6 Security Recruiting Tips And Ideas For Your Corporate Event

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When holding corporate events, searching for the best guards can become challenging. This will only get harder as the overall demand for qualified security guards increases. If you are planning to hire security officers for an upcoming event, consider reading through their article to learn more about some of the best strategies and tips.

You can hire some of the best security guards right away from authorized firms or hire professionals that left their previous security jobs. However, you will need to be extremely careful since hiring a poorly trained security guard who is unreliable can turn out to be a costly mistake for your corporate event. Apart from that, it may also be crucial to understand the reasons why the guards left their previous jobs or were fired from the company!

Another best way would be to hire aspiring event security guards who wish to work for you. Eventually, you can mold their functioning according to your policies as well as standards. Listed below are a few tips to help you recruit the best security guards for a corporate event.

6 Recruiting Tips To Employ New Security Officers

Hold Personal Interviews For The Prospective Security Guard

Holding walk-in interviews or involving yourself in employment events that take place in school could be an excellent way for you to meet your prospective security officers. Although this may be a tedious process or time-consuming up to an extent, it enables the interviewer to evaluate the individual’s character, personality, overall qualifications, and determination.

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Not many people get an opportunity to attend college, and that is not a problem. Becoming a security officer can turn out to be a direct entry into other fields and options. By participating in job fairs, you can get in touch with numerous candidates who are young, strong, and willing to adhere to your policies of working.

Build Relationships In Your Community

Have you come across security officers in your region? Is there any working department that offers monthly meetings for these officers? If that is the case, then you can offer a partnership to hire new candidates for your corporate event. Besides, it is also possible that there is a big group of employees facing market layoffs at the moment. Therefore, you can take this situation into your hands and offer much-needed assistance.

You can get in touch with the HR team in your community and hire workers who wish to change their present conditions. Hiring from your colony or community can help you get your work done faster, and build relationships with your community members.

Consider Searching For Candidates Online

You can also search for prospective candidates on online platforms. Constantly posting about employment opportunities on informal job websites can flood the interview room with many candidates. The process can then become difficult as well as tedious, with the HR team facing numerous challenges in finding the right employee.

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Advertising opportunities on social media can also help you develop a good social image for your company. Although all of these tips are extremely easy and affordable, you must plan your strategies for hiring accordingly. If you wish to bring suitable candidates into your office, you can consider posting clear job descriptions, including their everyday responsibilities and overall pay.

It is also recommended that you mention overtime pay and other physical requirements that are required to fulfill the duties of the particular role. This will help you discourage the participation of unqualified individuals. When it comes to employing fit individuals, you cannot always go for cover letters or even a proper resume. When looking out for a prospective employee, you can consider scheduling a personal interview video call.

Deliver A Clear Message to Your Audience

As the owner of your company, you need to understand the needs of your audience as well. Your prospective security officer’s motives are entirely different from yours. According to numerous research and surveys, most security guards are in their forties or thirties. However, the range for age is supposed to be between 19 and 24, especially when it comes to security officers.

Therefore, the hiring message you put up needs to be clear and concise. It should reflect more on the opportunities that are available for the prospective officer. It may be more beneficial to mention the exciting environment the employee will be working in, as well as his monthly targets and ways he could propel his career interests in the long run.

Focus On Your Current Employees

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The employees that you currently have can turn out to be great ambassadors, especially when it comes to recruitment. Your current employees can spread the word to their families and friends, which can bring in a positive result for your organization. Your current employees can then work with their buddies, and this can help in increasing teamwork and making work days more fun!

Consider Thinking Outside The Typical Hiring Box

You don’t always have to take a familiar path when it comes to hiring. Sometimes, sticking to our principles of hiring can also bring in favorable employees. For instance, you can start a new database of all the applicants that applied for the job role but ended up taking another role or fell out of qualified certifications.

You can also maintain a record of students that worked at your organization but had to leave because their spring break was ending soon. You can also opt for other ways of hiring by recruiting at institutions that train aspiring security officers. Many security guards usually opt for certifications before they start their job search because having a license in hand improves their probability of bagging a job.


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Although searching for the right candidate, as well as the interview process, can be tedious, it isn’t an arduous journey if you use Recruitment software. With the above-mentioned tips and recruiting ideas, you can opt for the best candidates without spending much time and money. You can then focus more on managing the workforce of your company!