Bring Sexy Back: The Cutest Short Hairstyles for Summer

Have you ever wondered how you would look with a short hairstyle? Well, many of us have. Longer hair can sometimes become very normal and boring, and a short cut can add some spice to your style.

Making A Decision


Cutting your hair is a big decision and you may not be fully ready to take the plunge and do the big chop. The most fearful part of it all is that if you do not like it, then you are stuck with it until your hair grows back. We all know that no matter what your hair type is, growing it out takes some time, so you will be more comfortable if you know for sure that you are making the right decision.

Many of us get tired of wearing the same hairstyle and the same hair color over and over on a daily basis. Heck, many of us have even kept the same exact hairstyle for years on end. Some of us tend to take a more conservative note when it comes to color while others have no limitations.

We generally are more comfortable with hair colors such as black, brown and maybe a little dark blonde highlight in between. However, nowadays ladies are becoming bolder by making that big change and adopting short head-turning hairstyles including some with very bright and vibrant colors.

The Big Change Does Not Have to Be Permanent


To make the change, it does not have to be permanent, or does it have to be? You choose. These are modern times, and you have lots of options now. If you do not care to cut your real hair, then you don’t have to. If you want to go bright and vibrant with color, then do that. The good thing is that you do not have to alter your real hair to achieve these styles.

If you are absolutely excited about making the change and you are bold enough, then go for it. If you are still on the fence and you want more time to think about it, or you like the option to change between simple and snazzy, then a short wig is a great option. Online Hair Supply Stores like offer several short hair wig options including some of the cutest pixie cut wigs.

What Suits You


Different styles suit different people. There are several reasons why a style may or may not suit you. Your facial shape and complexion have a lot to do with what you may deem as being suitable. If you have an oval shaped face, you will probably get away with wearing any short hairstyle and looking good with it. But what about color? All colors are not equal for everyone, and color preference is a big deal for most of us.

Color vs No Color


How bold are you? Are you the conservative type or are you ready to break out of your shell and try a little color? The brightness of your color and the color you choose should be all about how comfortable you feel wearing it. If you are very conservative, browns are a good place to start.

For a little bolder look, try purples, blues and other cooler tones which would still look nice but not attract unwanted attention. However, if you are absolutely into color, you can try anything. Short Wigs in bold colors are beautiful. The dark ones too are gorgeous, but the ones with different variations of color can really turn heads.

Should you choose solid, frosted, piano or ombre colors? And exactly which color or color combination should you go for? Well, the color combination is all for you to decide. However, the color itself is a decision which you should make based on your skin tone and/or your eye color.

Skin Undertone


Although we are all beautiful, we all have different skin color under tones. Some of us have yellow under tones, some red and others neutral. If you are into buying makeup and foundations, I am sure you know what I am talking about. The undertone color of our skin is why some hair colors look better on some people than others. You may have to do some research to find this out but once you do, you will have an idea of which colors to stay away from and which will best compliment your features and anatomy.

Eye Color


Your hair color can complement your eye color. However, you do not always have to wear your hairstyle the same color as your eyes. A good guide to determine the best color hair to wear is to use a color wheel. This will show you all the primary, secondary and complementary colors that go together. This way you would have a good idea of which color(s) would complement your eye color along with your skin undertone.

Bangs or No Bangs?


Your preference for bangs may vary. You may like them sometimes, other times you may find them annoying. If you have a small face, bangs may not be flattering if they are too thick. For a small face, thin bangs are always best. If you choose to wear a short wig like a pixie cut without bangs, then you should choose a lace wig. This will give you a natural looking hairline when the hair is pulled away from your face.

Which Cut Should I Get?


Short cuts come in several shapes and types of cuts. Some are more choppy type scissor cuts, others are complete soft edge razor cuts and some are a combination of scissor and razor cutting. Shapes can also vary. Would you prefer a smooth look, subtle layers, or drastic layers like an asymmetrical pixie cut? How bold do you want to go?

There are so many possibilities, but a good tip is to do some research. Check out fashion magazines and go online. Look at different people with different complexions, facial shapes and hair color combinations. This will give you great guidance on which short hairstyles and which hair colors would be most suitable for you. So, when you are ready to take the plunge for that new snazzy short look which will turn heads, you will be sure of the decision you are about to make.