Self-storage: Understanding Its Growing Demand in Philadelphia and How Self-storage Works?

Self-storage is a practical solution for individuals and companies. Let us ask you a straightforward question: you want to renovate your house, and you don’t know what to do with the furniture, essential documents, kitchen utensils, home appliances, and other belongings. You don’t have much space to store all the items and start remodeling your house. What will you do then? In this case, Livelyt storage units Philadelphia is a practical option. You can rent a storage space according to your needs and budget. Most self-storage companies work through monthly contracts. However, self-storage also has disadvantages.

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The story behind self-storage

For users, the service has become an extension of their homes or businesses. For this reason, more than a practical and functional service, self-storage adds value and improves the quality of life of its tenants, who can count on the security of their belongings. The benefit appeared in the United States in the late 1960s. Today, the practice is already widespread and is used by many people. According to the data, Americans can now count on approximately 100 companies offering self-storage services, totaling more than 170 thousand square meters of available space.


Advantages of self-storage

One of the main advantages of hiring a self-storage service is the exclusivity of the service. Only the contractor has access to the rented box and its assets. In other words, neither company employees nor other tenants have contact with what was stored in the space. Each tenant has his lock, with which he locks his box and takes the key with him. Besides, whenever he needs to access the box’s contents, he can enter the place and make the transport without other people being able to witness the act.

However, some companies that offer self-storage services have reduced opening hours on weekends and holidays, making access impossible during this period. Others operate 24 hours a day, every day a week, which is ideal for those looking for something more comprehensive. Another critical point is that the box spaces are very organized, cleaned daily, have 24-hour monitoring and electronic access to control who accessed the boxes and when.

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Points to consider before choosing a self-storage company


Everyone wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. One way to make this possible is to opt for a self-storage that is close to your company. This way, it is easier to receive deliveries from your suppliers, check the papers on file, count the stock and pick up the products that are missing from the store.


It is not enough to have a competitive price if your store has no variety. For this, bet on self-storage. The rental fee is affordable, and your customers will always have many alternatives.


Nobody wants to lose business even more in times of crisis. So within the leased space, the customer can set up a structure to work while waiting for a delivery.


Another advantage of the self-storage service is that the customer can increase or decrease the leased space depending on the scenario.

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Self-storage can have multiple uses

Flexibility is the primary keyword that let you hire self-storage services in Philadelphia. Hiring is simple and generally does not require guarantees, as a guarantor. The cost is less than the rental of exclusive property, and all building administration is carried out by third parties (cleaning, pest control, security, maintenance, etc.). Self-storage units Philadelphia usually allow 24h access to the site, use of the docks for loading/unloading, parking and WI-FI for the clients. Some offer an additional cost: administrative workstation, packaging (mainly cardboard box), coffee, water, and a meeting room.

The self-storage service is indicated

  • People who are moving to a new address and need to store their belongings,
  • People who came from a large property and moved to a smaller one,
  • Store objects and furniture that are no longer in use but whose owners have no interest in donating them to other people or institutions,
  • Store seasonal objects, such as beach chairs and others, during the unusual period,
  • The service is also suitable for storing old documents and forming an archive, keeping them well preserved and accessible, if necessary,
  • Archive stationery items and promotional materials, such as product catalogues or advertisements, such as those used in campaigns and the dissemination of new products,
  • Store goods or equipment that will not be used at the moment,
  • Inventory of stores and sellers of autonomous products.

Things you need to know

The self-storage solution solves the material’s logistical problem, especially when we talk about static storage. It is a fact that stores need to receive orders from suppliers, separate, pack and send products to their points of sale or final consumer. It all requires labour. The effectiveness of applying the self-storage solution depends on the logistical need and the timing of each business. It certainly solves space problems and can be attractive in terms of costs and convenience, but it must be analyzed in detail for each company.

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Self-storage is widely used by people who need to store something temporarily, as in the case of renovations, changes and travel. There is also a portion that uses self-storage to keep an archive, personal valuables, furniture that is not being used and stock of goods, as is the case with many companies that seek to reduce costs. Usually, the space rental is made through a monthly contract, which individuals or legal entities can do. It is possible to find different sizes of boxes on the market to meet the needs of each customer. They vary from 1 to 100 m².

Did you like the article? In this way, we can show you how self-storage can be beneficial for you or your business. If you or your company needs storage space, this service will be a true protective hero who will undoubtedly do the job. Before you finalize any deal, make sure the service provider has a robust market reputation, good feedback on the internet, affordable, offers security and safety of the belongings, etc.