Shield Your Meat Packaging Facilities From Moisture Damage With High-end Commercial Wall Panels

It’s no secret that meat is one of the most perishable items in a grocery store. This is especially true of fresh, raw meat, which can easily spoil if it’s not stored properly. To ensure that your meat products stay fresh and safe for consumers, you need to protect them from moisture damage. Maintenance of meat packaging facilities is a tough and challenging job. It’s difficult to get rid of the foul smell and blood stains. In addition, meat packaging facilities are high-traffic zones with a high amount of moisture and dirt around the space. Without regular cleaning, the meat packaging facilities can become a living hell and extremely unclean and unhygienic. A great way to prevent excess moisture from damaging the commercial facility is by installing commercial wall panels.

However, not all meat packaging wall panels are created equal. You need to order customized high-grade FDA-compliant wall panels for the facility to maintain optimal hygiene and cleanliness. The vinyl panels manufactured at Duramax are most recommended for their longevity, strength, and certain other factors. Here are a few keynotes that make PVC panels better than other wall paneling alternatives.


Why are they a good choice for meat packaging facilities?

Maintaining a high-quality meat packaging facility is essential to preserving the quality of the products that are produced. Moisture damage can occur in any environment where there is water contact, such as a meat processing plant.

Commercial wall panels are a good choice for meat packaging facilities because they offer a number of advantages over other types of walls. They are strong and durable, which means they will resist damage from moisture. They also have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means they won’t move or shift during changes in temperature, which can be important in a cold environment like a meatpacking plant.

Wall panels also come in a variety of colors and designs to match your specific needs. This allows you to create an environment that is both visually appealing and functional. Finally, wall panels come in standard sizes that make them easy to install and maintain.

Moisture-resistant wall panels:

Poor ventilation and the excess moisture build-up inside the meat processing facilities lead to damp walls and ceilings. Installing commercial wall panels made from non-porous virgin vinyl is ideal for the facility. The PVC panels shed off moisture rather than allowing liquid absorption and seepage. No fissures or wooden backers will trap or attract moisture inside the panel board. Rather than investing in FRP panels or drywall, install 100% waterproof PVC wall panels. The vinyl panels last 45 to 50 years with no repairs or repainting.


Fire-resistant PVC Panels:

The meat packaging facility is extremely susceptible to fire accidents. PVC meat packaging wall panels have Class A fire-rated resistivity and can control fire outbreaks for one hour. The fire-resistant PVC wall panels are ASTM-certified and CFIA-certified and come with impeccable strength and durability.

Low maintenance:

The walls and ceilings inside the commercial meat facility get stained with blood, and the foul smell is quite disturbing. The PVC panels are stain-free, fade-resistant, and low maintenance. The vinyl panels never turn yellow or get discolored. To retain the vinyl panels’ pristine white appearance, occasional cleaning with a damp mop and soap is essential for the upkeep. The chemical-resistant PVC panels are washable with a pressure washer, mild bleaching agents, and soap. While drywall and FRP need professional maintenance yearly, the vinyl panels last for years without callbacks.


Ease of installation:

Installing PVC panels is the easiest job. Ideally, installing wall panels and coverings takes days, and keeping the business closed is the only choice. Not anymore! The high-quality Duramax PVC Panels get installed within 7 to 8 hours. The DIY vinyl panels come in packages with a user-friendly installation guide. One contractor is enough to install the wall panels in 7 hours but to speed up the process, you need to hire 2 laborers. Two people can install PVC wall panels in less than 3 hours. In addition, the tongue and groove design make PVC installation faster and easier.

Better than FRP in innumerable ways:

Did you know FRP panels last only for 25 years and are not a sustainable choice? The high-maintenance FRP panels aren’t a great choice for the long run. Many businesses have switched from FRP to FDA-complaint wall panels manufactured by Duramax. While the FRP panels rot, mold, corrode and absorb moisture, PVC doesn’t have such complaints. If you ever find the high-end Duramax panels rotting, peeling, delaminating, or molding, then get the material replaced immediately. Duramax PVC Panels have a $25,000 money-back guarantee and are designed to last for years. The faulty PVC material with manufacturing defects gets replaced, and the labor costs are also covered per the guarantee.

Duramax PVC Panels have a lifetime limited warranty and are recyclable wall materials with a total lifecycle of 140 years. PVC lasts 4x times longer than ordinary Fiberglass, and the vinyl products come customized in different shapes and sizes. Lastly, FRP panels are high maintenance, and the installation charges are double the material cost. Choose PVC to save money in the long run and eliminate the innumerable FRP hassles.

Final Words:

The high-quality vinyl panels are white and light-reflective wall materials. The pristine, bright wall panels distribute the reflected lights inside the meat packaging unit. PVC panels are mold-free and antibacterial and ensure topmost cleanliness. Investing in PVC wall panels ensures a lifetime of savings as you don’t have to spend money on repairs, repainting, and refinishing the wall material. In addition, the wall panels are non-toxic and a better choice than the moldy FRP. Request a quote now. Call us at 323-991-7507. Book a no-cost consultation. Ask for a free sample.