4 Things You Need to Know About Sailing In Croatia

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Imagine a summer vacation where you are woken up by rocking waves and playing with dolphins. You start the day by jumping into the crystal blue water, anchored in the beautiful bay where you spent the night. Have you traveled with the help of the wind so far? If your answer is no – then sailing in Croatia is something you must experience. This country has so many natural beauties and over a thousand islands.

Croatia Is A Rare Pearl For All Lovers Of Nautical Tourism

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Croatia is located at the crossroads between east and west, Central Europe and the southern Mediterranean. This country is rich in natural beauty – and has a large number of islands that are the most serious competitive advantage of Croatia, compared to other destinations. The Croatian coast and the part of the Adriatic Sea to which Croatia exits are considered the second cleanest sea in Europe. That fact already tells you a lot about the quality of vacation you can spend here. Mild Mediterranean climate with warm summers and moderately cold winters favors the development of tourism – and is not surprising the growing number of visitors who choose to spend their vacations sailing Croatia. When we talk about the tourist offer of Croatia, it is very diverse – and in recent years nautical tourism is especially popular. In this regard, the most important Croatian touristic regions are Istria, Kvarner region, Dalmatia – but also Dubrovnik, along with the islands of the southern Adriatic.

Sailing In Croatia

People who love active holidays will always tell you that sailing is something worth living for. It’s not just enjoyment, but it’s becoming a passion. The feeling of freedom while you are on the open sea and enjoying the crystal clear sea – can ot be replaced by anything. Sailing is also quite an activity. It’s something like camping or scouting – just in the middle of the sea. Anyone who has ever experienced something like this knows that it is a real pleasure – and you will compensate for the luxury of hotel restaurants with good company, contact with nature, and countless adventures. Using yacht charter Croatia and being on a sailboat – you will have everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

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However, if you have not experienced something like this before, you need to know some facts. So, here are 4 things you need to know about sailing in Croatia.

1. Sailing in Croatia is good for beginners

Croatian waters and coast are almost ideal for beginner or intermediate sailors. Namely, the Croatian coast is disjointed and has many islands that can serve as a natural protection and shelter from the winds on the high seas. The waters are crystal clear, the waves are not extremely high – so sailing is really a real pleasure. This region of the Adriatic Sea is ideal for beginners in sailing because the winds are almost ideal for it – neither too strong nor too weak. However, winds such as the Bura and the Jugo, which are characteristic of this area – can sometimes create stressful situations for sailors. Fortunately, a large number of bays, as well as marinas – will provide you with good shelter in case these winds blow.

2. What time do you choose to sail in Croatia?

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Although the official season for all nautical lovers starts in March, we don’t believe that this is the ideal timing – because the sea is still cold, so you can’t swim and enjoy swimming and diving. Although the nice weather here lasts almost until the end of October, we can still say that it is best to come in the season: somewhere between June and September. However, you must keep in mind that the prices in the season are the highest. According to Angelina Yachtcharter, during March and April, beginners should avoid sailing because this is the season when the Bura can hit harder – and that is not something we would recommend to beginners. Those slightly more experienced sailors know that it is best to come in the preseason and postseason. Namely, then the wind is good enough for a nice voyage – and it is not too strong and it will not cause you any trouble.

3. Sailing permits

When sailing on the Croatian coast, you must take into account the observance of laws and applicable regulations. Namely, according to the current law – at least one person on a sailboat must have a navigation license. In case you do not want to hire a skipper, you must have valid licenses – but also some sailing experience. Navigation permits are managed by the port authority in Croatia, but if you come from a foreign country – you must check whether your permit is valid in Croatia. Keep in mind that Croatia has strict laws on this issue, so make sure you have all the necessary documentation in advance.

4. Where Is The Best Place To Sail In Croatia?

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The Croatian coast is ideal for sailing, but most nautical enthusiasts like to explore the Croatian islands. Hvar, Vis, Losinj, Brac, Korcula – these are ideal places you can explore when sailing the Croatian coast. In addition, it is worth visiting places like Zadar and Split areas. In this area are the Kornati Islands, but also other fantastic places. In general, the islands are far more beautiful than the mainland – and they are the essence of the idea of ​​sailing.

The Bottom Line

If you are a sailing fan, then Croatia will be the right choice for you. Of course, boat prices vary depending on capacity, equipment, age, etc. However, you should keep in mind that an average of 6-10 people go on a sailboat – so it doesn’t necessarily always have to be expensive.That’s why sailing around the islands, enjoying the crystal clear water, and having fun can be an ideal choice for the summer of 2024.