How to Successfully Sell Your Old iPhone – 2024 Guide

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With iPhone 12 coming soon and every time an iPhone is launched, it is always eager to own and experience the latest Apple smartphones-with more powerful processors, improved cameras, more storage options, etc., Now you might be wondering what to do with your old phone. You may choose to give it to a family member as a gift, recycle, or trade it in. Rather than tossing your iPhone into the drawer and forget about it, you may sell an old one to buy a brand new phone. The reason is the iPhone that you currently own was not cheap, especially the new iPhone with the most storage space will be more costly.

In addition, you have spent a lot of bank deposits to buy the iPhone you currently own.
If you plan to upgrade in the market, you may need to sell an older iPhone to lower the price. But abandoning your old mobile phone is more than just handing over the phone and waiting for the cash to reach your bank account, it also requires more. There are many privacy issues on mobile phones, from photos stored in iCloud to personal data stored in apps, so you must wipe your phone before selling it. Also don’t forget to back up, so that you don’t get stressed out while manually re-downloading hundreds of apps on your new iPhone. For more details, you can visit –

However, the process of selling an old phone can entail a lot. From establishing an eye-catching listing to sending it to your buyer, every step should be treated equally.

Therefore, here are some of the ways you can use to sell your iPhone successfully:

1. Put Listing into Consideration

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A successful listing may include a succinct item description and good pictures. When taking pictures for the listing, ensure you use good lighting and photograph your iPhone against a solid backdrop. You may also need to take pictures from different angles, including close-up photos and shots of the accessories you’re selling with.

A simple and catchy title and descriptive texts may also be important. Depending on where you are selling, using keywords, which states its model, storage, carrier, and color is a good way to get started. You can also include other things, such as ‘jailbroken’ to offer more details. To make the description great, you could go into detail regarding the condition of your old iPhone and the reasons for selling it.

2. Clean the Phone Thoroughly

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Wiping your phone by deleting every data is not the only thing you need to do. You will also have to clean the device from the outside. In case you are keen enough to avoid falls and cracks, cleaning it from the outside will only take around 30 seconds or less.

If your phone has a clean exterior, it will make a great difference for potential buyers. When cleaning your iPhone, you need to clean fingerprints and dirt you find around:

  • Buttons
  • Lighting cable connector
  • Screen
  • Consider Unlocking the Phone

Phones, which can be used on any carrier and in any region, are iPhones. This is true, especially for entrepreneurs and travelers who work internationally. Hence, if your phone is locked to a particular carrier, find out whether you can have the handset unlocked. A few carriers will charge you for unlocking services, and some of them may need to know your contract status before they offer you help.

If there are unlocking charges and they’re affordable, then it could be worth it to pay for the services because you can increase the resale value. Unlocking an iPhone might take some days, so you may want to take care of this first before putting it on listing.

3. Create a Backup for Your Data

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Before deleting your data, it may be important to create a backup so you can restore it to your new phone. You may create a backup to your Apple’s servers through iCloud.

Basically, iCloud backs up important data on iPhones every day, though you may also do it manually by:

  • Getting connected to the internet or any network
  • Starting the settings app
  • Exploring to iCloud
  • Clicking the backup option
  • Gather its Accessories and Box

For many people, after buying a new iPhone, they do away with the box and other accessories, which come with it. However, if you have plans of selling your iPhone in the future, it would be a good idea to keep all the phone’s accessories and box intact. This can make a big difference and might become one of the deciding factors for most buyers.
Immediately you gather every accessory of the phone, ensure you clean the box so you can present it to a potential buyer.


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Since the inception of the internet, there are many places and ways you may sell your old iPhone. You might have potential buyers around you, though if the option is not viable enough, you may look for platforms that buy second-hand phones. Determine the reputation of different platforms through reviews to choose a buyer you can trust.

Look around! Selling directly to the buyer can bring you the most benefits, but the greatest risk. If you want to avoid all these things, then trading your phone to a retailer or an online trade-in site is an easy process that can make you money. Not surprisingly, Apple seems to provide some of the best value for second-hand iPhones. However, not all phones are accepted (especially very old or unpopular phones), and you are unlikely to get the most benefit in that way.

No matter what you decide to do with your old phone, just make sure you are satisfied with the new phone first. You don’t want to have to return your new phone because of a problem (or because you don’t like it) and suddenly find yourself desperately looking for a temporary replacement.