8 Tips on How to Save Money When Moving

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Moving is a costly affair. Whether you are planning to move your household belongings or your office items, you need a big budget. For instance, you need to hire commercial movers, purchase packing boxes, and buy others moving supplies. This means moving is not a cheap process.

Even if you ignore professional movers, you may need to hire a moving truck. So, there are fuel costs, moving supplies, and snacks for friends and relatives who help you with moving. Nevertheless, there are several ways on how you can save money when moving, says Alliance PM Team.

Below are 8 tips on how you can save money when moving.

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1. Look for free moving supplies

One way on how you can save money when moving is to look for free moving materials. Do not purchase the moving boxes, packing peanuts, tapes, and other materials before checking for free supplies.

Luckily, there are several sites you get the supplies. Some people may want to give out packing boxes and other supplies. It is also possible to get free packing boxes from grocery stores.

Therefore, visit your local stores and ask for some packing boxes. Liquor stores have boxes that are nice for packing books and several heavy items.

2. Compare professional movers

Just like any professional, experienced movers are not cheap. However, their rates are not the same. Some movers charge less than others. In addition, some offer discounts and several benefits to new clients or loyal customers.

Therefore, contact three or four movers for their rates before making a choice. Happily, you can learn more about the movers by visiting their sites. Check their rates, customer feedback, and go through online reviews before picking a moving company.

Also, make sure you understand their services, hidden charges, and what is included and not included in the contract. However, do not base your choice on moving costs alone.

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3. Negotiate with professional movers

Do you know you can negotiate with professional movers? Moreover, you have nothing to lose when you negotiate for lower moving costs. Happily, several moving companies such as NYC Empire Movers are always ready to listen.

Therefore, if the moving rate is more than what you can afford, ask the mover how you can lower the rates. For instance, getting packing materials, packing, and unpacking your items are some of the things that can lower the moving cost.

4. Book the move as early as you can

Once you decide you want to move, start looking for a mover. Then after selecting a reliable moving company, book the move immediately. This is another great way to save some money when moving.

When it comes to moving, the earlier you book the better. In addition, some moving companies offer benefits to early bookers.

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5. Choose the right time to move

Ask the movers whether the moving costs are lower if you move on a weekday or during off-seasons. Some moving companies charge less when you move on a weekday and charge more for people who move on weekends.

Since the summer months are the busiest months for professional movers, you can choose to move during winter months. Hence, ensure you research before contacting a moving company.

6. Declutter before packing

Since the more you pack the more you pay for the moving, it is a good idea to declutter before you start packing. According to the movers, you are charged based on the weight of the shipment and the distance to the new home.

Thus, one great way to save money when moving is to declutter. Go through your home or office items and decide what to move and what to throw away. Even though you will need extra time to sort out your items, it is one of the best ways to save on moving costs.

You can also get money by selling some of the items. If some of the items such as kitchen appliances are not damaged, you can sell them. Organize a garage sale or sell them online. Also, you can gift some to friends, donate others to organizations, and throw away the unusable things.

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7. Pack in advance

If you can manage to pack the items by yourself, you can save a lot of money. Packing and unpacking are one of the most expensive services. Even though it is not an easy task, you can save a lot of money.

Therefore, you have time, you can get the right packing materials, and you know how to pack, ensure you pack in advance. You can also get help from family and friends.

You can pack the light and small items, and leave the heavy and large items to office movers. Leave furniture and kitchen appliances to professional movers. But make sure you have the right packing materials and label all the boxes.

8. Pick the DIY route

Even though engaging professional movers is the best option, you can choose a DIY move. If it is a short-distance move or you are moving a few items, you can decide to do it yourself.

However, a DIY mover is not for all. If you are moving your entire office or it is a long-distance move, the only option you have is to hire experienced movers.

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Moving is an expensive and stressful process. By following the above tips, you can be able to save a lot when moving. Ensure you get rid of items you do not need in the new home, pack early, pick the right time to move, and negotiate with the professional movers.

But the best way to save time and money is to engage professional movers. Even though some people believe contacting professionals is an expensive affair, it is cheaper and reasonable in the long run. They will help you pack, load, move, unload, and unpack. In addition, your valuable items will be well protected.

But if you feel professional movers are a bit expensive, consider the hybrid version. Pack your items in advance, then engage professionals to help you load, move, and unpack.