5 Practical Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

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Renovating a bathroom is an exciting task. However, don’t go too fast in choosing tiles, faucets, sanitary ware, shower enclosures, and other items if you want to save a little more money. This applies not only to the choice of sanitary ware and tiles, cabinets but also to master crafts. Thinking about renovating a bathroom and its appearance can be very stressful, considering today’s colorful selection of tile colors, shower cabins, and sinks.

Today, you can find features on the Internet about every product you are interested in. Think at the same time about the functionality, the people who will use the bathroom, and what you need in it. Costs vary from case to case. The works are carried out in phases and each phase carries special costs. Fortunately, there are several ways you can save money.

1. Make a plan

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No matter which project you start, there is nothing you can do without planning. This is especially important when it comes to large and expensive works such as renovating bathrooms. However, you need a practical and effective plan. If you organize work too quickly, buy items, and hire experts, you probably won’t do something right. In such situations, the project may be delayed to return materials, buy new ones or hire new workers. Changing the plan during the works is a very expensive move and works only when necessary. So think carefully about all the important items in time and try not to forget anything.

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Don’t let uncertainty overwhelm you where to start, what to choose when to hire. There are a lot of questions, there are a lot of things and segments that you have no experience with. So before you do anything, plan your steps. Make a list that contains your wishes, necessary things, budget, etc. This is the first step in planning – defining needs and goals. Of course, it is advisable to talk to a bathroom designer who will guide you in the costs, materials, and design of the room. Talk to your family for a long time and in detail. List what bothers you, and without which you would not be able to function. Put it all on paper and think well.

2. Avoid changing plaster walls

Replacing plaster walls is a common thing because every wall needs to be replaced if it is affected by mold. However, you don’t have to change every wall. If certain areas are in good condition, leave them, because that will save a lot of money.

Otherwise, you will open the walls that do not need renovation, and that means re-painting and accompanying work. It is enough to clean such a surface. Since mold is caused by high levels of humidity in the environment, the plaster wall near the showers is mostly changed.

3. Repair instead of buying a new one

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Although it is good to change the elements in the bathroom from time to time, the purchase of a new one is not always necessary. Some elements can be repaired. For example, focus on buying a sink and other elements that will change the look of the bathroom. The so-called cosmetic bathroom is ideal for those who are sure that they do not have a problem with pipes. In that case, it will be enough to apply a fresh coat of paint, as well as buy new faucets or sanitary ware. That will be enough to make the bathroom work for the next few years. Ask yourself if you need to remove and replace your current plumbing.

Such works include demolition, changes in construction, and new installation. These are extra costs that you do not need if your pipes are functional. Of course, sometimes we don’t know what’s going on behind the walls and whether there is any damage to the pipes. Then you can make a big mistake if you do not carry out a complete renovation. To avoid taking too many risks, seek advice from a bathroom renovation expert to help you decide.

4. Consult with experts

Don’t make one of the most common mistakes. People often ignore consultations with experts and are not even aware of the benefits of consultations. Although the consultation is paid, you will get precise calculations of the space and the possibility of the drains. For that purpose, hire an interior designer or an experienced builder, they will suggest a practical design.

For example, it will show you the best layout of elements, prices, materials, etc. It is an opportunity to arrange the elements so that they work while not compromising the design. Once you get all the necessary information, you will know exactly what to expect in the future. You will also know what you need for the space.

5. Choose quality material

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Quality material does not have to be very expensive, but the price has an impact on the quality of the material. That is why it is better to spend a little more money before the work than you planned to save money in the long run. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when it comes to materials because they focus exclusively on aesthetics. Focus on the durability of the material, as well as the behavior of the material in wet conditions. Although marble seems like a tempting option, it requires maintenance. Young children will certainly not wipe behind when everything gets wet, and that is why families with children should consider some other materials.

For example, porcelain and ceramics are great for sanitary ware, countertops, and wall tiles. The main characteristic of these materials is strength. They are also impermeable and have a shiny finish that is very easy to erase. When it comes to the floor, the tiles must be non-slip. However, avoid tiles that are too textured. Otherwise, too much limescale will accumulate. Of course, if you are planning underfloor heating, make sure that the floor you choose is compatible. Bathroom furniture should be above all practical, and the elements must be resistant to moisture, hygienic, and easy to clean.


If you are thinking of renovating a bathroom, it is necessary to hire experts from various fields. Bathroom renovation is one of the most financially challenging household projects, but the final amount depends on many factors. So try to come up with a better plan and adjust your budget.