How To Save Money by Learning Basic Car Maintenance Skills?

Saving your family money by learning basic car maintenance skills is an interesting idea. Click and read this following article to find out!

It can be said that a car has the same mechanism of operation as a human. When used for a long time, it needs rest and maintenance. But if you do basic maintenance of your car at a mechanic store, it will cost you several hundred dollars.

Moreover, you have wasted your repairing ability on a simple problem you can solve yourself. So, to save a lot of money, all you need to do is learn a little about car maintenance at home.

There are simple jargon, tool names, and mechanical specifications that anyone can learn. You should know the basics like this because this is the first essential element of the self-repair job.

Don’t worry if you think it’s too difficult, to prepare for emergencies, check out some of the home car maintenance tips below.

Check Your Vehicle Tire Pressure

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When it comes to tire pressure, many people may think it is boring and difficult, but it is one of the factors that can cause problems. Its performance is not only related to tire life, mileage, but also affects your safety while driving.

Flat tires are often at risk of being caused by low tire pressure. If that happens, it will not only cause you inconvenience but also the worst accident.

But do not worry, checking tire pressure is an extremely simple and fast job. If you want to be proactive and free in this, you can buy yourself a tire gauge at home.

These devices are affordable and safe to use, ranging from $ 10 to $ 15. Do not know where to find them? You can order it on Amazon or auto parts stores. Besides, there is another option for you, that is a public-use tire meter is also available at some gas stations.

The great thing is that if you find that the pressure in your tires is low, you can ask them to fill it with air. However, this may not be free and costs a bit. So, you should choose for yourself an appropriate choice.

Dealing with A Blown-Out Tire


Surely everyone would be startled if they heard a tire explosion while driving. If you are in this situation, stay calm and handle things by following the steps below:

(1) Hold your hands on the steering wheel and look straight ahead to observe the current situation.

(2) Perform light movements while keeping the steering wheel in place.

(3) If you are on a freeway or the outside lane, quickly turn on the hazard lights. This not only notifies others that your vehicle is in trouble but also helps avoid the possibility of an accident.

(4) Look to both sides of the road and determine where you can park your vehicle away from the main traffic. In case you are on the highway, the proper place will be hard shoulders. If you feel frantic, quickly pull over to the side of the road, avoiding any bends or turns.

(5) Slowly and gently reduce the speed of the vehicle. When you have a broken tire, do not brake too hard as it can easily cause your vehicle to lose control and lead to a collision. So, take your foot off the brake, try to slow down and go downhill.

(6) When you are slowing and trying to get your vehicle into a predetermined safe place, do not hurry but pay attention to the traffic around you. Give signals to road users that you are in trouble and allow you to leave the flow.

(7) Parking and be careful to get you and your passengers out of the car. Remember that always keep yourself and everyone safe. Then move away from a certain distance.

Later, you can either get help from a car repair station, or you need to replace your tire with a spare tire that is available on your vehicle. Alternatively, you can visit here if you want to buy new tires for your vehicle.

Check Engine Coolant

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Aside from checking and repairing tires, it is equally important to check the engine coolant. It is a combination of water and anti-freezing. It not only helps to radiate heat to the engine of the car but also helps to cool them.

Remember to check the cooling level of your vehicle every 2 weeks, especially before starting a long journey. Because your car engine will be seriously damaged if the cooling water level is too low.

This is inconvenient and will disrupt your outing. Here are some tips for you when checking engine coolant:

  • Read through the user manual to accurately determine the engine cooling water tank. Check to see where the water level is between Min and Max. If it is too close to Min, you need to pour more liquid.
  • While the engine becomes hot, you should not remove the engine coolant cover. This can cause hot liquid to escape from the radiator under high pressure. What you must do here is put a cloth on the lid and slowly remove it.
  • Remember to let the engine cool for a while before adding more cold water.
  • The system will blow away the excess when the engine heats up if you fill up too much water.
  • Immediately wash off if coolant gets on your skin or your car body. This is a very toxic substance so it can harm you and cause damage to car paint.

Maintaining Brake Fluid at A Fixed Level

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Brakes are one of the indispensable parts of the cars. When a force is applied to the brake pedal, a piston is then pushed to apply the brake fluid through the tubes and hoses to the brake unit on each wheel.

That means without the brake fluid you won’t be able to brake. You can use some following tips to check your vehicle’s brake fluid level.

  • Tip 1

If you do not find the location of the brake fluid reservoir, please refer to the instruction manual. If the liquid is below MIN, add brake fluid so that it reaches MAX.

  • Tip 2

In case you often add brake fluid, and find it runs out quickly, ask a professional mechanic to check the brakes because it may have leaked.

  • Tip 3

Always remember to never fill the brakes with water. Ensure to keep the brake fluid out of your hands and eyes. Try not to spill it on your car paint and the ground. After use, throw the brake fluid containers carefully.

To Sum Up

Maintaining cars at home is an important and necessary skill for everyone. If you can perform some simple maintenance tasks, you will save a lot of your valuable time and money.

The above are some basic ways for you to check the car. They are all very simple and easy to implement. We hope it will help you!