5 Signs You’re Not Meant to Be Together – 2024 Relationship Guide

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Falling in love with someone has to be one of the best feelings in the world, but one of the worst feelings has to be the moment when you realize that maybe you were not meant to be together. In these moments you start doubting your relationship, whether the love you have for each other is not real or not strong enough.

However, no matter how much you feel that something is not right, you can’t just simply cut off the partner in your life that you have loved for such a long time. It is not that simple and doing such a thing is not even easy. So, what are you supposed to do when you find yourself in a situation like this one?

Well, you can’t just force yourself in a relationship in which you do not feel happy or satisfied, but you also can’t just end it out of nowhere. You are stuck in an endless loop and do not want to do it. You start to doubt your thoughts too. Maybe you really love him and you are just going through a weird phase or maybe the stress at work has started to influence your love life at home.

You will definitely have to do something to escape from this endless loop of insecure feelings and negative thoughts. To help you, we have made this list of several signs that can tell you whether you are not meant to be together with your partner.

1. Having to remind yourself that you love him/her

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One of the first signs that appear when a relationship is coming to an end is when you have to constantly force yourself to think positively of your girlfriend or boyfriend. Love is an emotion that comes on its own, it is not something that you can convince yourself to do.

Just because you like spending time with your partner and if your sexual relationship is great, does not mean that you should still be together. There are other important things in life that you need to consider.

2. Zodiac Signs

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Every brand new relationship starts out with various emotions of love and happiness which can last for months or even years. But, after the time of a fresh relationship passes, problems and fighting start to show up. If the connection between you is strong enough then you will probably be able to survive anything together. The worst fights will just be a memory in a few weeks.

But, here’s the catch. What if you spend months and years with someone only to find out that you are not compatible with each other? Is there a way to find whether he/she is the piece of your puzzle?

Believe it or not, there actually is a way to check this and that is through astrology, more commonly known as zodiac signs. If you want to know if your zodiac signs are compatible and whether you will have a happy future together, check out voyance-amour-eternel.com.

3. Incompatible plans and dreams

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Every person on this plan is different and has their own idea of goals and has various dreams. It is quite normal that you are married or dating someone that has the complete opposite idea of what they should do in their life of what you have in mind and that is fine. As a couple, you will need to come to a compromise and come to a decision that you will both benefit from.

However, if your goals are not compatible at all then that is a sign that maybe you should end things sooner than later. Are you ready to give up your biggest ambitions to be with the love of your life? Do you think that your partner should respect your ambitions and accept them? You should never discourage your partner about their goals in life and neither should you feel discouraged about yours by them.

So, if you feel like you cannot come to a compromise on this subject then maybe it is time to start talking about breaking up the relationship. It might be painful to do it now, but it is much better to feel the pain now while you have the option to fulfill your dreams than later when you feel the same pain but without the option to fulfill those same dreams.

4. They do not want to commit

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A lot of times you can feel like you are in the best relationship in the world and that you couldn’t have found a better partner in this life. You spend a lot of time together, you sleep together, you do everything single thing together and that makes you feel like the happiest person in the world.

Unfortunately, every time you ask them about the future of your relationship, they are not ready to talk about it. You start talking about the next step in your relationship to meet his/her parents or for them to meet yours and they never have the time because of some basic excuse.

It is time that you sit them for a serious conversation and set some boundaries. If they are not ready to get deeper into this relationship then you are ready to leave. If they ask you to wait again then it is definitely time for you to find someone else in your life who won’t be scared of the future.

5. They spend too much time with friends

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A lot of times when a couple gets too comfortable with each other, one of the two in the relationship starts spending too much time with friends or family. Just because you have become so close and used to be together, does not mean that you have to stop going out on fancy dates or in night clubs to drink and have fun.

This is a huge red flag for most relationships, and if you want to know what is going to happen in the future, you will need to have a serious conversation about this subject.