8 Skincare & Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

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Skin is the biggest organ we have and it is essential to take really good care of it. For this, it is needed to keep it healthy from both inside and out. The proper care will improve the look of the skin and reduce signs of aging which is something that we all aspire. With just a few and fairly simple things you can do, your skin will be very thankful and you will see the results. Stay tuned to check out what you can do to make your skin glow.

1. Be kind to your skin

Dark Skin
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There are different complexions of skin, and this is very important to be aware of when you are picking the products to use on your skin. Darker skin tones tend to be more prone to damage by the elements as well as the strong products, so be very cautious when picking what goes on your face. It is best not to use products that are too aggressive such as peelings of different kinds, soaps, and cleansing gels if there is no need for this. Keep it mild and simple, and use products designed for your skin type.

2. Hydration is the key

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Water is very important for the functioning of the whole body, so it is essential to keep this fluid up and drink water even before you feel thirsty. Your skin needs to be moisturized and it is good to use the products that are made you’re your completion. For hydration, you can use different creams, gels, and serums depending on personal preferences and needs.

3. Sun protection is important

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There is a common misconception that the darker the skin, lower levels of SPF and sun protection is needed; this is so untrue since all skin types and colors are prone to developing redness after exposure, dark spots and even melanoma. In order to prevent this from happening to be sure to protect your face and neck with the sunblock of preference. This is due to be done in all seasons, not only during spring and summer. UV rays may damage your skin and cause dark spots that don’t want to fade away; these rays are responsible for increasing the speed of aging and breakage, so protect it sooner before later.

4. Care about it

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Proper skincare is very hard to achieve with so many products available on the market. When picking the products to use, check the ingredients, and if the specific product is for your type. By choosing the proper products you are decreasing the possibility of irritation, allergies, and any other side effect of using products your skin does not like. Choose the routine you prefer, even though it may pass a few months before you find the one that is just right. Do not forget that the routine may change from season to season.

In order to get the products that are dermatologically tested and are suited for the type of skin, go to theskinspot.com. Here you can do the quick skin test and find the products to nourish your skin in the proper way.

5. Keep it healthy from the inside

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You have probably heard this so many times, but it is always good to state it, a good and healthy diet will lead to a healthy look. One of the best things you can do is to detect the foods that are causing the breakouts and try to avoid them in order to prevent further development of acne. Different people may have different triggers and these can be greasy foods, cow milk, sweets, or gluten. By knowing what can make your body misbehave and cause oily spots and breakouts you can avoid these in order to keep your look fresh and healthy. By eating foods that are filled with vitamins and minerals you are improving the state of the whole body.

6. Proper foundation and concealer are essential

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When it comes to the makeup, there are a lot of those on the market, Be sure to get the one that is made for your skin type as well as in the shade that completely matches your skin. It is a personal preference if you love more or less coverage foundation, but be sure to pick the one that is mating if you have oily skin or the one that is hydrating if you have skin that is dry. Check for the color of the foundation on your face rather than on the hand since the undertone and shades do differ; in addition to this find the brand that has many shades in order to get the perfect match.

Concealer should be full coverage and in the shade that is a bit lighter than the foundation. Again, get the one that is flattering your color and undertone.

7. Highlighter needs to highlight not blind

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This is if not one of the best tips that can be given; highlighters come in many shades and types, they can be moose, loose powders, pressed powders, and liquid. Choose the one of preference and be aware that the color should flatter your own, so try to match it with the undertone you have. If you have a pink undertone, try the pink-toned highlighter; if you have yellow undertone go for golden tones and if you are neutral in the undertone, be free to play with colors and pick the one that makes your skin glows and makes you look healthy.

8. Be brave and colorful

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Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and wear bold ones on your lips, nails, cheeks, and eyes. Some colors will flatter your face and undertone and make you look stunning, while others may make you appear not healthy and sort of grey. Do avoid the colors that make you look unhealthy and use the ones that make you look bright and shiny.


It is quite easy to follow this advice and get the best of the products you are getting for you. Be brave and do not be afraid to experiment with different types of products and colors that you are using. Do not forget that makeup is there to enhance your natural beauty and pick products that will nourish your skin rather than make it suffer.