Eyewear: How to Select the Right Glasses for Your Children

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When it comes to shopping for glasses in 2021, the options are nearly endless, and while that increased choice, fueled by something of an online revolution in the industry, is great for the consumer, it can also prove to be a headache.

If you are looking for glasses for your kids, then the sheer weight of options is even more of a maze, and the last thing you want to do is get the wrong lenses or frames for your children. Buying your child a pair of glasses, especially if it’s their first pair, can be something of a tricky undertaking. They may well be quite self-conscious about wearing glasses, and there are other issues and problems you may come across during this process.

Depending on your child’s age, just the conversation required to explain the reason they need glasses may be one that is difficult for them to comprehend. The concept will feel alien to them, and they may initially hate the idea of having to wear them; this is chiefly due to the difficulty in accepting and understanding change.

In order to assist you in this endeavor, here are a few tips and suggestions to make things a little easier.

Pick a Design Your Child Favors

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Children can be very self-conscious about wearing them and, depending on their age; you should give them as much freedom as possible in terms of the style and design of the glasses they want to wear. You will, of course, have to factor in whether the type they choose is compatible with their prescription, but other than that, try to keep it in their hands.

If your child elects to pick out a pair of frames that is overly bright or eye-catching, then maybe reach a compromise. Buy one pair that is more ‘sensible’ and other that is more ‘for show,’ this will help them to see that wearing glasses isn’t just necessary but that it can also be fun and they may well then grow to feel more attached to their glasses and not feel that they are in some way a negative aspect to their lives that they have to grow used to accepting.

Get Children’s Glasses Online

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Buying them online is now super easy and a very straightforward process that will open up a more extensive range for you and your child to select. When buying kids’ glasses online, you’ll come across a vast range of types, like the ones here, and additionally, the costs are far lower than on the high street.

Make sure to select an online retailer that offers a simple returns policy, and that has a good reputation when it comes to the delivery of your items. Buying prescription glasses online has now become hugely popular, and you can find yourself saving as much as 40% over purchasing the same product in a physical store.

Get a Pair of Glasses That Matches Your Child’s Face Shape

Part of getting your child to feel comfortable about wearing glasses is down to matching the type of glasses to the type of face shape they may have. For those with square faces, it’s advised to go with round or oval frames; tall frames are good with long faces, heart-shaped faces work well with frames that are more bottom-heavy.

If your child has a round face, then rectangular frames are a good fit, and in all these cases, you should always allow your child to pick out which frames they will wear, as this will make them feel more in control over a decision that is clearly important to them.

Take Into Account Prescription Strength

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There is a chance, depending on your child’s prescription level, that their glasses may not fit all the frames available. You should not opt for a lower or different prescription just because they like a specific type of frame, as this could be damaging to their eye health in the long run.

Make sure to take your child for regular check-ups as their prescription will change over time, and it’s essential to be aware of this before it becomes an issue.

Make Sure to Get a Proper Bridge Fit

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It’s not only the lenses and frames you’ll need to be aware of when buying your kid’s glasses; it’s the bridge that could prove most problematic. As children are continually growing, their glasses will have to adjust as much as possible. Metal frames usually come with adjustable nose pads, which make them more amenable to a child’s face and nose.

Plastic frames are a little different and commonly come with bridges that fit small noses, but it’s not an exact science. You need the glasses you select to fit well and not move around excessively or slip down your child’s nose; if possible, get an optician’s advice on this matter.Comfort is vital as a child who’s not comfortable wearing glasses may reduce their usage or stop wearing them at all if they don’t feel right when they have them on.

Always Have a Spare Pair

Children are, by their very nature, equal parts clumsy and outgoing. They will get through many glasses as they grow.

You should always have a second pair to hand as they invariably sit on, drop, smash the pair they are wearing. One pair can be sturdy in nature and the other could be more fashionable.This is especially true for very active kids, which, let’s face it, is pretty much every child on the planet!

Be Sensitive to Your Child’s Concerns

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Let them get used to the situation, and then do your best to ease any fears and make them feel that getting glasses is fun. Highlight all the significant advantages to having glasses and accentuate them, minimize any drawbacks they may bring up.

Make sure they are involved in the whole process, make the purchasing of their first pair of glasses into a positive experience. In time they will grow accustomed to having to wear glasses, and before long, it will become second nature to them.