4 Smart Ways to Ship Your Belongings Overseas

Moving can be ultra-stressful. From finding a new flat, to moving all your stuff from one location to another, it’s simply time and nerve consuming, except for those who are armed with personal assistants and hired help. However, the moving process of us, mortals, does not necessarily have to result in permanent nerve damage. The way we experience life is all about our view of it, so if you concentrate on all the possibilities your new home will give you, especially if you’re moving overseas, then there’s no reason not to feel thrilled for the adventure ahead.

When it comes to packing our belongings, it would be cool if we could simply leave out all our stuff, pack the bags, grab the key to the new apartment and leave for where everything awaits you ready to settle in. Reality is often completely opposite. Moving requires tons of planning and deciding on priorities. When you have been living in one place for a period of time, it is not easy to make a decision what to leave behind and what to take with you. It is in human nature to feel sentimental about places and objects. Most of the time we are not even aware of how attached we are to things, only when we have to move we realise how much we have accumulated. And that’s where the confusion begins.

No need to worry, we’re here to tell you, or rather explain, how there are smart methods to prioritize and ship your belongings overseas. Since this is the toughest moving assignment. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Sea freight container

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There’s not much choice when moving overseas, to ship all your belongings to another continent, then to hire a company that will do the logistics. However, you can choose how your belongings will be shipped, air or sea. What has shown to be the most efficient and acceptable way, price-wise is to send your stuff via ship container. Many professional companies are offering the logistics for you, read more to find out how you can hire them to help you.

Once you hire them, arrange the most convenient date for the container to arrive at your home, so you can get your belongings ready for shipment. No need to worry, because the container does not have to be loaded at once. Take your time, and once it is loaded, call the company again, to pick up the container. The usual procedure when hiring a moving service is that you need not worry about the container transport, it is usually delivered to your door, and the service will also take it to the port, to be loaded on a ship. An agent is assigned to you, for helping you deal with all the necessary paperwork, as well as for tracking your shipment. Be aware that sea shipment requires time, so as soon as you find out you’re moving, start preparing things that need to be shipped, to send them at least 2 months earlier.

There are two options you’ll choose between when shipping via sea freight container, and the choice will depend on how much belongings you have and how much space will they require. Therefore, you’ll choose either the full container or a part of it. If you choose the full option, you won’t share it with anyone, whilst in the second option, you’ll share the container with someone else’s belongings.

2. Airfreight shipping

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It’s not the most common way, but it still is a smart way to move your belongings, mainly because it’s faster. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of planning ahead. If you’ve just found out that you’ll be moving to another country, overseas, then you’ll need to act quickly. Some may say, then just leave everything behind and get moving. Well, moving is a process, and if you didn’t have enough time to plan your life in the place of your future residence, chances are you might need most of your belongings. Visa and other papers are more of a priority than buying furniture for a place a thousand miles away.

Air shipping in this case is an ideal solution because it will not take as much time as sea shipping, although it is more expensive, as you would probably guess. Another thing about this type of shipping is that it comes with limitations in weight, due to the fact it’s shipping via plane. So, if you have more things to ship, then maybe consider shipping in a couple of flights. The weight of the cargo determines the price.

3. Consider hiring a packing expert

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These people come in very handy in times of moving. Of course, your family and friends can help you with packing and everything else, but the packing experts know exactly how to pack certain things in order to avoid transport damages, for example. If you’re shipping fragile things like glass, or even technological equipment, you want to make sure they reach their destination in one piece. When hired, they also bring their own materials for packing, so this is one additional burden taken off your back. No need to go cardboard boxes hunting in the local supermarket.

Some of us are simply not gifted with the talent for saving space and smart sorting, their expertise comes in handy for people like that. They can fold your things and organize them in a way that will take less possible space. And sort it out with such a technique that will save you your precious time wondering which box contains what, in other words finding your stuff once they reach the destination.

4. Rent a storage

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When your belongings finally reach their destination, you need to store them somewhere to be safe, until you move as well. Many times, they will arrive before you, or they’ll need a place to be in until you find your own place to stay. Renting storage in this situation is a good idea if you don’t have an alternative. The moving service you’ve hired to ship your belongings overseas can also provide a transportation service to the storage space.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, moving can be stressful only if you choose it to be. Otherwise, there are plenty of smart ways to move stress-free.