How to Sell Products Online Without a Website


Many people have a great idea for a product, but don’t know how to turn their idea into a profitable online business.

Here are some tips on how to sell products online without having a website.

In this article we will teach you the 3 simple steps on how to get your product up and selling quickly from home without any need for a website or worrying about getting customers to your new business! So let’s get started…



eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world where people buy and sell items of all types every day. There are daily users visiting eBay looking for products to buy. If you have a product, think about how it could be related to another well known brand, take the Oreo Cookie for example, every day millions of people eat this biscuit but what if you made an item or t-shirt with the cookie’s logo on?

This is just one example of many where other brands are popular enough that even if they are not selling online themselves that by using their logo or name on your product you can immediately capture interest from buyers who will value your goods because of the association with the original brand.

You don’t even need to make these items yourself as services like Zazzle sell thousands of gift ideas and other great designs where all you need to is upload an image or design and they will print and ship your goods.


Another way to sell products online without needing a website is through ClickBank, which is an affiliate platform where people can promote other people’s ideas or products and if their customer purchases the product you will receive a commission for making the sale.

There are thousands of different affiliate programs and there is bound to be something within those that interest you as an entrepreneur or business minded individual. When choosing what product to promote, make sure it’s something that interests you, once again we find ourselves back in school doing homework on boring topics! So remember, if you don’t like it why would anyone else? If you want to stand out as an affiliate marketer, pick products that no one else is promoting or you feel you can market in a unique way.

Selling eBooks online


What about selling products online without even leaving the house, how is this possible? Well there are services which allow you to create digital books and sell them globally. One of these services is Amazon’s Kindle service (which is popular now but still not as well known because it’s relatively new) where you can upload your book or eBook and distribute it to millions within minutes! Your work will be available around the world with no additional marketing which saves time and money. The best part is Amazon takes care of all prices and that means they set the price lower than what people would pay on Ebay or on an affiliate website like Clickbank. This means that by uploading your book to Amazon and selling it cheaply there is a chance that people will purchase it because the price seems so low compared to other paid books.

Amazon also gives you an option to sell your book in either Digital form which would be downloaded after purchasing or Physical form where they print and ship your product for you, all you do is upload an image and write a caption and the rest of the process is taken care of by Amazon.

There are many different options when trying to decide how to sell products online without having a website but one thing remains the same… Each method discussed today has already been tested by thousands if not millions of people looking for ways on how they can earn money from home. These are proven methods that anyone can use with little investment and can make a lot of money for you over time if the service is set-up correctly.

Social Media


Finally, the last option we will cover is social media. There are many ways to sell products online without a website and this is by using Social Media and doing it correctly and with the correct tools! Using Facebook (which is free) or Twitter (another free service) or Instagram for example, you can advertise your product or service for sale to anyone around the world who has access to those sites. PeachPay can give you more information about that.

You can use these websites as not only a way to promote your product but also as a means of advertisement as well as getting advice from customers on how they want you to improve your current items or ideas for future projects. People trust their friends so if  you have 1000 Twitter followers and they see that particular item with your logo  on has been sold 200 times they are more likely to purchase from you as opposed to a new comer or unknown social media site which has less than 300 followers.


In conclusion, if you have been trying to figure out how to sell products online without a website then there are many options for you today that will allow you to do just that. In the past it was much harder and time consuming but now with free services being offered it is easier than ever before! Some general selling tips also include …

If you choose to sell physical products, stick to something you know or can be an expert in very easily. For example, Mark Taylor has a huge success rate selling eBooks and joining affiliate sales programs because he is well educated on the topics he writes about and it shows through his work. If you want to sell digital downloads then create unique and concise information that is informative and helpful to your target audience.

For social media, make sure to open a Facebook account which you can tag your products or services under while listing them under a unique name of your own. For Twitter it’s best to create a blog page where people can discuss the topics of the day regarding your product or services.