6 Ways to Do Shopping Without Leaving Your Home

The coronavirus pandemic has hit modern society extremely hard with practically the whole world experiencing lockdown, and most people knowing somebody who has suffered at the hands of the virus. Whilst some of us are healthy enough to be able to go to the shops using social distancing measures, the elderly or those with underlying health conditions are advised to stay at home. Indeed, many healthy people are also choosing to stay at home and this has meant that people have had to get creative when it comes to their shopping. Highstreets are also falling out of popularity as they have become more difficult to get to and the price of goods can be prohibitively high. Here we are going to take a look at 6 ways of doing your shopping without leaving your home.

1. TV Shopping

With more and more of us spending time in front of the television it is little wonder that this has now become a prime medium for people to buy goods. Obviously it is not going to be practical for your weekly food shop, however, for higher value items it can be a great way to shop. There are television channels that operate like a catalog, they will explain to you in-depth the pros and cons of products and then will often have a certain number available at a reduced cost for the people who are quickest to order. This is the main reason it is so popular because real bargains can be found and it also allows for huge online communities to be built allowing further reviews and discussion about the products that are available.

Source: WVLT

2. Cashback Shopping

This could be considered online shopping but there is a big difference as you can earn money or free goods while shopping in this manner. How on earth do I do that? Basically, you sign up with a rewards company and then carry on shopping as normal. Experts from kickback.com.au advise that your rewards company will partner with hundreds of the most popular brands, and every time you shop at one of those brands you will receive a discount, a special offer, or best of all cashback. Any cashback is credited to your account which you can then save up and transfer it into real cash, or for vouchers that can be spent at your favorite stores. Furthermore, you can often receive extra bonuses for introducing friends and family to the scheme, so what are you waiting for, sign up and start saving those dollars that can help to pay for a new dress or can contribute to your next summer holiday.

3. Online

The internet has become ubiquitous in the 21st Century, nearly the whole world is connected and as such it has become a prime medium for shopping. Bricks and mortar retailers face increasing costs on the high street so many now have an online presence where they will sell their wares at much cheaper prices. Customers love it because they can browse products from the comfort of their home and then have them delivered direct to their door, often as soon as the following day. Why would you not buy online if you knew it was cheaper and more convenient than taking a trip to the local shops?

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4. Mail-Order Catalogs

Mail-order catalogs have been around for over 500 years with the first being credited to a Venetian publisher who compiled a catalog of all the books he offered for sale. Over the centuries the range of products has expanded but the business model is exactly the same. Catalogs are picked up in stores or sent to homes directly through the post, customers can peruse the catalogs at their leisure and then complete a form with all the items they desire. They then send this with payment to the supplier and the goods are dispatched by mail. What could be simpler?! Obviously the internet has curtailed this form of shopping somewhat but many elderly people still rely on catalogs for their Christmas shop, or for buying gifts.

5. Over the Phone

Many purchases require a bit of negotiation and if you can’t do this face to face then the best way is over the phone. Let’s say you are in the market for car insurance and your current provider has given you a renewal quote. Well, after comparing costs with different providers on the internet it is then advisable to give your current provider a call. Explain to them the situation and you will be surprised how willingly they will match or even undercut the other quotes you received given they don’t want to lose your business. This strategy can be adopted for all kinds of policy renewals. You don’t even have to do any research, just call them and bluff, you’ll normally get a better deal!


6. Personal Shopping

Personal shopping was once the preserve of the rich and the famous but it is now accessible to people with varying budgets. How does it work? Well, you’ll first meet with a personal stylist who will come to your home and discuss with you what styles and trends you like. They will also assess your personality and what sort of clothes or furniture would suit you or your home, you then give them a budget and they will hit the shops on your behalf. You can then sit back and relax until they return with their offerings that you can either try on or see if they work in your home, with absolutely no obligation to buy. Shopping for the laziest from the comfort of your own home!!

Shopping from home has never been easier and it does not have to involve the internet. Picking up the phone and negotiating can be a great way of purchasing your home or travel insurance, and TV shopping channels allow you to become part of a community. Mail-order catalogs hark back to a bygone era but cashback shopping brings you right up to date. There is a way of shopping from home for every budget and taste, so give it a go!