Saving Money On Essential Household Items


A lot of people have found themselves in a tricky financial situation in recent times. The cost of everything is going up, and there is only so much you can cut out of your life to save on your monthly expenses. These circumstances are only more difficult if you have a family to think about.

The answer to your problem isn’t cutting out the extravagant things that you can afford to sacrifice, however. You may find it more useful to try and save money on your essential household items. Read on to find out how this is possible.


1. Buy In Bulk

It can be difficult to predict how the economy is going to shift. Fortunately, you have more important things to worry about and household items to buy. Everyday toiletries like toilet rolls, shampoos, shower gel, toothbrushes, and toothpaste are all essential in a family home, but supermarkets do keep raising the prices of these must-have items.

You can try to offset these price hikes by visiting a wholesaler and buying these items in bulk. It may seem expensive initially but you are never not going to need these items and they do not expire. Therefore, you can save yourself money in the long run by buying your essential toiletries this way.

2. Find The Best Food Deals

A big necessity that you will struggle to buy in bulk is food. A majority of the products on supermarket shelves will expire over time, which forces you to restock your cupboards once every few weeks. Canned goods will last longer than most products; however, your family will not receive a balanced diet by eating this way.

You should not cut out essential foods from your weekly shop. Instead, take a look at which supermarket offers the best price on these items. Some stores may even offer better deals on certain goods than others, so you can mix and match to slash the overall price of your food bill. It may take you longer to shop this way, but it will save you some serious money, especially if you are lucky enough to have several local supermarkets grouped nearby.


3. Avoid Long Showers

Your energy bill is most likely going to be your largest monthly expense. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove this expense from your life because this energy is needed to power almost everything in your home. However, there are small ways to cut down on how much energy you use so that you end up spending less.

Staying clean is an essential part of daily life, but the amount of time you take in the shower can often get away from you. There is nothing more relaxing than a long, warm shower; however, these can cost you a lot of money. Try to limit the time you spend in the shower and you should see the price of your energy bills fall. Also, switching off lights as you leave the room will help toward reducing this bill.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Car Journeys

Petrol is another daily resource that always seems to cost more than it is worth. Your fuel consumption will differ depending on what type of car you drive and the length of your daily commute, but all of you will benefit the same from paying too much for your fuel.

That is why you must cut out some of the unnecessary car journeys from your life. Walk to the shops instead of driving, and try to arrange weekend activities that do not require the use of a car. Also, make sure you research the price of local transport services against the cost of fuel. You may find that is cheaper to ride the bus to work than drive in some situations.


5. SIM-Only Deals

Smartphone technology has become a lifeline for many people in modern times. These phones are our main method of communication, a source for news, and an entertainment device all in one package. You would be hard-pressed to function in modern society without one of these smartphones; however, they can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain.

There are many different types of payment plans that you can use to save yourself a bit of money, though you may benefit more from cheap SIM-only deals. A company like Lebara offers cheap SIM-only deals that will allow you to purchase a device while keeping your monthly call costs down. What’s more, you can put the whole family on the same plan to save yourself even more money. You don’t have to miss out on this decade’s most important piece of tech due to budget constraints anymore. All you need is the right deal.

6. Use Streaming Services Responsibly

Streaming content is the modern way to watch your favourite films and T.V shows. Almost every production company has its own streaming service nowadays, each one with its own library of content. Each of these services comes with a monthly subscription fee, which makes catching up with all of your family entertainment a bit of a stretch. This pricing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to miss out on your favourite new shows, though. All it means is that you have to be a bit smarter with how you use your subscriptions.

Streaming company’s will space out their new content releases so that you sign up for one show and forget to unsubscribe. This forces you to pay for a few months and by the time you think about quitting, something new emerges to keep you on board. Therefore, you should always sign up for a single month and then set a reminder to unsubscribe once you are done with the content you wanted to watch. Then, you can re-subscribe when something else pops up. This approach prevents you from engaging in a year-long subscription fee when all you wanted to do was catch up on a few shows.


7. Use Your Local Services

Just as smartphones have taken over our social lives, computers are an unavoidable reality in the workplace. These devices are now the centre of modern business, but they can be quite expensive to run. They are a big drain on your energy and can cost a lot to maintain.

There will be times when you need to conduct work at home, but this can send your monthly bills soaring. Plus, the more you use your home’s device the more likely it is to break and need replacing. Therefore, you should look at local buildings that can provide you with access to such devices, such as the public library. You shouldn’t do anything that requires you to enter sensitive company information on a foreign device, but the computers at your local library can give you a chance to work and save money at the same time. Furthermore, these institutions provide you with a quiet workspace away from the stresses of family life.


It is never easy to shave off a significant portion of your monthly expenses, especially when it comes to your essential items. However, you can reduce your spending in some places by planning ahead and being careful. You don’t have to go without certain necessities, but it would benefit you to keep these tips in mind for the future.