problem.

The adaptive headlights are linked with the steering systems. The headlights turn in the direction the steering wheel is turning so that the driver can see where the vehicle is turning clearly. This feature is perfect for teen drivers and even rural areas.

6. Blind-spot Detection

Blind spots are those areas that are not visible to the driver. Experienced drivers are well aware of such spots, and they take necessary precautions; however, new drivers don’t have proper experience and knowledge about these spots. Blindspot detection is the perfect technology to remove these blind spots completely.

This feature uses a combination of lasers and video cameras to keep an eye on the blind spots. If the system senses something, it alerts the driver so that they know the presence of another vehicle before they change the lane.

7. Lane-keeping System Or Lane Departure Warning

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This system is again perfect for new drivers or distracted drivers. A Lane-keeping system or Lane departure warning uses a combination of lasers and cameras to keep an eye on the lane markings on the road.

If the system senses that the car is leaving its lane, it will quickly alert the driver with lights, vibrations or alarms. Sometimes the system even vibrates the seat to alert the driver.

8. Rearview Cameras

Do not confuse this system with the backup cameras; both of them are different. The backup cameras generally have a limited area of vision, while the rearview camera has a more comprehensive view. The real few cameras use wide-angle lenses, which makes a comprehensive view possible. This system helps the driver to see what is behind their vehicles.

9. The Pressure Monitoring System

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One of the most common problems that teen drivers face is that they cannot detect the air pressure in the tires. The pressure monitoring system uses sensors to keep track of the air pressure in the tires. If the air pressure in the tires is less than the required level, it signals the driver with lights or alarms so that the driver can respond accordingly.

10. Facial Recognition Software

The last system on the list is facial recognition software. This is one of the most advanced systems. The system monitors the awareness of the timer using facial recognition technology. This can detect when the driver is distracted with the help of facial recognition technology.

The system will quickly respond to the problem and then alerts the driver with alarms and lights. This technology is perfect for new drivers who get distracted very easily. Sometimes this system also vibrates steering wheels and seats to alert the driver.


Efforts have been continuously made to enhance driver safety by introducing new and advanced safety features. However, no system can guarantee a hundred percent accuracy.

It is the responsibility of the driver to stay away and stay focused on the road while driving. Hence, make sure that your teenager takes proper training before sitting behind the wheels.