7 Smart Ways to Increase Your eBay Sales – 2024 Guide

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Becoming an eBay seller takes a lot of effort, but maintaining your reputation as one of the best takes even more than that. Selling a few things now and then is not enough to cover all of your expenses. This is why you should always strive to improve the number of sales that you do on the regular, which once again, is not an easy task.

However, in this article, we’re going to help you by providing a few very useful tips that you can utilize in your selling career. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate seller, it doesn’t matter, because the advice we give is meant for everyone, and can help anyone. Let’s take a look.

1. Keep your store active

One way to show your customers that you’re worthy of their attention is by constantly updating your store and keeping it fresh. This means having the latest products of your niche, staying in touch with the prices, adding promotions and discounts, and just letting them know that you’re not slacking it out when it comes to staying in touch.

Stores that are left untouched for a long time give the impression that the seller doesn’t care a lot, and that makes the buyers look for another option. Avoid doing this and you’ll increase your sales.

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2. Use a proper marketing campaign

Without proper advertising, even the best product won’t sell as it should. There are many different ways to advertise your eBay store in 2024, so choosing one and sticking to it, or combining multiple methods for optimal success is up to you. You can use a PPC campaign or just focus on drawing buyers through methods such as Social Media Platform Advertising, establishing a presence on YouTube, and tons of other options. No marketing is bad marketing, so don’t worry about anything besides promoting, and do it all the time.

A great thing to do is get to know your competition because by predicting their next move you’ll be able to progress faster and better. One of the ways to do that is by using a website or a service that gives you proper Intel. There are a lot of services of that type, one of them being fastintell.com. The information is delivered straight into your inbox, keeping things private and only to you.

3. Focus on SEO and Keywords

Proper Search Engine Optimization is recommended for any content that’s on the internet, especially eBay store pages in 2024. Whatever it is that you’re selling, focusing on the keywords for that niche is important. Ranking on the first page of Google will bring you a lot of customers, so you should make that one of your main goals if improving traffic and boosting sales is what you’re striving for.

Search Engine Optimization is not easy to learn, but you can do it as you go. You shouldn’t stress out of things are not going as they should from the very beginning, because the experience is one of the most important things for SEO. Once you got it right though, you’ll see a huge improvement in your eBay sales.

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4. Reach the Top-Rated Status

Top-Rated sellers always “poke” the eyes of those who want to buy something from eBay. Customers will always choose a top-rated seller over a regular one, it’s just how it goes. You should try to reach top-rated if you can because it will make a huge change in sales.

If you are doing all that’s recommended for reaching the top-rated status on eBay as a seller, it shouldn’t take more than a few months to get it done, sometimes even faster. You’ll learn as you go, so don’t give up and focus on your store page.

5. Allow refunds for unsatisfied customers

One of the best ways to show professionalism and care for your customers is by offering refunds. You should always strive to provide the best products and services for your customers, but if it ever happens for a customer to feel dissatisfied, you should offer a refund. A lot of business owners think of this as a loss of money, but that’s simply not true. By refunding one product, that particular customer will spread a good word about your store to other people and then they’ll end up buying from you. Think of it as an investment.

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6. Price your products accordingly

You shouldn’t overprice your products because people nowadays value their money quite a lot, and they’ll always purchase from the cheaper seller unless you’re providing them a very special and worthy offer. Pricing your products properly according to your competitors is key, so track prices and keep yourself updated about the current state of the market at all times.

7. Focus on pictures and product description

Last but not least, the way your store looks in the eyes of your customers is very important, because that decides whether people will purchase from you or not. The higher quality your product-descriptions and photos are, the more customers you’ll have. Don’t disregard the look of your store, people tend to judge based on looks a lot. However, try not to keep your photos ultra-high-res because that will slow down the loading times of your webpage and lower your SEO because of it as well.

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As you can see, the things that you need to do to increase your eBay sales are not very complicated, and most of them come from just regular seller’s common sense. However, it’s not easy to think of these on your own unless you’ve been doing some research, which we decided to do for you instead. Most of the things listed in this article don’t require any money to do, except for the marketing campaign. So, you can achieve all of these even if you are a beginner without a well-built budget.

eBay is one of the largest selling platforms in our world, so there are a lot of customers there that you can reach after. But, the competition is quite large as well, so unless you rank amongst the best sellers, it will be tricky to sell in the same amounts that they do.