6 Things About Modern Packaging Designs You Need to Know – 2024 Guide

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The way you package your products is what’s going to determine how many of them you’re going to sell. But, sometimes a legendary packaging is what helps a certain product live through the years. For example, the signature Coca-Cola branding can never be replaced due to all the reputation and visibility it managed to gain throughout all these years. But, some things need to change every now and then, especially when following trends is very important. The key is, however, to re-design your packaging without changing the most signature touches, and today we’ll tell you all about it.

The importance of packaging for your brand

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Nothing is more important than packaging when it comes to presenting a great picture to your customers. After all, statistics show that products with more attractive packaging will always sell more than products that are just “meh” on first eyesight. Even if you don’t have the best product to offer on the market, people will try it at least once if you manage to grab their attention with your slick and modern design. As many like to say, packaging keeps the world organized.

What makes packaging great?

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For some, it might seem like an easy task to come up with a beautiful design, and then simply wrap your product in it. But, it’s more difficult than it looks, and this is true because of a few reasons. For example, the market is currently oversaturated with products of all kinds, so most of the ideas are already seen. To be unique and original, you’ll really need to come up with a brilliant idea. But, even that’s not enough. Upon coming up with your idea, you’ll need to find a great designer that can execute all that and make it a reality. All of the details combined together make one packaging design worthy of everyone’s attention.

1. An investment you need to make

As everything in our society keeps progressing, so does the sense of perception to all the customers who need to make a daily decision on whether to purchase your product or something else. When they enter the supermarket and see a very modern, slick packaging, they’ll immediately get an idea that the manufacturer of that product spent a lot of time and effort into perfecting the appearance. Although this doesn’t have anything to do with the overall quality of the product inside, it’s still something that makes people think they’re making the better choice. So, as trends change, so should your packaging. Following modern designs is crucial for success.

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2. It will help you sell more

Something that you probably know about, but still worth mentioning. With better packaging, you will reach a broader customer base, and that automatically means more sales. You need to think of a creative way to achieve this, though, because, as we mentioned earlier, the market is oversaturated with ideas due to everyone trying to be original. At siraprint.ca you can find out some more about custom-printed stickers and things that can help you stand out from the usual designs. Even if most of those new customers won’t be recurring, they’ll still try your product at least once simply due to the packaging. Some people often purchase brilliant designs just to store the package somewhere, it’s that powerful if you execute it properly.

3. The form speaks on its own

So modern designs often focus on simplicity and self-explaining, and that’s something that you should know about when trying to create a successful design. People are tired of reading product descriptions or trying to figure out what they’re about to spend their money on. So, most successful modern designers focus on making the product packaging pretty self-explanatory. If its lemon juice, the package is yellow and in the form of a lemon. That immediately explains more than half of what you need to know about the product from afar, without even forcing your customers to read any descriptions. It’s a very basic example, but you get the idea. Dog food can be packed in a bone-shaped box etc…

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4. It helps customers distinguish your product

When you have unique packaging, people will recognize your product from far away. This allows them to easily distinguish it even when it’s placed right next to many others. Another thing that makes this great is the ability to easily recommend it to others. For example, if somebody wants to recommend your products to their friends, they won’t have to explain how it looks or what the name of it is in order for the other person to find it. They can simply describe the unique and modern packaging you have, and the next time that person visits the supermarket, they’ll immediately see your product. It’s just better marketing, and as we all know, word-by-mouth marketing is the most valuable form there is.

5. You’ll attract younger customers

Usually, the younger generations are those who follow modern trends and popular changes in society. If you keep being modern, your brand will grow, and most of the community you’ll attract will be formed out of young customers. This is great for your long-term goals because if you manage to permanently lure younger customers, they’ll keep buying your products for many years to come. And, as far as we know, modern generations really appreciate modern packaging designs that follow trends such as BLM or anything related to liberty and open-mindedness.

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6. It’s a fresh start for your brand

Last but not least, whenever you update your packaging design for a product that you sell, it means a fresh new start for your brand. If some marketing agencies weren’t really fond of your design earlier, maybe now they’ll want to get engaged in promoting it due to the new and improved design. It’s all about showing from the outside, that’s what attracts the most. Packaging has a lot to do with marketing as well because some designs are easier to advertise than others.