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How Much Is Sara Blakely Worth?

Sara Blakely Net Worth: Most of Sara Blakely’s net worth and the money she has earned comes from being a businesswoman. Today, Sara Blakely’s net worth is estimated to be close to $1 billion dollars

Sara Blakely’s salary and income per year can vary depending on multiple undertakings as an owner and entrepreneur.

Sara Blakely Net Worth
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Sara Blakely Net Worth:

$1 Billion

Net Worth:$1 Billion
Real Name:Sara Treleaven Blakely
Date of Birth:27 February 1971
Age, How Old:48 Years Old
Place of Birth:Clearwater,
Florida, United States
How Tall, Height:5ft 6in (1.67 m)
Last Update:2020

Sara Blakely is a 48-year-old American businesswoman from Atlanta, Georgia. The 5ft 6in (1.67 m) tall was born on February 27, 1971.

Early Life: Sara Treleaven Blakely was born in Clearwater, Florida where she attended school at Clearwater High School and got a hold of communication degree from Florida State University.

Her family members include her mother Ellen (an artist), her father John Blakely (trial attorney) and her brother Ford Blakely, who is an artist to ours knowing.

Blakely initially started by her career by taking regular jobs, she has worked at Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida) for a couple of months and additionally filled in as a stand-up comedian for some time. Although she wanted to become an attorney like her dad.

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Her next move was taking a job in sales for an office supply company called ‘Danka’ based in Florida, her job role was to sell copiers, printers and fax machines door-to-door.

Blakely did quite well and was appointed as a national sales coach at the age of 25. Blakely had to wear pantyhose for her sale role with open-toed shoes that she disliked and especially the appearance of her seamed foot.

But later she discovered that pantyhose could eliminate panty lines completely and make a body seem firmer.

So, she experimented with wearing her pantyhose under another pair of slacks and tested by removing the feet of her pantyhose. However, she likewise accomplished the ideal outcome.

Blakely then migrated to Atlanta, Georgia with her idea of creating unique hosiery, she had $5,000 in savings from her job at ‘Danka’. She pitched her idea to hosiery mill companies in North Carolina where she was rejected by every agent.

Followingly, a man (mill operator) from Asheboro, North Carolina contacted her to offer her help in favor of her idea, the man was given consolation from his three daughters who liked Blakely’s idea.

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After finalizing her product, Blakely then patented the model with a patent attorney for $750 and submitted her application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Blakely trademarked the name ‘Spanx‘ for $150 dollars.

Blakely later convinced a representative of Neiman Marcus (Department store chain) the benefits of her product and as a result, it was sold in seven of their stores. She even had a basket of products dispatched as a gift to Oprah Winfrey’s show.

Looking at Blakely’s progressive endeavors of running her business, she got help from her boyfriend too in her early developing stages.

She made her innovation known to her friends and acquaintances by contacting them and letting them know her products are available for sale at selected retail chains.

Blakely’s endeavors as a sales trainer in ‘Danka’ finally came to an end when she achieved significant praises and deals that didn’t seem to stop. Her Spanx product was even named by Oprah Winfrey as her “Favorite Thing“.

In its first year of deals, Spanx made $4 million in sales and topped its earnings in the subsequent year by $10 million. In 2001, Blakely sold 8,000 sets of her product in just six minutes by signing a deal with the home shopping channel ‘QVC’.

When did Sara Blakely become a billionaire?

As a 41-year-old, Sara Blakely later became a self-made female billionaire in 2012. Considering her achievements, Forbes titled her as the 93rd most powerful woman in the world in 2014.

In 2015, Blakely and her better half ‘Jesse Itzler’ participated in a group led by Tony Ressler for the purchase of professional basketball team Atlanta Hawks for $850 million in 2015.

Blakely also participated in many projects that she was presented with; she competed second as a contestant on the show The Rebel Billionaire (2005) and was also a judge on ABC’s American Inventor.

She was also a guest investor of Shark Tank (seasons 9, 10) and appeared for the reality TV show Billions (season 3).


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Blakely propelled help to ladies for perusing entrepreneurial training through a non-profit organization called the Sara Blakely Foundation.

The Foundation was supported by businessman Richard Branson, and the team of the show — The Rebel Billionaire, handed her with a surprising $750,000 check to start.

Personal Life:

Sara Blakely is a proud mother of four children with husband ‘Jesse Itzler’ who is the co-founder of Marquis Jet, prior to their grand marriage the couple dated for a while.

Blakely now follows ‘Judaism’ the religion of Jewish people.

To conclude, Sara Blakely’s net worth is estimated at $1 billion dollars.


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5th Oct 2019: Sara Blakely revealed that she turned into the owner of the iconic outfit that was worn by actress Olivia Newton-John during a song filmed in the movie ‘Grease’ (1978).

She told CBS: This Morning —— “I have been the biggest fan of Olivia since I was a little girl and since Grease came out.” “My friends called me two days before the auction and I didn’t know it was happening. She told me they’re putting the pants up, and the outfit, for charity. And I thought ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to try to get these.’ “ “I’m gonna frame them and hang them at Spanx,” “We have black faux-leather leggings and they have become a cult following and they were inspired off of Olivia’s pants. She is the OG of black leggings, I had to own them as the Spanx founder.”

Sara Blakely is a big fan of actress Olivia and she even invited her to sing at her wedding ceremony. She bid $162,500 for the pants and an additional $243,200 for the leather jacket that Olivia had worn. Blakely had to shell out $405,700 for the total outfit and was excited about it.

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