Practical Safety Tips for Escorts


When you first start working as an escort you should be looking for practical safety tips that are going to keep you safe and in control at all times.

Trusting your gut instincts

Trusting your gut instincts is a great place to start, however, if you are new to the escort world and need some practical safety tips that you can implement into your professional life as an escort in Sydney, then please feel free to keep reading.

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Safety first


Your primary concern should always be your very own safety, if you ever feel that you are in danger or there is something not quite right about a particular situation, then make sure you have a safety plan in place.

Women are raised to be polite

Unfortunately, most females are raised to be polite in society and tend to ignore or shut down their instincts, however, when your work as an escort in big cities around Australia such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, you need to do the exact opposite.

Leave immediately


If you find yourself in a situation that is less than ideal, you should immediately ask the clients to leave immediately, or simply leave yourself. If you are in danger, or you can see a particular situation escalating that will lead you into danger, then immediately remove yourself, and don’t feel bad about it! Don’t worry if you feel that you may offend someone, when it comes to your personal safety, that type of thinking should not even enter into the equation. Just Leave!!

Have safety strategies in place

Before you start work as an escort in Australia, it is always highly advisable to have safety strategies in place that will keep you safe. Researching as much as possible on the internet and by chatting with escorts, if possible, is the best way for you to compile a list of safety strategies that you can call and depend upon if need be.

Let someone know where you are


Letting someone know where you are at all times when you work as an escort is highly advisable. Most escorts work on their own, which puts may put them in harm’s way, so by letting someone you can trust know where you are at all times, may help to keep you safe.

This person can be someone who can trusted that they will provide support if needed. It could be a friend, another escort or a family member.

Someone who can pull you from danger

Try and select a friend or a member of your family who can come to your aid quickly, preferably someone who is reliable and can pull you from danger and alert authorities if need be. Make sure you choose someone who is available during your hours of work. If they live further away, make sure that they have a car so that they can come to your aid quickly.

Inform clients that you are not alone


When clients think that you are on your own and in a vulnerable position, they may be more inclined to take advantage of you, so make sure that you let certain clients know that are not behaving appropriately that you have a security person who knows where you are at all times, what clients have arrived, how long they stayed and when they left.

If clients don’t believe you

If clients don’t believe that you have a security person to winch you to safety if need be, ask the client if they would like to speak directly to your support person, that way you will be able to prove your point immediately and hopefully scare them enough to stop or leave.

Make friends with other escorts


If possible, if you ever have the chance to make friends with other escorts, make sure that you snap up the opportunity! Having friends who are escorts can be extremely invaluable, as you may learn plenty of helpful hints and tips that may help you to stay safe.

Stay in contact with other escorts when you work

Staying in contact with at least one other escort each and every time you work is highly advisable. You can form a buddy system with them, especially if they are working the same days and hours.

Communicate with your escort buddy


Communicate with your escort buddy throughout the day by sending simple text messages. Let each other know that you are safe and not in any danger after each client arrives and leaves.

Use simple codes to communicate

Use simple codes to communicate with each other, try the letter ”A” for arrived and the letter “L” for left. If you are having a problem and need your support person to call you immediately, type the letter “P” and if you are in complete danger and need your support person to call the hotel security or the authorities, send the letter “D” for danger.

Have extensive conversations with your escort buddy

Make sure that you and your escort buddy have had extensive and thorough conversations prior to working as an escort. knowing beforehand exactly what you would like the other do for you in an event of danger, that way you will both be clear about instructions.


Always trust your instincts when working as an escort in Australia, it’s one of the most powerful tools that humans are naturally equipped with! Make sure you do your homework prior to working as an escort and make sure that you implement safety strategies that are helpful and lifesaving.

Let clients know that are behaving badly, and that you have a security person in place that you can alerted if need be.

Always let someone know where you are and if you are safe throughout the day. Try and make friends with other escorts and be there for each as a buddy system. If in doubt regarding your safety, leave immediately and alert authorities straight away.

Stay Safe!