3 Signs Your Email Marketing Needs to Be Better

Email marketing has become one of the most important business tools nowadays. If you want to reach as many people as possible, increase conversions and help your business grow, investment in email marketing is the way to go.

Communication via email is still one of the most enjoyable and leading ways to communicate with users. Although it has been there for some time, the importance of email has not diminished but, on the contrary, it is continuously growing and it seems that this trend will continue in the future. However, the thing to keep in mind is that not all email marketing tools work the same and that not every one of them will help you reach your desired goal and contribute to marketing success.

These are the three signs that your email marketing needs to be better.

1. You send a lot of emails that are not customized

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When designing your email marketing strategy, achieving top communication with customers should be at the top of your priority goals. If there is no interaction with them, there is no sales and no profit. And if you want to optimize communication with them, the last thing you need to do is send them a lot of emails that are not customized to an individual customer at all. People can feel the pressure coming from the other side and the desire to make a profit at any cost, and when they see that, they run away.

No wonder!

Would you like to buy something from a person who sees you exclusively as a means to an end? Of course not! Investing time and effort to bond with your customers and understand their needs can really have a huge positive impact on your business in the long run. Only after you understand your customers can you start sending automated emails depending on their behavior and the given situation. With a tool like GetResponse, you can automate emails so that, for example, when a new customer subscribes to a newsletter, they receive a personalized welcome message. There are countless options on how you can tailor the content of your emails to the customer’s needs and achieve maximum results for both parties.

2. You don’t have a clear call to action

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Every email campaign you send to your customers must have a clearly defined desired outcome. Without a clear end goal you will not have any results, because the point is not just to have email marketing, but to devise a strategy that works. What is the main goal of the campaign? Define yourself whether it is to inform readers about changes you have made to the website, new products in your offer, or you want to inform them about discounts and invite them to buy your products or services at lower prices.

When you know what you want to get as a result, format the email so that it invites customers to action that will lead you to the desired goal. The design of the email itself is of great importance here, because if it is not adjusted to what you want to achieve, customers will probably be confused and will not take any action. If you want to find the perfect template that suits your company and the message you send as part of the GetResponse campaign, it can help.

The mistake companies often make here is that the call to action is not clear enough. Always highlight keywords by bolding them, enlarging the font, or inserting them into a box. Use buttons and other aids that will further stimulate readers to take action. Another important thing: let each email contain only one call to action. If you incorporate a few of them, you will probably only confuse customers, so in the end they will just leave your email and go the other way, which you definitely want to avoid.

3. You do not send emails to customers at the best time or they wait a long time for a response

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In this crazy time we live in, we are faced with thousands of pieces of information that need to be processed every day. This means that none of us lingers too long on a task, especially when it is happening online. It is what it is, and you need to keep that fact in mind when designing your email marketing strategy. You want to reach out to your customers at the best time to do so, which means: when they are online and in the mood to communicate. If you contact them when they are offline, in the middle of work, there is a high probability that they will not take any action regarding your email.

The good news is that there are a number of tools available today, such as GetResponse that can infer based on history data when your customers are online and what is the best time to email them. Having a tool like this can help you drastically improve your email marketing and achieve many more conversions. Check this if you want to read the full GetResponse review.

Another mistake that people often make as part of their email marketing campaigns is that they respond slowly to customers and thus lose their interest. If you want them to remain motivated to buy, it is necessary to respond to them within a few minutes, otherwise you will lose your chance to achieve profit.


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Email marketing is an integral part of almost every business nowadays. An adequate strategy allows you to get closer and connect with your customers, and interaction with them leads to desired results: increased conversions and profits and business growth. Making mistakes in email marketing can have a significant negative impact on your business, so it is important to invest time, effort and money in a good strategy, which will surely help you achieve your business goals. We suggest that you check out GetResponse and other email marketing tools to maximally optimize your strategy to bring you maximum results.