How To Sharpen Nail Clippers

Every person in this world owns a nail clipper. After some time, it may stop clipping cleanly and may cause injury to your nails. When your nail clipper stops clipping neatly, you throw it away and buy a new one but you can sharpen your nail clipper instead of buying a new one. Now one may ask that “why should I even bother to sharpen a nail clipper if I can buy it from a dollar shop”, so it is important to note that “A penny saved is a penny earned” that’s why you should bother. You can get to know about a lot of things like this and make your daily home life easier by getting to a good source like Decimal Reviews of information about home appliances and tech gadgets.

Sharpening a nail clipper prevents you to buy a new one, every time when it goes dull. Different home objects can be used to sharpen nail clipper including emery cloth, sandpapers, and sharpening stones. The process of sharpening the nail clipper is easy and can be accomplished in a couple of minutes.

How to sharpen fingernail clipper?

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When your fingernail clipper goes dull and stops clipping your fingernails smoothly. It would be the worst experience to clip your nails with a dull nail clipper. In this case, you have two possible solutions:

• You may buy a new set of fingernail clippers OR
• Spend some time to sharpen your fingernail clipper.

Most of us would choose the second option as sharpening the nail clipper is a cheap and easiest process so far.

In order to sharp fingernail clipper you can follow the following steps:

Step I: The very first thing to sharpen a nail cutter is to take it apart. Now, place its parts in a safe place, so that they may not be lost.
Step II: A sharpener or small rod may help you to effectively complete this activity. In this way, you need to put the sharpener on either edge of the nail clipper and start rubbing.
Step III: Using quick sharpening techniques do this from the top edge to the bottom edge. And repeat the steps until you remove all of the damaged metal from the edges of the clipper until they become sharp and shiny.
Step IV: After sharpening and polishing the edges, put the rod in the teeth of the clipper and clip it.
Step VII: Repeat these steps to sharpen the other edge of the nail clipper. When this process of sharpening nail clipper ends, you need to reassemble the parts of the nail clipper.
Some other techniques to sharpen nail clippers are as follows.

1. Sharpening nail clipper with tin foil:


Tin foil is another proven way to sharpen the nail clippers effectively. It is more durable and cheaper than aluminum foil. To follow this method you do not need to separate the parts of your nail clipper instead just fold the piece of tin foil and start cutting it with the help of your dull clipper. Continue cutting tin foil until your nail clipper is sharpened.

2. Sharpening nail clipper with aluminum foil:

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Aluminum foil has many uses, sharpening scissors, and nail clipper is also one of them. To follow this method you do not need to separate the parts of the nail clipper. All you need to do is to stack the pieces of aluminum foil together or you can fold a large piece into 10 to 15 layers. Now start clipping this stack of foil with your dull clipper until it is sharpened. You can reuse the clipped foil in any other task. This method of sharpening the clipper is also easy.

3. Sharpening with the sandpaper:

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Sandpaper is an amazing abrasive having multiple uses, especially when we talk about sharpening. It is useful to sharp knives, scissors and nail clippers. It does not need to take apart all the pieces of your nail clipper.

Sandpaper is easily available at different stores like hardware stores and even you can buy it online. After having a piece of sandpaper, you only need to do is to start clipping this sandpaper with the help of your nail clipper, do it as you are clipping your nails. It is better to hold on to the sandpaper for at least 5 seconds while clipping the sandpaper, and then release. Repeat this step for 9 to 10 times in total.

You can use extra fine sandpaper grits. Using fine grit is more helpful in polishing the edges and refining them. It also removes the excessive parts of steel from your nail clipper.

Why sharpening nail cutter is not so common?

Sharpening scissors and knives are easy as their blades are exposed and can easily be sharpened. Nail clippers are different from scissors and knives, in its design and have concave-shaped blades. That’s why people used to replace them than sharpening.

Two blades of nail clippers meet while cutting the nails. It is more difficult to sharpen a nail clipper if its blades are in a concave shape. Well, many proven methods are there to sharp nail clippers effectively.

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  • Question: What is the best way of sharpening the nail clipper?
  • Answer: Many different methods are available to sharpen the fingernail clipper. Using sandpaper to sharpen is probably the best way because it is not costly and needs less effort and time.
  • Question: Can aluminum foil is helpful in sharpening fingernail clipper.
  • Answer: Yes, the use of aluminum foil is proven to effectively sharpen fingernail clipper.
  • Question: Suggest the best fingernail clipper sharpeners.
  • Answer: There are many sharpeners available on hardware stores and some online stores are also selling some.

A few are listed below:
• Sharpens best- long handle pocket knife sharpener
• Sharp N spark
• Sharp N fire Tactical
• Tactical knife sharpening
• Shapers with hunter pack
• Ultimate square sharpener with “V”

  • Question: Can Scissor sharpener or knife sharpeners be used to sharpen fingernail clippers?
  • Answer: Although sharpeners are specially designed to sharpen the fingernail clippers, yes, you can also scissor sharpener or knife sharpener to sharpen nail clipper and it works.