How does the Mythic+ Scoring System Work in WOW Shadowlands 


Over the years, the developers of one of the most played games of all time, WoW have evolved from a favorite studio of a huge number of players into a gigantic machinery that serves an even larger audience, that after all these years can’t afford to stop.

In 2019 Blizzcon, among other things, they announced the latest expansion for what is considered to be the most successful high-profile MMORPG of all time – WoW: Shadowlands. And the world had witnessed the launching of the eighth expansion in November 2024. Just when the game was to celebrate its seventeenth birthday.

As the good people of Irvine have already taught us, the new expansion brought much-needed content for players who have been immersed in this fantastic universe for years. Shadowlands brought new zones, new factions, new dungeons and raids, as well as tons of new activities accompanied by even more new items to collect in a constant attempt to be as powerful as possible, to overcome increasingly difficult content as easiest as possible … Alpha testing of the expansion began in 2010, which already had a solid foundation.

How it all looks now?


In designing the new world, this expansion adheres to proven formulas from most expansions released so far. Five new zones have been added, as well as a new common capital, Oribos, the meeting point of all factions performing specific duties within the expansion. The bastion is a beautiful region full of endless fields and imposing floating buildings. This zone is ruled by Kyrians whose duty is to take souls to another world. Night Fae watches the wild forests of the Ardenweald. This zone and its guardians are a source of energy for the spirits of nature and the cycle of rebirth. The eternal battlefields of Maldraxxus are the domain of the Necrolords, creators of necromancer magic, who promise aggressive souls incessant battles throughout the cosmos in a state that is neither life nor death. Gothic Revendreth is a place for sinners where vampire-like Venthyri punish those who deserve it. In the end, The Maw is an endless hole for the souls of the worst creatures who have earned nothing but eternal imprisonment in their lifetime. From the moment Sylvanas made a rift between the dimensions, The Maw begins to draw energy from other regions of the expansion, as well as to capture virtuous souls. If the vile Mawa captives managed to escape, it would mean the end of the universe.

So, now that you know how the world of Shadowland looks, it’s time we explain the scoring system…

First things first, here are a few important things about leveling. If you had a character, for example, level 120, you’ve probably experienced being crunched to level 50 when you started with this expansion. However, as the progress goes insanely fast, so does leveling, too. Depending on how you like to combine research, quests, and instance reversals, you will reach a new maximum in 12-20 hours. Therefore, no need to worry much. In case you find yourself stuck somewhere, keep in mind that you can always choose to ease up the progress by buying boost on

The aforementioned boost also works for Mythic+, so make sure you use it any time you can.


As for the scoring system, here’s how it goes…

Valor points are back, and there are two ways to earn them:

  1. Doing daily tasks – which can give you different score points, from 35 to 50, depending on whether you are going for blue calls, or epic.
  2. Completing Mythic+ dungeons. Here you’ll be able to make the most of the valor points and earn as much as 135.

Is there a limit?

Each week you’re given an opportunity to earn 750, and no more. However, if for some reason you cannot find time to play and you skip this weekly opportunity, don’t worry, you can earn twice as much by playing the following week.

A system made like this gives you the opportunity to upgrade one or two items per week one rank depending on the slot. And it works almost the same as the PvP Conquest system. So, it is designed in such a way that it stops people from cultivating courage, while at the same time not punishing those who did not find time to play.

As you see, tons of new and exciting content waits for those who enjoy a good game of WoW, and the scoring system is as exciting as ever.

What is new in the world of WoW?


With so many players around the world guilding up to conquer these exciting worlds, not all of them are as friendly as they should be. For this reason, the developers have announced a solution…

The developers and their team seem to be testing a new system for moderating unwanted messages within games. If you are a player, then you must have noticed that a new rule about so-called reserved words has come into force.

So far, the practice has been such that the play of unwanted words in text chat has been concealed. According to the new practice, it should be such that messages with unwanted words cannot be sent to other players at all.


For now, this offensive word censorship is only being implemented in WoW and just one word of racist speech, but it is easily possible that it will be extended in the future – to more words and other games. Some players suspect that this change was introduced before the advent of text-to-speech functionality, which is currently being tested. In any case, it’s a good thing they are working on a hate speech-free zone, where people could feel safe from being mistreated. We all know how it goes with other multiplayer games. But one can’t help thinking about how effective blocking messages with unwanted words will be in combating toxic behaviors.