How To Save Money By Actively Saving Water – 2024 Guide


An average household pays around $70 per month for the water that is used. In total, this means around $840 every single year. Statistics are even worse in smaller towns because water meters are not installed. In the event that a flat fee is not charged for the water used, it is very easy to end up overpaying for water that you do not even use.

While we do not normally think about how much money we pay for water, we should be aware of it, especially because 18% of the electricity we use comes from water heaters and electricity plants that actually use water in one way or another.

Fortunately for all of us, there are many different ways in which we can save money by reducing water usage. Let’s just take a look at some that are very effective right now, according to specialists from Fix It Right Plumbing.

Fixing Dripping Faucets

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The big problem when you have a dripping faucet is the fact that you pay for water that is not actually used. This is actually very common because of the fact that many homeowners simply neglect dripping faucets when the drip is small.

What you might not be aware of is that when the faucet just loses 10 drips per minute, you end up losing around 350 gallons of water every single year. If the leak is faster, much more is wasted and everything comes out of your pocket. Fix the faucet as soon as possible and replace it whenever necessary.

Do Not Overflow The Swimming Pool

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When you have a swimming pool, you surely appreciate the experience. However, a very common mistake is to fill the pool right to the top. Think about the fact that a regular swimming pool of 12 by 24 feet and a depth of 4 feet needs around 8,600 gallons of water to fill. When you go right to the top, much water is lost because of splashing as people get in. If you just fill it to a slightly lower point, your water bills are instantly reduced since you do not lose water.

Fix Common Toilet Problems

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One thing that many do not know is that a toilet uses around 25% of all the water you utilize every single day. This sums up to a lot of water so it is not at all difficult to realize that leaky toilets will quickly make your utility bills very high. As an example, the average toilet leak will waste around 300 gallons every day.

When you think that the toilet leaks, you have to check the flush valve system. There is a flapper at the bottom that has to create a completely watertight seal. When this does not happen, leaking starts. Fortunately, the fix is very easy. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not even realize that there is a leak because no sound appears to signal it.

Change Your Lawn Care Routine

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You surely want to make sure that your lawn looks as stunning as possible but it is very common to see people overdo this. For instance, did you know that when you water the lawn counts? You should water between 6 AM and 10 AM since the temperature is lower. As a result, you have to deal with less evaporation.

Watering can start when rainwater is not enough, usually at least one inch every week. However, when rainfall came and the yard is healthy, you can actually skip manual watering. This will lead to saving over 60 gallons for a small 10 by 10 feet area.

Learn How To Properly Wash Your Cars At Home

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Many car owners will tell you that it is cheaper when you wash the car at home instead of going to the car wash. The problem is that the exact opposite can so easily happen. A very big mistake that is made by many car owners is that they leave a hose running as the car is washed. When using a meter, you end up paying so much more than you could have.
The commercial car wash often uses just around 30 gallons per vehicle. When you keep the hose running, this mark can be hit after just 4 minutes. It takes a lot longer to wash a car.
If you do not know how to efficiently wash your car and save water in the process, it is actually a much better idea to go to the car wash. The best thing that you can do when you wash your car at home is to simply use a sponge and a bucket.

Quickly Deal With Underground Pipe Leaks

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It is very important to quickly deal with any underground pipe leak because a lot of water can be wasted every single minute. The problem in this situation is that because it is placed underground, it is often not identified fast.

Check for the following signs that you are dealing with an underground pipe leak:

  • Some parts of the soil close to the house are watery or soupy.
  • Moisture or water appears inside the basement.
  • The water bills are higher than normal and there is no apparent cause. This is the most common sign that a big problem is present.
  • The water pressure is lower than normal.

When a leak is identified, you need to contact a plumber as soon as you can. It can easily lead to a fortune when the leak is severe. Just a ¼ inch leak will lead to a waste of a whooping 15,226 gallons every single day.

Is Your Water Meter Broken?

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Last but not least, sometimes the problem is simply a faulty water meter. When you notice that the bill is high but you did not change the way in which you use water, the broken meter might be a case.

A simple way to see if the meter is broken is to turn off all your water. Then, see if the meter still shows usage. If this is the case, the meter is broken or there is a leak present somewhere. Regardless of the cause, the best thing you can do is to contact a plumber as soon as you can.