Guide to Shipping Labels for Your eCommerce Business

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You’ve decided to move your business to the online marketplace. It is a smart decision. The fact is that eCommerce has more advocates and that this way of shopping is becoming more and more popular. However, eCommerce is not just about the products you will sell. This business requires complex logistics, so you should not forget a single thing – even the smallest ones. One of those little things that are essential for a successful eCommerce business is the shipping label.

Shipping Labels

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When it comes to eCommerce business – logistics is a very important part of it. It is not only necessary to have good and quality products -but you also have to carefully consider the speed and the shipping methods. Keep in mind that your customers may come from different parts of the world. Therefore, you should have a very well organized business. That includes even the smallest logistic elements such as shipping labels.

Although small in size, their influence in the successful shipping realization is of the utmost importance. First of all, they are very important for the timely delivery of goods – and are also an important element when it comes to managing orders within your company. This also means that you can easily follow any order you have given. Therefore, they will ensure that your order is fulfilled to the satisfaction of your customers.

Shipping Labeling – A Brief Introduction

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Looking at the basic parameters, the shipping label is a special adhesive label. It comes with the package that the eCommerce company is sending. The following items on the label are described in more detail.

First, each shipping label must have an address from which the goods are shipped – or to which they will be returning.

It must also include the exact location of the delivery (the customer’s address) – as well as the size and weight of the package. When it comes to shipping, the label must have a mailing class similar to postal items – which provides information on the method and speed of the item being sent. Finally, the shipping label must have a barcode and an electronic tracking number.

Logistics Labels – Range Of Use

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Trading and eCommerce logistic labels are those labels that have pre-printed data necessary to communicate with customers. There are many varieties of such labels – and their uses can sometimes be somewhat different.

For example, we have those that are used in stores – and directly applied to certain items. These types of labels are action stickers, bar codes, etc. Also when it comes to shipping labels, we know that they are needed on the packaging of the product itself – that is, on the box. Therefore, customers will have all the necessary information when delivering.

Designing Logistics Labels

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There are labels intended for various types of printers. These printers are used for industrial marking. Today’s technical and manufacturing capacities can offer a large number of different sizes of labels – for different customer needs.

They are made of the highest quality materials while the sizes of cylinders or packaging are customized according to printer capabilities and customer needs.

Choice Between Sheets And Rolls – What To Decide?

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The choice you ought to pick relies upon the choice of printer you use or will use for printing your shipping labels. If you have a standard desktop printer, like laser or inkjet printers – you should opt for sheet type of labels.

However, such printers and labels come with the hassles of buying expensive ink cartridges and dealing with their mess. It happens very often that such a label print also gets smudged. Therefore, there is a risk that such labels can be unintelligibly or unreadable. This, in turn, can make an influence on your customers that have to wait for delivery of their orders.

Use Of Thermal Technology

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You can avoid such problems if you engage with businesses that use direct thermal or thermal transfer technology printers. One of those is the Dymo printing series that you can find more about at However, this type of printer requires using so-called roll labels.

If we would make a comparison to sheet type of labels – we could say that roll labelling is a better choice for both, small and large businesses. Why is that so? First, printers that do the roll labelling process are much faster. You don’t require reloading sheets and to print each label at a time.

How Much Will It Cost You?

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Also, whenever we speak of the printing – there is always a matter of costs. Printing roll labels will result in lower operational costs (that negate its higher upfront cost). However, there is one thing you should keep in mind. If you print your labels by using direct thermal technology – you should know more about the whole process.

This procedure implies the use of heat – and such labels are chemically treated so they can react to higher temperatures. Therefore, if a package gets exposed to high temperatures or too much heat – the label can get defected. In such cases, it usually becomes dark – or the label content can be erased. Therefore, it might be a better solution to opt for so-called transfer printers.

Transfer Printers

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These printers use somewhat different technology. They are also using heat – but to melt the wax or resin to your labels. This technology is enabling the labels to endure some very high temperatures. Also, this printing method does not use any chemicals –  and since it’s resistant to more extreme heat, your labels will not get ruined. There is one more thing you should consider while choosing labels.

To ensure that shipping labels remain attached with packages in all conditions, you should choose compatible Dymo shipping labels or other quality shipping labels that come with all-temperature adhesives. Paying enough attention to your shipping labels is crucial for your business as it reflects your brand reputation and professionalism. So, don’t make the mistake of overlooking this little yet important element of your shipping process.


Finally, we hope that we have at least somewhat helped you in your selection. For printing, as well as for designing shipping labels – you can trust one of the companies that deal with this professionally.

On the other hand, when it comes to design – you can rely on some of the online applications that give you the ability to create labels yourself or to download templates. However, do not forget – quality printing means a lot, so opt for one of the reputable companies. This is the only way to make sure that your shipping label reaches your customers. This is a small but very important link in the entire eCommerce item chain.