7 Warning Signs You Need to Change Your Daily Skincare Routine

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Finding the most suitable skincare products for your skin will take time, dedication, and above all, frequent „checkups“ of your face and body.

If you’re not able to identify how a certain product affects your skin, you’ll never be able to get your daily skincare routine how you want it to be – effective and breakout-proof!

Therefore, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to teach you to recognize the most alarming signs your skin needs you to make some urgent changes to your daily routine.

Let’s begin!

1. Your skin gets irritated after applying skincare products

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Irritation, burning, and redness all have one thing in common – they’re a big no-no when it comes to your skincare. It’s the most obvious sign your skin doesn’t appreciate the products you’re using, so it might be time to switch things up a bit.

If you experience the abovementioned symptoms no matter the products you’re using, go see a dermatologist as you might be allergic to a common ingredient without being aware of it.

Either way, skin irritations aren’t something you should ignore, especially when they’re followed by burning and stinging sensations or rashes. No matter what anyone says, this isn’t and should never be “normal”. Skincare products are meant to soothe and nurture your skin, not do the opposite.

2. Dryiness

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There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling those random patches of dryness on your face. They look unflattering, no amount of makeup will cover them, and they can sometimes be itchy as well!

Even if you may think that these are just how your skin naturally gets from time to time, they’re caused by nothing else but your skincare routine. You’re probably using some products targeted towards oily skin that contain “drying” properties inside of their ingredients.

Overall, you should never put up with dryness on your skin, as it’s a certain sign there’s something wrong with the way you take care of it. Read the labels on the products you’re currently using to see whether they contain retinoids, alcohol, or fragrances. If so, it’s time to find some alternatives.

3. You’re not having fun with it!

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Everyone has those moments when they’ve had such a long day that washing their face seems like the last thing they’d ever want to do.

However, if you don’t find any joy in doing your skincare even when you’re on your day off, you might need to make some changes. Your daily skincare routine should be something enjoyable that relaxes you and makes you feel better. It should never be boring nor difficult!

If you’ve been getting bored of your daily routine, you can add some “spice” to it by implementing the tips found here. Either way, skincare should never feel like a chore, so if it’s like that in your case, you’ll be able to benefit from a couple of changes.

4. Your skin is getting extremely oily

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Just like extensive dryness isn’t something you should put up with, skin that’s overly oily is a sign of a poor skincare routine. Try changing some of your products and keep track of the results. If the issue persists, visit a dermatologist to check whether it’s correlated to your diet or if it’s hormonal in nature.

Either way, your skincare routine should not be worsening the issue in any shape or form. If it does, you’re better off changing it.

Again, consulting with a professional can help you determine the root of these issues much faster, so paying them a visit is always a good idea. In fact, you should make those visits a part of your monthly routine if possible! It can help you resolve all of your skin-related problems quickly and efficiently, without the need to experiment as much.

5. Forming of whiteheads

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If you’ve been getting small, white bumps across your face, especially in the chin area, you’re using the wrong moisturizer. Hydrating your skin is of the utmost importance for its health, but it could all go to waste with the wrong product.

Whiteheads aren’t only unflattering, but they can be quite difficult to get rid of. We suggest you change your moisturizers as soon as you see them forming to prevent the issue from developing even further.

Ask your dermatologist for advice on the best products and treatments for your specific type of skin, and don’t hesitate to experiment if necessary.

6. Breakouts

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While a breakout doesn’t automatically mean there’s something wrong with your routine, it’s still something that can be managed with the right skincare products. If your skin is prone to breaking out, you’ll need to be extra careful when choosing your beauty products.

Again, we wholeheartedly recommend that you consult with a professional to help you get the results you truly need. It’s a shortcut to getting what you truly want –a fun daily routine and flawless skin.

7. You’re not choosing your products as carefully as you can

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If you just buy skincare products according to their price tag, without ever reading the product label, you might be up for an unpleasant surprise. Cheap and low-quality skincare brands are everywhere nowadays, and you’re better off never washing your face again than using any of their products.

So, make sure you’ve done your research and don’t let the price fool you: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. We suggest you join an online community of skincare lovers to search for quality brands that best suit your needs and your budget.

 The bottom line

There are many different signs there’s something wrong with the way you take care of your skin, all of which we’ve tackled throughout this short article. As long as you learn to identify certain issues and “signals” that your skin sends you on a daily basis, you’ll certainly get the results you need in no time whatsoever!

With that being said, we hope our article helped you learn more about the topic in question and we wish you the best of luck (and clear skin!) in all of your future endeavors.